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Chapter 656 - Investigation Report

Chapter 656: Investigation Report

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Li Shaoqiang took the water cannon and weighed it in his hand. He temporarily put it aside. Then, he took out a pen and paper and prepared to write down the number of monsters each worker lured.

“Fang Heng, nothing must happen to you…”

Li Shaoqiang expressed his concern to Fang Heng once again.

If Fang Heng died accidentally, the failure of the investment would be considered a small matter. At that time, with Instructor Dickey’s personality, he would most likely not be able to survive in the Necromancer Association.

“Don’t worry.”

Fang Heng cherished his life very much.

He had secretly conducted a test before, and he could still enter and exit the game world unhindered even if he was in the fallen corridor.

If he were to encounter an unexpected situation, he could just hide in the game and be done with it!

There was also a backup plan.

To be on the safe side, he had even spent a large sum of money to buy a life-saving charm. After activating it, he could stun all soul bodies mid-tier and below within a short period of time.

In the most critical situation, he could at most stun them and hide in the game!

Dong Jiachen felt that his luck was really a little bad. After circling around the fallen corridor for a long time, he couldn’t even find half of the wandering elementary soul bodies.

“Oh?! They’re here!”

Finally, after turning a corner, Dong Jiachen saw a soul body wandering in front of him.

It was time to do work!

Dong Jiachen was excited.

After noticing Dong Jiachen, the elementary soul body immediately chased after him.

Originally, Dong Jiachen could have easily pulled a few elementary soul bodies back with the optimal plan he had envisioned.

For the sake of his employer’s life, Dong Jiachen decided to bring one back to test the waters first.

Thinking of this, Dong Jiachen began to maintain his speed and run back.

Just like that, he maintained a constant speed. Dong Jiachen lured the elementary soul body and ran for a full distance.

“He’s here!”

After passing through a familiar corner, the scene before him caused Dong Jiachen’s heart to jump.

In the corner ahead, Fang Heng was surrounded by several soul bodies in a corner.

Not good!!

The boss was besieged!

Dong Jiachen subconsciously reached into his pocket and pulled out a soul bomb to help the boss.

D*mn it, this was a loss!

He had to waste a soul bomb.


Dong Jiachen was about to throw out a soul bomb when he realized something was wrong. He frowned.

What was the boss doing?

Looking carefully, Fang Heng, who was surrounded by elementary souls, was unusually calm.

He held the Book of the Dead with both hands.

Ripples spread out from the Book of the Dead.

Dong Jiachen was stunned.

He was absorbing soul fragments?!

Elementary soul bodies were affected by the Book of the Dead. Soul energy fragments flowed out of their bodies uncontrollably and were sucked away by the Book of the Dead in Fang Heng’s hands!

Elementary soul bodies that were originally chasing after Dong Jiachen were also affected by the Book of the Dead.

They immediately shifted their attention and teleported towards Fang Heng, joining the group of souls that were surrounding and attacking the latter.

Dong Jiachen stuffed the soul bomb back into his backpack, feeling even more puzzled.

Wasn’t this a little too strange?


The elementary soul bodies inflicted many wounds on Fang Heng’s body, but the wounds were actually rapidly healing.

It was as if Fang Heng was untouchable!

His body emitted a black aura from the curse effect, and he calmly controlled the Book of the Dead.

Dong Jiachen stood still for a moment.

He was somewhat unable to comprehend the scene before him.

“Friend! Excuse me!”

Hearing Tan Shuo’s voice beside him, Dong Jiachen, who had been in a daze, jumped in fright. He hurriedly took two steps to the side.

Tan Shuo strode forward with both hands holding a huge water gun. He aimed at the position where Fang Heng was and pressed the switch.

“Zi Zi Zi Zi!!!”

Suddenly, a white mist rose from Fang Heng’s body.

Most of the black air that had enveloped him had dissipated.

This actually worked?

Dong Jiachen was completely dumbfounded.

“Hey, Brother, you are slacking off, your best friend has already hooked four souls, we are working to get more money, there is no need to play tricks, right?”

Li Shaoqiang said with a smile on the side and wrote a note for Dong Jiachen in the record book.

What? Slacking off?

Dong Jiachen, who was at a loss, finally reacted.

Heh, you think I’m too slow to hook monsters?!

Fine, just wait and see!

Dong Jiachen felt that he had been belittled!

However, he was not angry. Instead, he calmed down a lot.

It turned out that the boss really had the ability to deal with the undead!

He felt that he had found a good fat sheep.

As long as he put in effort, he could at least find a hundred souls, right?

Opportunities were hard to find. This time, he had to seize it!


At the Federation’s Central Inspection Bureau of the Eastern region.

Late at night, Su Shoujiang was flipping through the detailed report of the incident in District 7.

“Fang Heng… Angetas…”

After flipping through the report in his hand, Su Shoujiang muttered to himself, deep in thought.

He raised his head and knocked on the table, asking, “I remember it well. Not long ago, there was a death incident in the branch. The deceased was Meng Wu from the inspection team. Before he died, he was investigating Fang Heng.”

“Yes, Chief Su.” His subordinate, Guan Ming, nodded. “I’ve paid attention to this matter and confirmed that the cause of Meng Wu’s death is related to the demi-human tribe. The incident is still under investigation and there are no new developments.”

Su Shoujiang raised his head and glanced at the half-meter-tall pile of related reports on his desk.

It was obvious that this was yet another unsolved case. It was not reliable to rely on the lower echelons to investigate.

He continued to ask, “Is it related to him?”

“We’ve conducted an investigation and confirmed that Fang Heng did not commit the crime.”


Su Shoujiang turned his neck which made a creaking sound.

“Chief Su, is it possible that the seizure of Angetas is a hidden danger? The actions of the twelve corporations…”

“Hmm… it is indeed surprising that someone so young could achieve this in such a short time.” Su Shoujiang closed the file in his hand expressionless, “Forget it, don’t mind it. Even if we get Angetas, it’s useless if we can’t use Angetas’ strength.”

“Understood, Chief Su.”

Su Shoujiang looked at Guan Ming again. “What about the twelve corporations? Angetas has been snatched away. They can’t be completely silent, right?”

“Yes, the plan was completely destroyed because of Fang Heng’s appearance. But according to the latest news, Night Owl has already found a way to get a small amount of purple spatial crystals, but it will take some time to complete the transportation. In addition, the twelve corporations are still collecting purple spatial crystals through various channels.”

“In addition, they have thought of looking for Fang Heng to buy the purple spatial crystals and redeem Angetas, but they haven’t contacted Fang Heng for the time being.”

Guan Ming continued to report, “According to authentic information provided to us by ‘Taichu’, the twelve corporations are not going to wait. Everything will go according to plan. When the time comes, the space passage will open. There will be a total of 48 passages leading to the real world. Eight of them will land in our Eastern Federation region.”

“Okay…” Su Shoujiang continued to nod. “I understand. You may leave now.”


Guan Ming nodded. He lifted his feet to leave, but he stopped himself. He was a little hesitant.

“Is there anything else?”

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