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Chapter 49 - Small Team

Chapter 49: Small Team

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Early the next morning, Fang Heng rode his motorcycle to the small town.

This time, Fang Heng chose to carry out the mission alone.

Liao Bufan originally wanted to follow.

Considering the danger of this mission and the time it would take, Fang Heng decided to let Liao Bufan stay behind.

Liao Bufan had to stay in the prison so that he could be constantly on guard against Prisoner Snake and his gang.

Five hours later, Fang Heng rode his motorcycle to the farm warehouse controlled by the federation.

The warehouse had been transformed into a temporary shelter for the federation.

The posts on the official forum were very appealing.

Many players who were nearby were rushing here.

Currently, the federation didn’t have any extra food distribution, but who knew when they would start distributing food?

After all, with the protection of the federation, the chances of survival were always higher.

When the players saw the motorcycle that Fang Heng rode all the way here, they all cast envious gazes at him.

In the early stages, it was truly rare for players to possess such a high-tiered vehicle.

Fang Heng put away the vehicle and walked into a large warehouse.

The warehouse had already been transformed into a temporary resource point for the federation.

The federation temporary resource point was mainly responsible for collecting resources from the outside world.

They would use federation coins from the real world to purchase all kinds of materials from the players and continuously send the materials back to the safety centre that the federation was about to establish.

Fang Heng was certain that there must be a medium-sized shelter built by the federation under the warehouse.

There were many players in the warehouse and they all maintained good order.

The federation staff had staff passes hanging in front of their chest, making it easy to identify them.

Fang Heng immediately saw the big signboard in a conspicuous place.

“Collect all kinds of basic materials. The price is good. Get paid within seconds.”

There were several service counters at the entrance of the warehouse, providing services such as material acquisition, consultation services, survival guides and so on.

Fang Heng walked to a counter.

“Hello, How can I help you?”

“I’d like to take a look at the acquisition list.”

Fang Heng received the acquisition list from the federation staff member.

The list was densely packed with items.

At this stage, the federation almost wanted everything.

Basic resources like a piece of wood could be sold for 30 federation coins.

In Sucheng, 30 federation coins were about the price of a normal take-out.

“The new server is profitable.”

Fang Heng sighed in his heart and immediately felt a heavy pressure.

After all, it was the federation and they had a huge amount of money. With this kind of collecting method, they could quickly build a powerful shelter.

Fang Heng put down the acquisition list in his hand and scanned the warehouse a few more times.

Soon, he saw the target.

A skinny old man was sitting on a bench with two black-skinned foreigners standing beside him.

Another man and a woman were sitting on the bench beside him.

The skinny old man also noticed Fang Heng and raised his hand at him.

Fang Heng walked toward these people.

“You are Old Black?”

“Yes, it’s me. You are Fang Heng, right? I’ve seen your photo.”

Old Black’s face was full of wrinkles, and he was extremely thin and small.

“Looks like everyone is here. This is the Fang Heng I was telling you about just now.”

Old Black turned his neck around, making creaking sounds.

“Fang Heng, let me introduce you. This is Hao Zhou, the leader of this mission.”

“Hello, I’m Hao Zhou.”

Hao Zhou had a strong figure and looked sturdy. He wore thin long sleeves and one could see the thick muscles under his clothes.

“These two are Kun Ba and Kun Ta, and this is Sister Li.”

Fang Heng looked at these people.

Sister Li was tall and slender, about thirty years old, and she was dressed rather well.

Kun Ta and Kun Ba were both foreigners, and they were also tall and thin. Their cheekbones were high and bulging, and their hands were wrapped in white bandages.

“Let’s talk somewhere else.”

Old Black led everyone out of the warehouse and came to a tree not far away from the crowd.

“This mission is very difficult. I need everyone to help me enter the Community Hospital in the town and find the backup generator set on the first floor of the hospital. Then, I’ll blow up the generator set completely.”

Old Black took out three explosive packs from his pocket and handed them to Hao Zhou.

[Item: Small explosive pack.]

Type: Consumable.

Description: A powerful explosion will occur five minutes after the scheduled time. It will cause a lot of damage to the creatures and buildings in the area. Please use it carefully.

“Remember to turn on the video when you arrive at the room of the backup generator set. Record the entire process of the explosion. This will act as the evidence that you have completed the mission.”

Fang Heng felt puzzled.

Did he want to blow up the backup generator set in the hospital?

And what was the reason?

Before coming here, Fang Heng thought that Old Black was here to find the T-virus serum just like him.

Now, it seemed that Old Black had another purpose.

Sister Li asked, “Aren’t you coming with us?”

“Hehehe, I’m old. I don’t want to trouble you all. The whole town is full of zombies now. If we go together, I’ll only be a burden to you all.”

Fang Heng curled his lips. He always felt that the old man’s eyes were a little gloomy.

He felt very uncomfortable.

Fang Heng didn’t know whether it was because of his perceptive ability or because he didn’t have a good impression of Old Black.

“That’s the general situation. I need you to finish the mission before dark today.”

Hao Zhou put away the explosives and asked, “When is the payment? What should we do if we can’t contact you after finishing the mission?”

“There’s no problem with that. I can advance the reward to the federation so that the federation can notarize the commission.”

“When the time comes, even if I’m not around, you can use the video recording to directly receive the reward from the federation notary.”

Old Black had already prepared his answer. He looked at everyone.

“Any other questions?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“I have no more questions.”

Fang Heng shook his head as well.

As planned, he decided to follow these people into the town to check out the situation.

The town was full of zombies now. It would be very troublesome for Fang Heng to enter the town by himself.

Unless he was given enough time.

In that case, he could rely on his zombie clones to slowly clean up the town without anyone disturbing him.

But even so, he still had to be on guard against the mutated zombies in the town.

Going in with this group of people was the most efficient plan.

As for whether they could complete Old Black’s mission was another issue.

“To complete this mission successfully, I propose that Hao Zhou be the leader of this mission.”

Old Black paused and explained to the others.

“Hao Zhou used to be the commander of the squadron in District 6 of the federation. He had carried out many missions and served as the team leader many times. He’s a veteran in this field.”

Fang Heng’s gaze shifted to Hao Zhou.

Hao Zhou took half a step forward.

“My name is Hao Zhou. I once served in the federation squadron and was the commander of the federation squadron. I’m proficient in all kinds of firearms.”

“My talent is mental shock, an A+ talent. It can cause mental shock on the enemy, but the side effects are very huge. It cannot be used multiple times in a short period.”

“Two years ago, my right leg was injured in a mission and had to be amputated. After that, I changed to a mechanical prosthetic limb during the Wasteland Apocalypse game.”

“The prosthetic limb has a huge limitation, so I can’t return to the squadron. I’m also unwilling to accept a civilian job provided by the federation, so I eventually left the federation.”

“Now I’m a professional mercenary.”

“I’ll be the commander for this mission. If anyone doesn’t approve of me, you can bring it up now.”

“He seems quite professional.”

Fang Heng muttered to himself.

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