Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Evolution Crystal Fragments

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In the forest, Fang Heng followed the zombie clone and slowly moved forward.

Fang Heng stopped to observe his surroundings from time to time, then bent down to pick up the basic survival materials scattered on the ground.

[Hint: You have obtained firewood.]

In an apocalyptic environment, many materials could be picked up directly, such as small stones, firewood, grass, hay and so on. These were all materials used to make basic survival tools.

They walked and stopped for nearly ten minutes before the zombie clone in front stopped completely.

Not far away, a zombie stood alone under a tree.

Fang Heng frowned. He slowly squatted down and hid his body in the bushes to observe.

In the apocalypse, zombies were the biggest threat.

After a player defeated a zombie, there was a small chance that some tools would drop.

Among them, there was an extremely important item called the evolution crystal.

In the King of Gods’ game, the evolution crystal was the only way to increase a player’s level.

Generally speaking, in the early stages of the game, it was a race against time. The best choice was to think of ways to collect survival materials to survive. Wasting a large amount of time to kill a zombie was a very stupid action.

After all, the drop rate of zombies was low and the items that dropped might not be useful in the early stages. If one was accidentally infected by the zombie during a fight, it would be a dead end.

The loss outweighed the gain.


Fang Heng rolled his eyes.

He was different from ordinary players.

If there was a chance to kill zombies and farm evolution crystals, he could quickly upgrade to level 2. At that time, he could summon two additional zombie clones, greatly increasing his current strength and his ‘hack’ efficiency in the early stages!

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes, opened his backpack and looked at the materials.

There were enough materials.

Along the way, he had collected enough basic materials to create two wooden spears.

Fang Heng had the zombies on alert mode, then he squatted down and opened the skill panel.

In the skill panel, the basic materials page had all kinds of survival tools to survive through the apocalypse, including wooden axes, simple beds, simple bonfires and so on.

Fang Heng quickly selected a wooden spear, and a green channelling bar appeared above his head.

Five minutes later, two wooden spears appeared in Fang Heng’s hands.

[Hint: You have completed the production of the wooden spear.]

[You have obtained a wooden spear*2.]

[Hint: You have mastered the basic production skill, your basic production skill experience points +2.]

Item: Simple wooden spear

Quality: Crude

Attack: 4-7

Description: The most basic survival weapon. It has crude workmanship and can cause relatively little damage to zombies.

Fang Heng held the spear in his hand and weighed it. Then, he threw one of the spears to the zombie clone beside him.


Fang Heng and the zombie clone each held a wooden spear and slowly approached the zombie from behind.


The zombie clone was the first to attack and the wooden spear pierced into the rotten zombie’s body.

“Roar! Woo!”

The zombie that was attacked let out a roar, then turned and pounced on Fang Heng.

“The clone beat you up! Why are you beating me up?”

Fang Heng was cursing, but his body’s muscle memory was still intact. He reacted quickly and took half a step back to avoid the attack.

The wooden spear in his hand stabbed forward.


The tip of the wooden spear pierced into the zombie’s body, making a dry sound.

Fang Heng frowned.

The spear felt like it was stabbing a piece of rotten wood.

Fang Heng quickly pulled out the wooden spear and stepped back.

The zombie’s movements were very stiff but its defence was pretty good. Its body was still full of vigour after being pierced by the spear a few times.

Fang Heng didn’t dare to be negligent. He worked with his clone to circle the zombie and occasionally poked it a few times.

Although the zombie was slow, if it accidentally scratched you, you would be infected by the virus.

In the early stage of the game, if you were infected by the zombie virus, it’s better to end the game by suicide. There was absolutely no way to survive.

Fang Heng waved the wooden spear and poked the zombie’s body more than twenty times. After poking it twenty times, the zombie howled and fell.

[Hint: You have killed a zombie. You have gained 2 survival points.]

Survival points were the currency of the zombie apocalypse world. Players could use them to buy items through the system store.

Damn it! No evolution crystals dropped!

It was demoralizing!

Fang Heng shook his head repeatedly.

It took Fang Heng a lot of effort and time to kill the zombie this time.

“The lowest level evolution crystal fragment drop rate is about 20%. The fact that it didn’t drop the first time was within my expectations. If I kill a few more, it will drop eventually.’

Fang Heng could only comfort himself like this.

There was still a margin for error.

“Worst-case scenario, I won’t log off tonight!’


The battle just now had made quite a commotion. The second zombie was attracted by the noise and approached Fang Heng from a distance.

“Again! Continue!”

Fang Heng raised his spirits with a few shouts, lifted his wooden spear and continued to kill the zombies.

When the eighth zombie was killed by the spear, Fang Heng finally heard the notification of an item dropping.

[Hint: You have killed a strong zombie. You have gained 3 survival points.]

[Hint: You have gained an evolution crystal fragment*1.]

Crystal! It finally dropped!

Fang Heng let out a sigh of relief. He held the evolution crystal fragment in his hand and observed it.

The thumb-sized crystal fragment was emitting a scarlet glow.

Item: Evolution crystal fragment

Item description: A special crystal fragment. It contains a powerful force and can increase the player’s character experience points (only effective on players below level 5.)


Fang Heng crushed the crystal fragment in his hand.

The red mist that was released from the crushed fragments was absorbed by Fang Heng’s palm.

[Hint: You have absorbed the evolution crystal fragment.]

[Hint: Your level has been increased to level 2. You have gained two additional zombie clones.]

Two zombies crawled out of the mud, one on the left and the other on the right. They stood behind Fang Heng obediently.

“Haha! It’s a success!”

Fang Heng threw the spear in his hand to one of the zombies, then lowered his head and continued to make the spear.

With the addition of two new zombie clones, the efficiency of killing monsters would be greatly increased!

He needed to find a way to level up his talent skill to level 3! At that time, he would have six clones!


No, levelling up was the most important thing right now!

Fang Heng made two more wooden spears, then commanded the zombie clones to knock on the big tree to make some noise to attract the nearby zombies.

The plan to level up by killing zombies! Begin!

“This game is so interesting!”

Fang Heng muttered to himself, then raised his spear and stabbed at the zombie that was slowly approaching.

If someone saw Fang Heng killing zombies, they would think that he was crazy.

How long had it been since the game started and he had already started killing zombies?

Shouldn’t this kind of thing be considered in the later stages of the game?

Three hours later, Fang Heng’s character had reached level 4.

A total of 10 zombie clones stood neatly behind Fang Heng.

After reaching level 4, the experience points gained from using the crystal fragments would be greatly reduced.

Fang Heng roughly estimated that it would take about 20 to 30 evolution crystal fragments to upgrade his talent skill to level 5. This was not something that could be accomplished in a short period.

The sun was about to set, and the number and strength of zombies at night would greatly increase.

It was better to find a system shelter to settle in.

Thinking of this, Fang Heng took out the survival radio from his backpack.

The survival radio could use the ‘search’ function to search the coordinates of the nearby system shelters.

The prerequisite was to spend survival points.

Fang Heng had killed so many zombies along the way, and now he had a total of 172 survival points.

With so many points, it could be considered a huge sum of money in the early stages.

After spending 10 points to obtain the nearest location of the system shelter, Fang Heng did not delay any longer and rushed towards the shelter.

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