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Chapter 47 - Luxury Villa

Chapter 47: Luxury Villa

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Fang Heng enjoyed a sumptuous feast, courtesy of Vettel, in the game and then went offline early.

He was going to enter a dangerous town tomorrow.

Fang Heng planned to rest early tonight.

He logged out of the game and opened the game pod. Fang Heng stretched his back.

It was not yet eight o’clock at night, but Team 3 of Phoenix Sound Gaming Company was still full of zest and energy.

Most of the workers were still working overtime in front of their computers, and two-thirds of the gaming cabins were still operating.

To be more precise, Team 3 had people working overtime 24 hours a day.

“A bunch of struggling fighters!”

Fang Heng muttered softly and picked up his phone to check.

There were a few missed calls and a few messages on his phone.

Xia Xi: “Fang Heng, how’s your new job? Are you used to it?”

Xia Xi: “The Seoul team this year is just as weak as before. I watched their qualifiers and did a comparison. They’re not a match for us.”

Xia Xi: “Huh, they played dirty.”

Xia Xi: “I won. I’m so tired. Lie flat.”

Xia Xi: “Heehee, not bad. My friend said that you did well and helped her out.”

Xia Xi: “You didn’t embarrass me. I knew you could do it. Good luck!”

Unknown number: “Hello, Mr Fang Heng. Your accommodation has been arranged. Please go to the front desk to get your work permit and dormitory card. If you have any questions, please contact…”

“Okay, the staff dormitory has been arranged. Now I can’t stay in a hotel anymore.”

Fang Heng shrugged and replied to Xia Xi.

“Is the competition over? When will you be back?”

Seeing that Xia Xi didn’t reply immediately, Fang Heng put away his phone and went to the front desk on the first floor of the company to get his work permit and dormitory card.

The dormitory was very close to the company and was located on the campus two streets away.

It only took 10 minutes to walk there.

Fang Heng went to the convenience store next door to buy some daily necessities and entered the campus with his dormitory card.

As he walked forward, Fang Heng checked the dormitory check-in manual given by the receptionist.

“Four people are living in a villa and each person has a separate room.”

“Independent bathroom, independent study room, independent gaming room…”

“This company has such good benefits?”

Fang Heng was secretly surprised.

He remembered that when he was a professional player in the past, he didn’t have such good treatment.

“Every day in the villa, there will be cleaner aunties in charge of tidying up the area and cleaning the rooms. Fresh ingredients will be provided in the fridge 24 hours a day.”

“If you want to have supper, you can call the chef to send it over.”

So luxurious? Was running a gaming company that profitable?

“I live in a top-class villa area. There are also high-end villa areas, normal apartment areas and high-end apartment areas. The conditions in the apartment areas should be a little worse.”

Fang Heng put away the manual.

He raised his head and looked around, looking for the location of Villa No. 3 on the campus.

Coincidentally, two young men walked in front of him.

The two of them chatted and laughed along the way. The taller one was holding a can of beer in his hand.

They noticed Fang Heng, who was looking for directions.

“You’re going the wrong way. The villa area is ahead. The apartment area is over there.”


Fang Heng lowered his head and looked at the number on the room card.

“That’s right. I’m staying in Villa No. 3.”

“Villa No. 3?”

Xiao Zhijie was stunned. He leaned over to take a look at Fang Heng’s room card, and a strange expression appeared on his face.

It was Villa No. 3!

“Is there a problem?”

“Uh… No.” Xiao Zhijie came back to his senses. “Villa No. 3 is just ahead. Go straight to the end, turn right and you’ll find it.”

“Thank you.”

They brushed past each other.

The more Xiao Zhijie thought about it, the weirder he felt.

He turned his head to look back at Fang Heng again and whispered to his companion, Ji Kai.

“Have you seen that person before? Isn’t he a newbie? He’s living in Villa No. 3?”

“I haven’t seen him either. Didn’t you see his room card just now? What’s his name?”

“Fang Heng.”

“Oh, I remember him a little. I heard the old woman from the human resource department talking about him behind his back. Not long ago, a person who pulled strings was approved by President Qin to enter the company. His name is Fang Heng.”

“Pulled strings?”

Xiao Zhijie frowned and was suddenly a little unhappy.

The entire Phoenix Sound Gaming Company only had three top-class villas. They could accommodate up to 12 people and enjoy the highest level of treatment.

Phoenix Sound Gaming Company always had a tradition. These three villas were reserved for the company’s best players to stay in.

These 12 people represented the strongest players of the entire Phoenix Sound Gaming Company.

Ever since Phoenix Sound Gaming Company was acquired some time ago, most of the top players in the company had already left.

There were only two players who still stayed in the top-class villas.

Xiao Zhijie had tried to apply to live in the top-class villas before, but he was rejected the next day.

If he was not qualified to live in the top-class villas, how could a newcomer who pulled strings could be qualified?

“Humph, President Qin said that she would put quality before quantity. Now that a ‘friend’ has come, he can just move in.”

Xiao Zhijie was angry and began to complain nonstop.

“Another president who doesn’t know anything and only knows how to give orders blindly has arrived.”

“If this goes on, I also want to leave my job.”

“Listen to both sides and you’ll be enlightened, listen to only one side and you will remain ignorant.”

Ji Kai was relatively calm. He advised, “What that old woman in the human resource department said may not be true. Let’s wait and see.”

Xiao Zhijie pursed his lips. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt.

“Okay, as you said, seeing is believing. I’ll test him.”

Xiao Zhijie nodded. He drank the remaining beer in the can in one gulp.

“Hey, what do you want to do? Don’t look for trouble.”

“Tch, what are you afraid of? What can a person who only knows how to pull strings do?”

Xiao Zhijie turned around as he spoke. He raised the can in his hand and threw it at Fang Heng’s back.

Fang Heng was walking forward and seemed to be completely unaware of the can coming from behind.

“I told you, pulling strings is…”

As Xiao Zhijie spoke, the corner of his mouth revealed a disdainful smile.

But in the next second, this smile froze on his face.

As the beer can was about to hit Fang Heng’s back, Fang Heng suddenly stopped and stretched out a hand.


Fang Heng didn’t even turn his head. He steadily stretched out his hand and caught the can with ease.

Ji Kai’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“Just now you said that he pulled strings to enter the company. Now you’re dumbfounded.”

Fang Heng slowly turned around and looked at Xiao Zhijie.

It’s over! I’ve offended a high-level player!

Xiao Zhijie was shocked by Fang Heng’s action. He immediately realized that Fang Heng was not someone who pulled strings to enter the company, like what the old woman in the human resource department said!

Given Fang Heng’s gaze, Xiao Zhijie scratched his head awkwardly.

“I’m sorry. It was my fault. My hand slipped just now.”

“It’s okay.”

Fang Heng smiled gently.

“Just be careful next time.”

Xiao Zhijie let out a sigh of relief. He thought that it was alright. Fang Heng seemed to have a gentle temperament.

“I’ll return it to you.”

As Fang Heng spoke, he squeezed the can in his hand into a ball and suddenly exerted force.


The can that was squeezed into a ball was thrown back at Xiao Zhijie.



Xiao Zhijie couldn’t dodge in time. The can hit his forehead and immediately caused a small swelling.

“Sorry, my hand slipped.”

Fang Heng gave an apologetic smile and turned around to leave.

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