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Chapter 538 - Blood Puppet

Chapter 538 Blood Puppet


Meng Bo’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the giant-sized creature hidden under the sand.

Was it the fusion Tyrant form?

Four fusion Tyrant forms were brandishing their iron rods below!

D*mn it!

Someone actually dared to ambush him in the vampires’ territory!

A hint of viciousness appeared in Meng Bo’s eyes.

A large number of mid-level vampires reacted. After landing on the ground, they surrounded the fusion Tyrant forms and attacked crazily.

“It’s too scary…”

In the distance, behind a small mound, Lin Hanzheng raised his binoculars and looked at the situation in the distance. His body couldn’t help but tremble.

The fusion Tyrant form was already very strong, but under the siege of hundreds and thousands of mid-level vampires, it could barely withstand their attacks.

The four fusion Tyrant forms were surrounded and beaten by the vampires. They kept struggling.

What was even more terrifying was that there was an endless stream of vampires coming to support them from all directions.

As more and more vampires arrived, they surrounded the fusion Tyrant forms tightly until one could barely see them at all.

Fang Heng also frowned.

It looked like the fusion Tyrant form was in a terrible state, but it actually had the undying body’s fast recovery effect. Its own condition was still fine.

Because the vampires were in a tight circle, when the fusion Tyrant form attacked, it could hit at least seven or eight of them.

However, it was not a good idea to continue like this.

There were too many vampires!

In addition, the vampire who had been watching from the side was also a little strange.

Was he the leader?

Fang Heng noticed Meng Bo, who was dozens of meters away from the fusion Tyrant forms.

He had been standing there since the beginning as if he was planning something.

Something was strange.

Fang Heng thought as he gave a new order to the fusion Tyrant forms in the distance.

“F*ck, what’s going on? I remember that the mark is like this… Why isn’t it working?”

Meng Bo was cursing.

Meeting the fusion Tyrant forms here was indeed a surprise to him.

But it was also good. Meng Bo felt that it was not bad to get rid of them at the same time.

It just so happened that Angetas still lacked a lot of nutrients.

Although the actual conversion rate of the fusion Tyrant form was a little low, it had the advantage of being long-lasting.

As long as he used the power of the blood coffin to trap it, he could send it back to headquarters…

Just like when he invaded the Scavenger Army’s branch.

“But first, use the vampires’ binding blood curse to bind it…”

Last time, after seeing Atina use the binding blood curse to bind the fusion Tyrant form, Meng Bo finally managed to get this blood curse from the vampires’ leader.

It was just that it was a little difficult to use this blood curse at the moment.

He had used it five or six times in a row and failed.

“D*mn it, I failed again!”

“Could it be that there’s something wrong with the curse…?”

As Meng Bo was trying to cast the spell for the seventh time, he was suddenly stunned.

What’s going on?

The struggling fusion Tyrant form in front of him suddenly stopped moving. Then, it quickly threw the huge iron rod in its hand forward, put its hands in front of its chest, and rushed forward.

The body of the fusion Tyrant form was huge. Once it started running, it would use its body weight to knock all the vampires in front of it away!

It ran all the way forward!


Did it escape?

Meng Bo blinked his eyes. The blood curse mark that had just been half-formed in his hand also stopped.

He was full of doubts.

Something was not right!

These few fusion Tyrant forms were too strange!

The last time he met them, they were like idiots, only attacking from the same spot. How did they know how to escape this time?

Thinking carefully, it was strange for these fusion Tyrant forms to appear in this place.

How did they break through the vampires’ defensive barrier?

This was certainly a concern.

As he was thinking, Meng Bo suddenly heard a thumping sound in his ear.

He looked up.

After sprinting for a few hundred meters, the few fusion Tyrant forms suddenly stopped and raised their fists to attack the vampires’ barrier.

“F*ck! I’m going to kill you all!”

Meng Bo was furious. Without thinking, he immediately called the mid-level vampires behind him to chase after the fusion Tyrant forms.

Behind the small hill not far away from Meng Bo, Lin Hanzheng retracted his head when he saw the vampires chasing after the fusion Tyrant forms.

“They ran away?” “Yes, the Tyrant will occupy them for a while.”

“What about us? Are we going to run too?”

“Since we’re here, we have to go take a look.”

Fang Heng took out two electric scooters from his backpack. “We’re not far from the shelter. We’ll make do with this.”


Fang Heng repeated, “The headquarters’ warehouse was destroyed by the vampires. We’ll make do with it.”

e an

Fang Heng and Lin Hanzheng each drove an electric scooter and followed a secret path on the map.

Perhaps it was because it was daytime, after entering the barrier, there was a great decrease in the number of vampires. In addition, a large number of vampires had been summoned by Meng Bo to kill the fusion Tyrant forms, so they met very few vampires along the way.

Once they encountered any vampires, they would be shot in the heart by Fang Heng with Ding Min’s specially modified sniper rifle.

After that, the two entered the woods and directly passed through the forest area.

After about an hour, the two rode the electric scooters through the forest and walked out of a forest path.

The shelter was in front of them.

Fang Heng was familiar with this location. He had observed the terrain here when they attacked the shelter last time.

On a small slope, the two hid under a tree and looked at the shelter with binoculars.

The shelter was in a state of ruin. All the sentry towers on the periphery and inside had been destroyed.

The buildings on the periphery were also in a state of half-destruction. They looked like they had just experienced a great battle.

The vampires did not intend to repair the shelter. The entire shelter was still in a state of ruin after the battle.

A few vampires were guarding the entrance of the shelter.

“What the hell! What is that, a blood puppet?”

Through the binoculars, Lin Hanzheng could see the life form wandering around the periphery of the shelter. He could not help but shout in excitement.

“Blood puppet? What is it?”

Fang Heng moved the binoculars to the right.

He soon noticed the anomaly.

In the periphery of the shelter, there was a human-shaped life form that was about three meters tall. Its whole body was burning blood-red. Its footsteps were heavy, and it looked a bit stiff.

“The standard creature in the Vampire Apocalypse, a Tier 5 blood puppet.”

Lin Hanzheng realized that his shout was a bit loud, so he lowered his voice and explained, “It’s a magic puppet creature created by the ancestors of vampires. It has powerful vitality and destructive power.”

“In the world of the vampires, the blood puppet is the symbol of the protection of the royal power. Only the royal family can use the blood puppet. Because they rely on the blood magic core to drive them, they are not affected by most of the negative effects of physics.”


Fang Heng replied.

From the description, it didn’t seem like much. How could this be considered a Tier 5?

Didn’t they say that the overall strength of the vampires in the Vampire Apocalypse was the strongest?

Tier 5?!

Fang Heng suddenly thought of something and turned his head to ask, “Wait, what tier did you say it was?”

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