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Chapter 1816 - Chapter 1816 The Effect

Chapter 1816 The Effect

[Hint: The player’s zombie clone (Licker) has dealt 772 biting damage to the wild fox of the plains. The wild fox of the plains has died. The player has received 12 survival points.]

[Hint: The mutant infected effect of the wild fox of the plains (mutated form) has taken effect.]

Fang Heng stared at the corpse left behind by the wild fox of the plains.

“Chi chi…”

The corpse left behind by the wild fox of the plains began to squirm strangely. The center of the corpse slowly bulged at a speed visible to the naked eye, forming a flesh cocoon on the spot!

The flesh cocoon expanded rapidly in just five seconds until a hole was torn open.


With a soft tearing sound, a greenish-gray palm reached out from the flesh cocoon!

The mutant infected zombie clone tore open the cocoon with both hands and struggled to climb out of the cocoon. However, before it could fully climb out, it was sent flying by a wild fox from the plains!

Fang Heng’s eyes lit up, and the game hint appeared on his retina again.

[Hint: The player has not chosen to consume energy points to obtain additional infected bodies. Player has obtained zombie clone ()(mutant infected body)*1.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone (mutant infected body) has been attacked by the wild fox of the plains (mutated form), receiving 1,213 damage.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone (mutant infected body) has activated the undying body effect. HP recovered to 1,213.]


Fang Heng observed the game hints and secretly cheered in his heart!

The mutated infected body had completely replicated the ‘undying body’ effect of an ordinary zombie clone!

The most important passive skill effect had been perfectly inherited!

In this way…

Fang Heng’s heart started to beat faster.

It could be predicted that as the battle continued, the number of his zombie clones would only increase, and the number of enemies would decrease!

Just think about it, after a wave of group battles, their side did not suffer any losses. Instead, they received several reinforcements…


Wait, this is…

Fang Heng looked at the game hint and his heart skipped a beat.

Right, the talent enhancement effect also had an energy adjustment mode, which could consume energy to obtain more mutant infected bodies.

The energy tank was obtained after the Level 30 talent enhancement.

The transformation of the zombie clone required energy from the energy tank.

The energy value was provided by energy that could be converted.

For example, the cosmic crystal mine that he was working with the Starfish Company to mine.

Fang Heng tried to adjust the passive skill mode to energy consumption mode.

[Hint: The player switched to energy consumption mode. The number of mutant infected bodies obtained has increased.]

Fang Heng suppressed the excitement in his heart and waited patiently to observe.

The mutant infected zombies were as slow as normal zombies. They would only find an opportunity to counterattack after being attacked a few times.

But this was enough!

It could still cause damage!

Another wild fox of the plains was knocked to the ground and coincidentally fell into the attack range of the Lickers. Five or six Lickers pounced on it!

“Pfft! Pfft!!”

Their sharp claws left many wounds on the wild fox’s body.

[Hint: The player’s zombie clone (Licker) has dealt 477 biting damage to the wild fox of the plains. The wild fox of the plains has died. The player has received 15 survival points.]

[Hint: The mutant infection effect of the wild fox of the plains (mutated form) has taken effect.]

It’s here!

Fang Heng stared at the corpse of the wild fox on the plains.

The corpse once again wriggled and condensed into a flesh cocoon.


The flesh cocoon expanded for a moment before exploding!

Two mutant infected entities crawled out of the exploding flesh cocoon!

[Hint: The player has currently chosen to consume energy points to obtain additional infected bodies. The player has obtained zombie clone (mutant infected body)*2.]

They’re here!

A total of two infected entities!

After the energy usage enhancement, he could obtain twice the number of mutant infected bodies!

Fang Heng looked at the hint again. His energy tank had been depleted to less than 100.

At least for now, he could still afford to consume energy!

Lu Yanlong still didn’t understand what Mr. Fang was doing.

What was wrong with Mr. Fang?

Why did he suddenly want to attack these wild foxes?

Farming monsters and resources?

Surely not?

It was understandable to say that he was farming monsters.

He had seen Fang Heng’s zombie horde before. There were thousands of them. However, the main zombie team did not appear, and only 200 Lickers and 10 fusion Tyrants forms joined the battle.

His fusion Tyrants forms didn’t even use long-range beam weapons to attack the enemies.

How long would this last?

On the other hand, Mr. Fang looked excited.

Lu Yanlong didn’t dare to ask any more questions and forced himself to continue watching patiently.

As he watched by the side, his expression gradually became solemn. He quickly realized that something was wrong.



Lu Yanlong even suspected that he was seeing things. He could not help but rub his eyes again.

What was going on?

Zombie creatures?

Looking carefully, he noticed that small calluses had suddenly appeared from the remains on the ground.

Flesh cocoons?

When did they appear?

Lu Yanlong realized that the situation wasn’t as simple as he thought. He observed the battlefield even more carefully. He realized that he had just witnessed an extremely frightening scene. He quickly turned his head to look at Fang Heng beside him, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Mr. Fang?!

What was going on?

The flesh cocoons were condensed from the dead wild foxes.

This situation looked extremely terrifying!

As more and more wild foxes fell, more and more calluses were formed from their corpses, and more and more zombies were formed.

These zombies were obviously under Mr. Fang’s control!

Unconsciously, cold sweat appeared on Lu Yanlong’s forehead, and his body felt a little cold.

Ten minutes passed and a large group of zombies had actually gathered in the middle of the plains!

The horn for the counterattack began to sound.

Lu Yanlong looked at Fang Heng with shock and there was even a hint of fear in his eyes.

So, what new skill did Mr. Fang learn?

Lu Yanlong was already shocked by the fact that he was using zombies to kill monsters without taking any damage.

After finally accepting this setting, he didn’t expect that Mr. Fang would improve so much in just a few days.

After a fight, the zombies did not suffer any casualties, instead, the number of zombies was increasing.

Fang Heng looked at the scene in front of him and gently clenched his fists. A satisfied expression appeared on his face.

He was very satisfied!

Just as he thought, the mutant infected body had the same combat ability as the ordinary zombie clone and the same mutant contagion ability.

The contagion could infect even more enemies. It was like a virus spreading!

Ultimately, the number of zombie clones gradually surpassed the number of wild foxes on the plains.

He was directly using numbers to subdue the opponent!


Fang Heng narrowed his eyes again and looked away from the distance. With great interest, he controlled a mutant infected body to stagger back.

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