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Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Second Basement

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“What’s wrong?”

Fang Heng took out the map of the prison that he had found on the first floor from his backpack and compared it with the terrain of the scene.

“Look, our position on the map is here. This is the marked warehouse. There’s no problem here. It’s just on our right.”

“There’s no problem here either. The passageway that turns left in front is connected to the basement of Building No. 2.”

Liao Bufan leaned over to take a look.

It was just as Fang Heng said.

He soon discovered the problem.

“Huh? The passageway in front of us isn’t marked on the map?”

“Yes, and the map doesn’t indicate that there’s a second basement in the prison.”

Fang Heng checked the map repeatedly to confirm.

He then used his hand to pry the railings of the iron gate to check.

The iron gate was unusually heavy and strong.

On the wall of the iron gate, there was an electronic identification device where a card could be inserted

The three iron gates should be controlled by magnetic cards.


Fang Heng muttered to himself. Then, he took out a small hammer from his backpack and threw it at the iron gate.



The iron gate had about 750,000 HP.

Fang Heng made a rough estimation in his mind.

With the indefatigable zombie clones, it wasn’t impossible to break it open.

However, the time spent was too long, and the gains didn’t make up for the losses.

[Hint: Currently, the target that is selected to be disassembled is a special item. It is triggered by a mission. If it is destroyed by force, the mission item may be destroyed. The mission will disappear or fail. Please be careful.]


“Looks like I can’t open it with brute force.”

Fang Heng shrugged and put away the small stone hammer. He completely dismissed the idea of using brute force.

“Let’s go. We’ll go somewhere else to take a look first.”

After returning to the fork, Fang Heng walked to the right to investigate.

There was an iron gate.

However, this iron gate was open.

The iron gate hung high up.

When the electronic lock was triggered, the iron gate would be lowered, completely cutting off the passageway between Building No. 2 and Building No. 3.

Liao Bufan stuck his head out and looked inside the passageway.

It was pitch black inside.

“The power supply in Building No. 2 is broken. Do you want to go in and take a look?”

“No, I’m not interested.”

Liao Bufan quickly retracted his head.

Exploring in the dark was courting death. Any mutated zombie could kill him.

“I think the spider zombies we met before probably came out from this place.”

“I think so too. There might be more mutated zombies inside. We’d better find a way to seal this place.”

The two of them discussed and returned to the warehouse room in front of the fork in the passage.

Fang Heng tried to turn the door handle.

The door was locked.



A set of keys was left by the foolish policeman.

Fang Heng tried unlocking the door with the keys.

Soon, he found the key to the warehouse door.

He carefully pushed open the door.

In the warehouse, six bodies were lying on the ground.

They had been dead for a while.

Five of them were wearing prison guard uniforms, but the middle-aged man in the middle was wearing a suit.

He was a little fat and held a pistol in his hand.

He had killed himself with his pistol.

Was it the warden?

Fang Heng had seen the warden’s photo in his memory.

It was similar to this middle-aged man who had committed suicide.

The warden’s appearance here was too sudden. Was there a clue on him?

Fang Heng tried to walk forward and pull out the pistol in the warden’s hand. Then, he tried to touch his pocket.

Sure enough, there was something!

[Hint: You have obtained the prison management magnetic card-C.]

Item: Prison management magnetic card-C.

Description: Special mission item. It can open the iron gate found in the prison’s basement.]

Fang Heng immediately thought of the iron gate he saw just now.

Needless to say, this magnetic card could control the iron gate.

Then, Fang Heng dug into the pockets of the other guards and confiscated all their firearms.

[Hint: You have obtained the prison guard’s handgun*5, ordinary handgun bullets*243.]

“Fang Heng, come and take a look!”

Liao Bufan, who was searching around the room, shouted. His tone was full of surprise.

“Look! Good stuff!”

Liao Bufan pointed at the locked weapon box.

“Do you have the key in your hand?”

Fang Heng suddenly understood and took out the set of keys.

The lock on the weapon box was very different from the lock on the door.

Fang Heng quickly found the corresponding key and opened the weapon box with a click.

[Hint: You have received sniper rifle*3, you have received sniper rifle bullets*120.]

“F*ck! It’s a sniper rifle!”

Liao Bufan couldn’t help but shout out.

“We’re rich!”

In the game, sniper rifles were a great weapon.

It was the same regardless of the early, middle and late stages in the game.

After hitting the player, it almost had a 100% crippling effect.

If it grazed the arm, one of the arms would be blown off, and if it grazed the scalp, the head would be split open.

Fang Heng couldn’t help but reach out to touch the muzzle of the rifle.

It was indeed a good item.

In his memory, the sniper rifle only appeared in the later stages of the game.

After changing to armour-piercing bullets, it was one of the few guns that could deal damage to the corpse king.

The federation had given the gun data before. For an average player to fully control this weapon, they would need to attain at least Level 10 gun mastery and 10 strength points.

[Hint: You have completed the second stage of the mission-explore the basement.]

[Hint: You have obtained 540 survival points.]

[Hint: The third stage of the mission has been triggered.]

[Mission: Explore the second basement of the prison.]

Mission name: Explore the second basement of the prison.

Mission description: You have discovered an unmarked hidden area in the basement of the prison. It leads to the second basement. Please try to enter the second basement without destroying the main building of the prison.

Mission reward: Survival points.

Fang Heng lowered his head and thought for a moment after receiving the mission.

“Let’s go and try the magnetic card first.”

Fang Heng patted Liao Bufan’s shoulder.

The two of them returned to the front of the iron gate again. Fang Heng tried to insert the magnetic card into the slot on the wall.

“Beep Beep Beep…”



The iron gate connecting Building No. 2 and Building No. 3 slowly descended.

Liao Bufan looked at the darkness behind the iron gate and could not help but swallow his saliva.

“I keep feeling like there’s something scary inside. Closing the gate makes me feel a lot better.”

Fang Heng felt the same way. He vaguely felt that something was staring at them in the darkness, making him feel uneasy.

After closing the iron gate, the feeling of being stared at became much weaker.

“Yes, we’ll deal with Building No. 2 in the future. In short, we can build the shelter in peace.”

Liao Bufan nodded repeatedly.

They could finally rest for the next few days.

Before he left, Fang Heng went to the other passageway to test it out.

After some testing, the magnetic card found in the warden’s hand could open one of the three iron gates leading to the second basement.

As for the remaining two iron gates, they were still closed.

According to Fang Heng’s years of gaming experience, he felt that the remaining two magnetic cards could only be found by entering Building No. 1 and Building No. 2.

“How troublesome!”

What kind of secret was hidden in this prison?

It was only the second stage of this mission and they had to face a large number of mutated zombies. The difficulty level for the third stage would be even higher!

Fang Heng scratched his head in annoyance.

At the moment, forcefully exploring Buildings No. 1 and 2 was too dangerous.

They could only wait until the shelter was completed.

Fang Heng decided to put the hidden prison mission aside for now.

At least after cutting off the passageway between Buildings No. 2 and 3, they could temporarily enjoy a period of peace.

Next, they were only one step away from building the shelter.


The number of furnaces needed to make nails was not enough, so they needed to buy more.

After killing spider zombies for a day, they had more than 10,000 survival points, which was enough to buy all the remaining furnaces in the apocalypse merchant shop!

With that thought, Fang Heng and Liao Bufan left the basement together.

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