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Chapter 651 - Hand Sanitizer

Chapter 651: Hand Sanitizer

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The huge brute force attached to the blade knocked the elementary soul body away!

The body of the elementary soul seemed to be light and it was knocked back more than ten meters by this blow.

What the f*ck?

Strength attribute crushing?

Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo, who were watching from the side, were shocked. They looked at each other.

What a high-strength attribute!

Even though the soul body seemed to be light as a feather, it should possess the same strength and battle experience when it was alive!

Originally, through the Federation’s internal information, they already knew that Fang Heng had unlocked the Tier 1 lock. Outside of the game, he also enjoyed the game’s additional basic attribute bonus, along with his identity as the double World Lord of Districts 7 and 8.

They had confidence in Fang Heng’s strength, hence they let Fang Heng go up against the elementary soul body.

They didn’t expect Fang Heng’s basic attribute to be so high in the game!

Fang Heng held his machete and didn’t chase after it.

He carefully judged the strength of the soul.

It seemed… to be quite weak?

The soul was enraged by this attack. After adjusting its body, it pounced at Fang Heng again.


Facing the incoming tachi, Fang Heng deliberately wanted to test the opponent’s attack attribute. Therefore, he dodged backward and raised his left arm to be deliberately cut by the tachi.


The blade drew a long and narrow cut on the arm!

Fang Heng pulled out the blade and slashed at the soul body.


The machete drew a huge crack on the soul body and sent it flying again!

As the soul body floated backward, its wound also quickly healed.

At the same time, the soul body also became a little thinner.

Fang Heng raised his left hand and observed the wound that had been cut by the tachi.


Fang Heng let out a soft exclamation of surprise.

Affected by the skill effect of the undying body, the wound that was originally about thirty centimeters long quickly healed. In the blink of an eye, there was only a wound that was less than two centimeters long.

However, the last two centimeters of the wound were unable to heal.

Looking down carefully, the wound was actually covered in a layer of black mist.

This is…

A curse effect?

Fang Heng immediately recalled the relevant knowledge about necromancy.

The death curse effect that came with an undead creature.

It was a type of curse that would usually be attached to the wound.

This effect was a magic-type effect, so it could not be removed by the undying body skill. Therefore, the last part of the wound was still unable to heal.

The curse continued to erode the wound, causing it to expand and not fully heal. However, the wound continued to heal after receiving the undying body effect.

The final effect was to leave a small wound.

The HP loss was not big, but it was very painful.

“Fang Heng, are you alright? Retreat first!”

When the two saw that Fang Heng was injured, they immediately used their crossbows to shoot at the undead, covering Fang Heng’s retreat.

They did not use guns, only because arrows were easier to recycle than bullets, saving on costs.

The crossbow arrows that shot out pierced directly into the soul body!

The elementary soul body was suppressed by the crossbow arrows, and its movements were temporarily hindered.

Taking advantage of the soul body being trapped, Fang Heng quickly retreated a few steps back from the battlefield.

“Take it, Fang Heng!”

Tan Shuo said as he took out a bottle of holy water from the small cart behind him and threw it at Fang Heng.

“Use it! Wash the wound!”

Fang Heng took the bottle and twisted the cap open before pouring it over the wound on his arm.

“Sizzle sizzle…”

As soon as the wound came into contact with the holy water, it immediately evaporated into a white mist!

In the blink of an eye, the black curse on his skin faded away.

Affected by the skill effect of the undying body, the wound healed quickly, not even a scar was left.

“The hand sanitizer is quite useful… it’s not a waste of effort to bring so much here.”

Fang Heng muttered softly.

Judging from the test just now, the elementary soul body was quite weak.

The danger was not great either.

With the skill effect of the undying body and the holy water, as long as he did not seek death, he basically would not die.

Fang Heng thought and turned back to look at the soul body again.

Under the continuous crossbow bolts fired by Tan Shuo and Fang Heng, the elementary soul body suffered great damage. There were a few crossbow bolts on its body, and its body was a few times weaker than before.

It looked like he was almost done.

Should he absorb it?

As he thought, Fang Heng took out the Book of the Dead.

He injected his mental strength into the Book of the Dead.

The Book of the Dead released a weak light, releasing dark ripples on the soul body.

The elementary soul was affected by the ripples, and its body suddenly froze, kneeling on the ground uncontrollably.

Eh? What’s going on?

Tan Shuo and Li Shaoqiang, who were using crossbow bolts to suppress the elementary soul, felt their hearts skip a beat.

They were shocked to find that, under the influence of the ripples of the Book of the Dead, the soul fragments were continuously released from the soul body.

The fragments were attracted to the right side.

Tan Shuo and Li Shaoqiang turned their heads almost at the same time to look in the direction where the soul fragments flew.

It was Fang Heng!

The two of them scrutinized Fang Heng, who was holding the Book of the Dead in one hand.

Li Shaoqiang was astonished.

He was absorbing souls directly?!

He was forcefully absorbing souls without waiting for the soul body to completely turn into an illusion. He could still do that? Just how high was his necromancy level and talent level?

What was even more terrifying was that he was actually about to succeed!

Tan Shuo opened his mouth, and despair filled his heart.

Even though he had some guesses in his heart, he was still shocked when he saw it with his own eyes.

Compared to the last time when they were in the wailing room, Fang Heng’s strength had increased sufficiently.

Fang Heng stared at the soul body not far away and fell into deep thought.

He had previously fought with Angetas for the soul body in District 7.

In Fang Heng’s opinion, the two were almost the same.

The soul body that had awakened its consciousness was also resisting the absorption of the Book of the Dead.

Compared to Angetas, its resistance was not strong.

It did not seem to be as difficult as Li Shaoqiang had previously said.

As he thought, Fang Heng suddenly activated his mental strength.


Under the influence of the sudden burst of mental strength, the Book of the Dead in Fang Heng’s hand suddenly flashed with a dark light.


The body of the elementary soul suddenly became distorted and was instantly sucked into the Book of the Dead in Fang Heng’s hand.

It was done!


With a light sound, Fang Heng closed the Book of the Dead.

It was done!

It seemed…

Quite simple?

Fang Heng turned around and looked at Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo.

The two of them also looked at him.


Li Shaoqiang sighed heavily in his heart.

He should have thought of it long ago.

Instructor Dickey should have already expected Fang Heng’s ability, so he let the three of them enter the fallen corridor in a group.

At the end, the two of them were just playing a supporting role to Fang Heng.

Working with a genius made him feel as if he was useless…

“Let’s go. Let’s collect the arrows and continue with our work.”

Li Shaoqiang admitted it.

He patted Tan Shuo’s shoulder and quietly lowered his head to collect the arrows with him.

There were carvings drawn on each arrow to match the usage time of the special potion. It was not expensive, but it was not cheap either.

A single arrow costs thousands of Federation coins.

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