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Chapter 42 - Delivery

Chapter 42: Delivery

[Hint: While you were offline, your zombie clone obtained small rocks*27,812, large rocks*9739 and coal*6284. You obtained 92,821 mining experience points.]

[Hint: Your mining skill has been upgraded to Level 9.]

[Hint: Your mining skill has reached the maximum value that can be upgraded. Please upgrade your character level as soon as possible. Unlocking your mining skill can upgrade your character level to the maximum value.]

Fang Heng pushed open the wooden door and saw the small hills that were piled up outside the hut.

“Not bad…”

However, he still had to distinguish between ordinary rocks and coal.

A zombie clone couldn’t do such a difficult job.

It seemed that he could only trouble Zhou Yi and Lu Yu.

Speaking of which, where were they? Why didn’t he see them? Could it be that they had gone offline to rest?

Fang Heng looked around.

Two days later, players below Level 5 could use their King of Gods’ points to enter the game.

At that time, there would be a guild that wanted to join this newly opened ‘server’ to get a share of the profits.

His prison shelter was also bound to face an even greater threat.

It would be better for him to complete the Dark Knights mission as soon as possible.

Only great strength could guarantee the safety of the shelter.

According to his plan, he had to take all the coal mines to the apocalypse merchant to exchange for points.

He had to gather all the supplies as soon as possible and head off to the city tomorrow to complete the mission!

After making up his mind, Fang Heng sent a message to Zhou Yi and started to differentiate the coal mines.

After more than an hour, Fang Heng returned to the apocalypse merchant’s camp on a modified motorcycle filled with coal ores.

The NPC porters in the camp already knew Fang Heng.

When they saw him enter the camp, they all came over to help unload the goods.

Vettel’s friendliness had reached a certain level. He walked out of the hut to welcome him and even threw a can of beer to Fang Heng.

“That’s great, you’ve brought us some more supplies! It’s my luck to have a reliable friend like you in the apocalypse! Come, let’s talk inside.”

“Thank you.”

Fang Heng took the beer and followed Vettel into the hut.

He opened the mission panel.

Mission: Collect coal ores (repeatable).

Mission description: The apocalypse merchant’s camp needs a large number of coal ores. Please collect some coal ores and bring them into the camp.

Mission reward: 600 survival points.

[Hint: You have submitted 300 coal ores to the apocalypse merchant Vettel. You have received 600 survival points.]

[Hint: You have completed the mission.]

[Hint: Your friendship with the apocalypse merchant Vettel has improved.]

[Hint: You have submitted 300 coal ores to the apocalypse merchant Vettel. You have received 600 survival points.]

[Hint: You have completed the mission.]

Fang Heng made a rough estimate.

One-time delivery of the coal via the modified motorcycle could be exchanged for 2,400 survival points.

As the roads in the forest were difficult to navigate, it would take him nearly two hours to travel back and forth between the collection point and the apocalypse merchant camp.

He could only make seven trips during the day, which would take 14 hours.

He couldn’t even earn 20,000 survival points in one day.

“This is not very efficient.”

Fang Heng muttered and asked Vettel.

“Vettel, I have a large number of ores that I want to exchange for survival points. Unfortunately, it’s a little troublesome to deliver them over. Do you have any ideas?”

“Oh? You have a lot of ore resources?”

Vettel’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

He lowered his head and thought for a moment, then shook his head.

“We do have a light-weight truck in our camp. Unfortunately, the truck can not be lent to outsiders. I can’t make the decision on this matter.”

“No other solutions?”

Fang Heng was a little disappointed.

This would delay him for another day.


“I happen to have a mission here. I think you might be interested. Why don’t you listen to it first?”

“I have a batch of goods to deliver to a friend who lives next to an abandoned factory. He is a scientist with a very strange temper. Ever since the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, he has been staying in that d*mn place and refused to leave.”

“To put it simply, the time limit for this mission is 24 hours. You can drive the truck from our camp to deliver the goods. If you complete the mission ahead of time…”

Vettel winked at Fang Heng.

“Fang Heng, I think you understand what I mean, right?”

Fang Heng immediately understood what he meant.

As expected of Vettel!

“The effort that I’ve put in building a good relationship with you is greatly rewarded!” Fang Heng thought to himself.

“Vettel, thank you so much. You’ve helped me a lot.”

“Hahaha, I didn’t help you much.”

Vettel made a ‘you know’ expression.

“Remember, you have to bring this truck back safely. If anything happened to it, the compensation will be quite expensive.”

“No problem.”

[Hint: You have triggered the commission of the apocalypse merchant Vettel.]

Fang Heng opened the mission panel.

Mission name: Stubborn survivor

Mission difficulty: C+

Mission description: Mr Qiu is a scholar. He has an odd temperament. Even after the apocalypse, he chose to live alone in the villa not far from the abandoned chemical factory.

Mission requirements: Vettel needs you to deliver some materials to Mr Qiu. Please ensure that the materials are complete and delivered within the stipulated time.

Mission time limit: 24 hours.

Mission reward: 60 survival points.

Additional description: If the truck is damaged during the mission, your deposit will be deducted and you will have to pay extra survival points as compensation.

“Vettel, I accept this mission.”

Fang Heng accepted the mission.

He could easily complete an SSS-level mission, not to mention this C+-level mission.

It was just a delivery.

Fang Heng did not take it seriously.

[Hint: You accepted the mission – Stubborn survivor.]

[Hint: You pay the deposit of 2,000 survival points as the deposit for the truck.]

“Alright, I’ll get my men to load the goods now. You can set off in ten minutes.”

“No problem.”

Fang Heng agreed. He took some time to glance at the location of the mission target marked on the mission panel.

It was very far.

He roughly estimated that it would take two and a half hours to get there from the apocalypse merchant camp.

The round trip would take about five hours.

After walking out of Vettel’s hut, Fang Heng immediately saw a blue light truck parked outside the camp.

Light-weight truck.

Length: 3.5 meters.

Loading capacity: 2.8 tons.


With such a large capacity truck, he could transport all the coal mines dug last night with just one trip!

Fang Heng was a little envious.

When there was an opportunity in the future, he had to think of a way to obtain a truck back to the prison. When that time came, it would be convenient to transport the minerals.

Fang Heng thought to himself.

The NPC porters in the camp were fervently moving the wooden boxes onto the truck.

The boxes were even labeled ‘fragile items, please be careful’.

“The fuel tank of the truck has been pumped to the brim. In addition to food and daily necessities, there are also some special research materials in the boxes.”

“I’ve told you before. Mr Qiu is a scientist. He has been conducting research related to zombies. These things are all requested by him.”

“You should be more careful when driving. It’s going to be a problem if those boxes are overturned.”

“No problem. I drive very steadily.”

Fang Heng sat in the driver’s seat.

[Hint: Detected that the player has normal driving skills. Do you want to use 100 survival points to exchange for skill-driving?]

Fang Heng reached out his hand and tapped on the confirmation button.

[Hint: You have acquired basic skill-driving.]

Skill: Driving (Level 1).

Skill description: You can drive most of the car-type tools and reduce the fuel consumption by 1%.

It was better than nothing.

“Vettel, see you tomorrow.”

Fang Heng waved at Vettel as a form of gesture before driving the truck out of the apocalypse merchant camp..

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