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Chapter 35 - Super-large Shelter

Chapter 35: Super-large Shelter

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Liao Bufan laughed and kept them guessing.

“Why don’t you guess what’s in the basement? You’ll never guess.”

Zhou Yi quickly asked.

“What’s in there?”

“Let me tell you, it’s full of spider zombies! Those things are much stronger than normal mutant zombies!”

“D*mn! There were so many spider zombies in the entire tunnel. You should have seen them. Tsk, tsk, tsk…”


Zhou Yi carefully looked at Liao Bufan and asked him for confirmation.

“So, you all didn’t pass through the basement?”

“How is that possible? It’s just a spider zombie. They’re just unlucky to meet me.”

Liao Bufan told the two about how he had killed the spider zombies and also tried to weaken Fang Heng’s role in this operation.

“You… you killed all those spider zombies by yourself?”

Zhou Yi showed a terrified expression.

Then, he felt helpless.

In this shelter, Fang Heng was already very strong but his companion was also so strong?

Why was this game so hard to play?

Zhou Yi’s desire to retire became stronger and stronger.

At this time, Fang Heng pushed the door open and entered.

“So it’s you two.”

Fang Heng was familiar with these two people.

In his memory, he had met them twice outside the apocalypse merchant camp.

“I heard you want to work with me?”

Lu Yu looked at Zhou Yi who was silent.

He was dealt with a heavy blow.

At first, he did want to seek cooperation.

But now, he knew that Fang Heng had already completed both stages of the hidden mission.

What was there to cooperate?

He didn’t know what to do for the follow-up of the mission! Unless he continued to spend money and buy information from those “black agents”.

“Do you want to cooperate?”

Fang Heng saw that the two of them were quiet, so he broke the silence first.

“Then how about this? I have a job here, and I want to find someone to help. I think you guys are pretty good.”

A job? Help?

Zhou Yi and Lu Yu looked at each other.

After more than 20 minutes, they walked out of the sentry cabin.

It was strange. They were looking for Fang Heng to cooperate with them to complete the hidden mission in the beginning.

How did it turn into working for someone else in the blink of an eye?


Zhou Yi let out a long sigh.

The price offered by the other party was too hard to refuse!

Two days later.

In the prison’s basement.

Fang Heng stood at the inner side of the pathway.

He opened the game construction page and finally adjusted the location of the shelter.

“Let’s do it here.”

After thinking for a while, he finally set the shelter next to the underground warehouse.

[Hint: The player has decided on the location of the shelter. The location is confirmed to be ready for construction.]

[Hint: After the construction is completed, all items in the location will be cleared.]

[Hint: Your shelter blueprint (modified) has been modified. It has been determined to be a basic super-large shelter (maximum expansion can be made later). Currently, you will need to consume wooden planks*29,813, wooden frames*26,712, nails*6891, iron blocks*90, small stones*6671, firewood*27,111.]

[Player, do you want to build it?]

“Not a problem.”

Fang Heng reached out to confirm.

The concrete wall in front of him gradually turned into a basic wooden door.

[Hint: Player’s shelter has been built and modified.]

Fang Heng pushed the door open and entered.

The inner area of the shelter was very large. There was only a complete hall, which was half the size of a football field.

Currently, there was nothing in the hall except for a few pillars that were used to support it.

Specifically, the interior could be divided into small rooms later.

This step could be modified through the blueprint later.

It only required some materials, which was not difficult.

Fang Heng could also use more materials to cover the wider area around the shelter.

Or he could use more advanced materials to strengthen the shelter.

[Hint: The system has determined that your shelter can accommodate up to 18 players. If you exceed the capacity, your shelter will be more vulnerable to zombie attacks at night.]

At the same time, all the players in District 8, including Fang Heng, received two simple messages in their game logs.

[Hint: The first super-large player shelter has been established.]

[Hint: The next blood moon zombie wave will occur in 21 days.]

Most ordinary players automatically ignored these two messages.

However, on a certain high-threshold elite player forum, these two messages were immediately reposted and topped the list, causing a huge uproar.

The more they understood the zombie apocalypse game, the more they felt that this piece of news was terrifying.

How many days had passed since the game started?

There was an influential power that had already established a super-large shelter?

In the past, the first to establish a super-large shelter must have been the federal government!

Only they had powerful manpower and resources.

But this time, the tradition was broken.

The federal government did not issue an announcement, which meant that this shelter was not established by the Federation.

There was someone who could complete it before the Federation?

Who could it be?

Which large guild or gaming company?

Why didn’t any news leak out?

There was a lot of discussion for this post.

The server for District 8 had opened for less than 10 days and the players had already established the shelter.

This was a historical event!

The internet was buzzing with discussion about this matter. In reality, the players’ clubs and the directors and bosses of gaming companies who were familiar with each other began to probe one another.

“Brother Liu, Congratulations! You’re the first to complete a super-large shelter. Please take care of us in the future…”

“It’s not me. I’m also wondering who could be so amazing.”

“If it wasn’t you, who else could it be? We’ve been friends for so many years and you’re still playing games with me?”

“I’m not lying to you. It can’t be you, right? You want to turn the tables on me?”

Everyone was waiting for any company to announce the news.

However, after waiting for a long time, the forum was still silent.

No one claimed it.

No one knew who established this shelter.

Except for Lu Yu and Zhou Yi.

The two of them looked at each other on their motorcycles.

After a long silence, Zhou Yi’s throat rolled.

“It can’t be… him, right?”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Who else could it be?”

“D*mn! We can’t play this game anymore!”

“There are 21 days until the zombie wave. You have to think carefully. Should we build our shelter or what?”

Zhou Yi took a deep breath.

He tried hard to get rid of distracting thoughts, forcing himself not to think about Fang Heng.

“In a few days, when a new batch of employees arrives, we’ll build a small shelter first.”


Lu Yu nodded.

They had to hurry.

After the first super-large player shelter was built, the King of Gods would give an early warning of the next blood moon zombie wave.

There were only 21 days left.

This meant that they had to complete the construction of the shelter within 21 days.

The Federation had released statistics three years ago.

In the zombie apocalypse game, during the first six months of the game’s launch, the death rate of players who did not stay in an effective shelter during the day of the blood moon was as high as 70%.

Even if they stayed in the shelter, the death rate still exceeded 20%.

Very few guilds had chosen to build super-large shelters because of the blood moon zombie wave.

Rather than wait for death in a super-large shelter, it would be better to build a small shelter….

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