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Chapter 40 - Mining

Chapter 40: Mining

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Inside the prison.

Liao Bufan swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He looked at the three mercenaries behind Fang Heng. His eyes were full of stars as he muttered to himself.

“Amazing, amazing…”

“I heard that these mercenaries are very expensive.”

“Boss, what level did you buy?”

Fang Heng answered casually, “Level 5.”

“Awesome! It’s the best selection!”

Liao Bufan couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration, his heart filled with envy.

Was this the feeling of being the Boss?!

Commanding so many underlings to hold onto their guns and watch the enemy flee…

This feeling was f*cking awesome!

Fang Heng took a look at the loss.

In less than a minute, he had used more than fifty bullets.

Mercenaries were useful, but they were a little resource-intensive.

And this was a Level 5 mercenary.

The hit rate and damage of their firearms were relatively high, so they saved more bullets. If it was a low-level mercenary, the bullet consumption would be higher.

Fang Heng wanted to chase after them and finish off Prisoner Snake and the others, but the risk was too great.

Prisoner Snake and his gang all had combat-type talent. If he forced them into a corner, the mercenaries would inevitably be injured.

He could not afford to pay the high pension.


Lu Yu and Zhou Yi walked out of the prison’s sentry cabin.

“Oh, you’re back.”

Fang Heng waved his hand to greet them.

Zhou Yi had a special talent skill – geographical exploration.

It was because of this that Fang Heng chose to cooperate with them not long ago.

Through geographical exploration, Zhou Yi could roughly identify whether there were mineral deposits in an area.

This talent was rated as A-level, which was a relatively rare skill.

In the early stages of the game, players did not have time to mine, so this skill was currently useless.

At least in the later stages of the game, players would only start mining after they had established a primary shelter.

The number of mineral resources in the apocalyptic world was limited and in the later stages of the game, there were often gaming companies fighting over the mining of some ores.

Fang Heng had now completed the construction of the primary shelter. If he wanted to reinforce the shelter’s defence, he would need to reinforce the wooden houses with steel and cement, and so on.

All of these required a large number of mineral resources.

Two days ago, Fang Heng had asked Zhou Yi to help him search for mineral resources because he had made plans in advance for the next step of reinforcing the shelter.

But now, his plans had changed.

Right now, he urgently needed apocalyptic points to buy equipment and go on an adventure in the city.

As long as he could dig up the mineral deposits, Fang Heng could sell them to the merchants of the apocalypse camps. He could quickly exchange them for survival points through the ore collection mission issued by the apocalypse merchants.

Fang Heng noticed that Zhou Yi seemed to have a lot on his mind and did not seem very happy. He thought that they might have encountered trouble.

“What’s wrong? Did you meet with some trouble?”


Zhou Yi looked at the three high-level mercenaries behind Fang Heng who were equipped with pistols and sighed.


Fang Heng was puzzled. He thought to himself, “If there’s no problem, why do you give such a long sigh? You have completed the mission so quickly and even earned a huge sum of money. Why are you still not happy?”

Lu Yu said, “We found a small mineral vein, but the distance is a little far. The location is in the coordinate system (38912, 29123). God, we can set off to bring you there at any time.”

“Okay, I’ll get ready. We’ll go later.”

Fang Heng felt that he had taken another small step toward his dream of “emptying the entire apocalypse merchant camp”.

On a small path close to the foot of the mountain.

A group of zombies wearing lumberyard uniforms completely occupied the path and marched forward in a mighty manner.

Lu Yu and Zhou Yi, who were surrounded by the zombies, were terrified.


They were all zombies!

If they were accidentally caught, they would immediately be infected with the GG-virus.

At the same time, the two of them couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts.

So that was God’s talent skill!

Summoning a zombie team!

They had never heard of similar talent skills in the King of Gods’ game.

This is definitely a 100% S-level talent skill!

“We’ll be there soon. Over there, we’ll reach the coal mine in less than 100 meters.”

Zhou Yi stopped at an intersection in front of the path.

“My character is only Level 3 now. I can’t find the exact location. We’ll probably be able to find coal after digging along the mountain wall for a while.”

“My skills are relatively low, so I can only find miniature coal mines. The reserves won’t be very high.”

Fang Heng looked in the direction that Zhou Yi pointed.

They were already at the edge of the mountain forest region.

It had taken them nearly three hours to walk from the prison.

It was still a bit far.

“We’ve checked. There are two small houses less than 200 meters away from the fork in the road. None of them is occupied by players.”

“We’ve already cleaned up the small houses before we came here. We can rest there tonight.”

Seeing that there were only one and a half hours left before it gets dark, Zhou Yi began to think about spending the night.

“If we’re careful, it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Zhou Yi asked for Fang Heng’s opinion.

“What do you think, God?”

Fang Heng had no objection to Zhou Yi’s plan.

“I don’t have any objections. I’ll leave the repair of the residence to you. I’ll go check on the mine.”

“No problem. I’ll go reinforce the house and clean up the zombies in the area. That way, we won’t be disturbed when we sleep at night.”

At first, Zhou Yi was very careful when he left the prison. After all, being away from their residence would bring them more risks.

But now, he was completely relaxed.

After all, the God had so many zombies with him.

What problem could there be?

The three of them split up.

“Coal mine.”

Fang Heng walked straight along the path, muttering to himself.

Coal was a high-value resource in the game.

From the early to middle stages of the game, players would use a lot of iron nuggets to build shelters and make tools.

Furthermore, the furnaces needed to make iron nuggets needed fuel 24 hours a day.

Ordinary wood was inefficient as fuel.

Players would use coal as fuel.

In addition, in the middle and later stages of the game, players also needed a lot of coal to make gunpowder.

Compared to other ore materials, the production of coal in the game was relatively high.

Fang Heng walked along the path to the rock wall, took out wood, stones, firewood and some basic materials from his backpack, and threw them on the ground.

Then, he sat on one side.

The zombie clones began to move.

They walked to the materials, picked up the materials and started to make stone pickaxes.

[Hint: You have completed the production of stone pickaxes. Your basic production experience points +1.]

[Hint: You have completed the production of stone pickaxes. Your basic production experience points +1.]

[Hint: You have completed the production of stone pickaxes…]

[Hint: Your basic production level has been raised to the current upper limit. Please upgrade your character’s level.]

After the production was completed, the zombie clones each held a stone pickaxe and walked to the rock wall, waving the pickaxe.

Soon, the sound of mining was heard.

[Hint: Your zombie clone has destroyed a small part of the mountain. You have obtained a small stone*1.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone has destroyed a small part of the mountain. You have obtained a small stone*5.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone has destroyed a small part of the mountain. You have obtained a small stone*2. You have learned a basic life skill-mining. Your basic mining experience points +1.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone has gained a small stone*3, a large stone*1, your basic mining experience points +7.]

[ hint: Your zombie clone obtained large stones*1, your basic mining experience points +3.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone obtained small stones*3, large stones*1, your basic mining experience points +3.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone obtained…]

Fang Heng took out a can of coke from his backpack and opened the tab.

“Gulp gulp gulp…”

After gulping down a can of coke, Fang Heng burped comfortably.

It was comfortable to watch people work in the mines.

In Fang Heng’s memory, this body used to work in similar jobs to earn money. He was so worn out after that.

“This is awkward. I should have bought some iron pickaxes when I went to the apocalypse merchant camp. Now the mining efficiency is a little slow…”

Fang Heng glanced at the setting sun.

“It’s too late to rush back now.. I can only wait for tomorrow.”

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