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Chapter 1226 - Chapter 1226: The Title Of The Lord Of The Race! The

Chapter 1226: The Title Of The Lord Of The Race! The

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Complete Sacred Sacred Spear of Longinus!

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The ordinary people in “His” territory were now comparable to some weaker high-level bloodline life forms under the enhancement of many Lord Talents, racial divine artifacts, titles, special buildings, and so on.

If it was a peerless talent in the territory, even the three races, the Original Spirit Race, the Shepherds God Race, and the Chaos Gods Race, could compete with each other at the same level. There was even a high chance of winning!

For example, living beings with Master God-Tier potential.

Even in the Original Spirit Race, there were very few of them.

However, in “His” Blazing Sun Empire, there were already many generals, heroes, and God Spirits with potential that had reached the level of True God-Tier or even Master God-Tier!

And potential generally meant that one had strength that far exceeded those of the same level!

Therefore, to other Lords, defeating a pure-blooded dragon was a difficult requirement.

However, to the top potential Subjects under “Him”, it was completely possible.

“When I get back, I’ll see how many pure-blooded dragons i can summon every day. Then, I’ll immediately start nurturing Holy Dragon Knights.”

“With the Reincarnation Sacred Palace, I should be able to nurture a large number of Holy Dragon Knights in a short period of time.”

“When I increase the number of Holy Dragon Knights to about 10 billion, i’ll dare to fight those high-level Divine Kingdom Lords!”

Zhou Zhou thought to himself

When the time came, the only thing that “He” feared and didn’t dare to attack was probably the legendary Overlord-level Lord faction in the myriad worlds.

He put away his thoughts of floating.

Zhou Zhou began to check the rewards for becoming the first Lord of the Race.

“He” first looked at the title of the only Lord of the Race in the first stage.

[Title Name: Lord of the Race]

[Title Grade: Unique]

[Title Effect One—Commanding All Life: You are the Lord of the Race. You have obtained the Fate Level of ‘Lord of the Race’. You can give orders to any existence in your race. No matter how this order goes against the laws of humanity, the Subject will accept it without conditions and carry it out firmly.]

[Title Effect Three-???: Locked.]

[Title Effect Three-???: Locked.]

[Title Effect Four-???: Locked.]

[Title Effect Five-???: Unlocked.]

[Title Description: Only Subjects who are the first to unify all the Lords of the Race in the Lord of the Race event can obtain this title. Those who have this title are destined to be the Lords of the Race!]

Zhou Zhou fell into deep thought after reading it.

The first effect of this title was actually not very effective on “Him”.

Zhou Zhou had the Lord Talent of the Peaceful Times after all. As long as all the humans on Cerulean Planet were in “His” territory, he would achieve the same effect sooner or later.

What “He” cared about was that this title had five title effects.

Now that the first stage had been unlocked, did that mean that there were a total of five stages in the Lord of the Race’s event?

This thought only flashed through “His” mind. “He” didn’t think too much about it and looked at the only Lord of the Race Treasure Chest.

“He” opened the Treasure Chest and saw a broken blood-red steel fork lying quietly in the Treasure Chest of the only Lord of the Race.

Surprise flashed across Zhou Zhou’s eyes.

“He” didn’t even need to look at the item’s information to know at a glance that the blood-colored steel fork was the last part of the Sacred Spear of Longinus, which was the part that held the first part—the Sacred Spear of Longinus!

“I didn’t expect it to be gathered so quickly.”

“You’re much easier to gather than the Xuan Yuan Divine Sword.”

Zhou Zhou sighed.

Then, without any hesitation, “He” took out most of the Sacred Spear of Longinus from the King’s Treasure Box.

What needed to be mentioned here was that because the Supreme Will restricted the transfer of resources between the two worlds, Zhou Zhou’s King’s Treasure Box and other spatial equipment were also sealed along with his arrival on the Cerulean Planet.

Most of the treasures, equipment, divine artifacts, and potions could not be taken out to be used. They could only use some of the resources within a limited range and special-quality divine artifacts.

For example, race divine artifacts.

Xuan Yuan Divine Sword, Sacred Spear of Longinus, Lucky Star, Book of Life, Chaos Dao Sacrificial Cauldron… They were all divine artifacts of special quality.

Even so, as a race divine artifact, they had to occupy many resource units before they could bring it back.

For example, the Xuan Yuan Divine Sword required a total of one billion units of Black Iron-Tier resources to be brought from the High Continent to the Cerulean Planet.

Even though the incomplete Sacred Spear of Longinus was an incomplete racial divine artifact, it still required 500 million units of Black Iron-Tier resources to be brought back to the Cerulean Planet from the High Continent.

As for True God-Tier Divine Artifacts and Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts, there was no way to bring them back.

Therefore, in order to be able to use the Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts on Cerulean Planet, Zhou Zhou specially placed some of the Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts and True God-Tier Divine Artifacts that he and his clone were used to using on the Eternal Mothership. He let Bai Yun and the others pilot the Eternal Mothership and bring them back together.

This way, he could avoid the rules and use Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts and other high-level resources and treasures.

Speaking of which, after Zhou Zhou took out two pieces of the Sacred Spear of Longinus, he slowly fused them together.

Just like the previous fusion, the fusion this time was quite perfect. Soon, it fused into a completely blood-red steel fork until the moment they fused perfectly!

An accident happened!


A golden-red pillar of light suddenly erupted from the Sacred Spear of Longinus.

It soared into the sky and shot straight towards the starry sky.

Unparalleled blood energy, slaughter energy, and holy light energy filled the pillar of light. Its light illuminated the heavens, and everyone who saw it was dumbfounded.

Zhou Zhou’s expression changed slightly.

“He” never expected that the Sacred Spear of Longinus, which had just been completed, would cause such a huge commotion.

“He” had wanted to develop it in a low-key manner!

Zhou Zhou quickly activated the King and used the Chaotic Sacred Power that was infinitely close to the Master God-Tier to forcefully suppress the Sacred Spear of Longinus’s racial divine artifact phenomenon.

Gradually, the light it emitted was suppressed and finally disappeared completely.

Zhou Zhou did not feel happy at all.

This was because “He” knew that the flash of light had already exposed “His” location.

“He” took a deep breath and looked at the complete information on the Sacred Spear of Longinus’ race divine artifact.

“He” was instantly stunned.

[Race Divine Artifact Name: Longinus Sacred Spear]

[Equipment Grade: Unique in the race]

[Race Divine Artifact Ability one- Infinite Piercing Spear: The Sacred Spear of Longinus can pierce through any matter and life without any damage.]

[Race Divine Artifact Ability Two—God-Slaying Bloodstained Spear: The Sacred Sacred Spear of Longinus is a God-Slaying Demon Spear. It has a special effect on gods and can break through the defense of any God Spirit’s divine body. Even a Supreme God Realm expert will be injured by this spear and the other party will be stained with blood on the spear.]

[Race Divine Artifact Ability Three – Sacred Spear of Longinus: The Sacred Sacred Spear of Longinus is the Spear of Light and Destruction of Demons. As long as the enemy’s body is tainted with demonic aura, the Sacred Sacred Spear of Longinus can ignore the difference in strength. It will definitely stab or even assassinate the other party. Even if the other party is an existence at the level of will, it can be destroyed by this spear.]

[Introduction to Race Divine Artifact: The Longinus Divine Spear, a divine artifact of the human race on Cerulean Planet. It is a mortal’s heaven-defying spear. Even a supreme existence high in the sky can be stabbed or even assassinated by a mortal with the Longinus Divine Spear!]

“Even a will-level existence can be stabbed or even assassinated?!”

“So you’re a law-type divine artifact?!” Zhou Zhou muttered to himself..

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