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Chapter 1697 - 1697 Contact

1697 Contact

Dodd studied the inscriptions on the obelisk for a while, then stood up and said, “Mr. Fang, the inscriptions on the obelisk are prayers as well. Based on the content of these prayers, it seems that the mausoleum contains the heroic warriors of the spawn race who died bravely. Anyone who intrudes into the mausoleum disrespects these warriors and will be regarded with hostility by the spawns.”

After thinking for a moment, Dodd added, “From the descriptions, there should be undead guardians below the mausoleum. What exactly they are is unclear, but we should be cautious.”

Fang Heng then turned to Fana and asked, “How much do you know about what’s beneath the mausoleum?”

“We know very little. Inside Black Castle, various teams are responsible for related tasks, but our team is not clear about the specific objectives of the Hila mission. I can only try to share the information we do know and hope it can be of help.”

“Alright,” Fang Heng nodded and gestured for Fana to continue.

“As we mentioned before, we discovered this world while investigating the Hila mission-related clues.”

Fang Heng couldn’t help but interject, “Is the Hila mission line also related to the alien spawns?”

He had a premonition that the Hila mission might be deeper than he thought. However, he hadn’t invested too much effort in this direction yet, primarily due to a lack of time and clear entry points.

“Yes, indeed. You personally participated in completing the main storyline related to the Hila virus, so I assume you already have some understanding of the entire story of the Zombie Apocalypse. I wonder if you’ve delved into Hila’s mission line during her time at the psychic research institute?”

Fang Heng furrowed his brows and shook his head. While the main storyline did touch upon aspects related to the psychic research institute, he hadn’t delved deep into that particular area.

“We’ve investigated that the Eternal Life virus is a result of the fusion between Hila and a special virus entity. Hila herself is a new human with unique psychic powers,” Fana paused and looked at Fang Heng, continuing, “To be precise, Hila has some alien spawn bloodline within her.”

“The parasitic infection of the virus led to a complete awakening of Hila’s psychic abilities, and under tremendous mental stimulation, her powers were enhanced thousands of times,” Fana explained.

Fang Heng fell into contemplation. When he initially entered the Zombie Apocalypse game world, he had been exploring the Hila main storyline, which he was very familiar with. However, he hadn’t delved deeply into Hila’s superpowers.

Even if he had that idea, it would have been difficult to make any discoveries given the technological level of the Zombie Apocalypse at that time

“And then?”

“Next, we investigated Hila’s relevant background and found that Hila’s maternal grandfather and grandmother were once members of the Cosmic Aerospace Patrol Bureau.”

“There are records showing that a few years after Hila’s birth, there was an unknown extraterrestrial lifeform crash event on the planet, suspected to have scattered extraterrestrial debris all over the world.”

“Hila’s maternal grandparents were the chief researchers in charge of that study at the time. We suspect that Hila might have come into contact with some form of radiation or mutation during that period.”

“We investigated and found that individuals with special psychic abilities discovered in various parts of the world had varying degrees of connection to that event.”

“So, we turned our attention to that specific event.”

Fang Heng inquired further, “What did you find?”

“In the year 1271, on November 12th,” Fana looked at Fang Heng, “Do you remember this specific date?”

Fang Heng thought for a moment, and his pupils dilated suddenly. He spoke in a solemn tone, “The Meteorite Company crash?”

The Primogenitor virus had been extracted from the fallen Meteorite Company.

“That’s correct. So we conducted a more in-depth investigation and discovered that the time of the extraterrestrial lifeform crash coincided with the Meteorite Company’s crash, with only a three-day gap between the two events.”

“We analyzed various possibilities and are inclined to believe that the Zombie Apocalypse virus and Hila’s mutation are both related to the alien spawn.”

“Based on these clues, we investigated the alien spawn. However, we believe that the alien spawn are not our enemies, and the Zombie Apocalypse caused by Hila was just an accident.”

“The team which was trapped found clues of the spawn mausoleum, which led us to discover this world.”

As Fang Heng listened to Fana’s account, he couldn’t help but stroke his chin.

He felt like he was getting some clues, but there were still missing pieces that didn’t quite fit together.

In any case, he needed to find the trapped team that Fana mentioned. Perhaps they held the answers.

“Alright, do you know how to open the entrance to the mausoleum?” Fang Heng asked.

“Yes, there’s an entrance in the outer structure of the mausoleum that leads to the lower levels. As for the entrance to the main mausoleum below, it requires a special key, which we don’t have,” Fana explained while gesturing toward the mausoleum structure ahead.

Fang Heng examined the mausoleum from the outside. It resembled an open pavilion.

In the center, there was a conical giant stone.

At first glance, the giant stone seemed to be the centerpiece of the mausoleum, the object of some kind of ritual.

Fana led the way into the mausoleum structure and nodded toward the conical giant stone. Three Black Castle players who specialized in psychics approached it, placing their hands together in front of them and forming a handprint.



The conical giant stone responded to their touch, and faint purple patterns appeared on its surface.

Through the use of psychic skills, the giant stone slowly floated into the air and shifted to the right.

Underneath the giant stone, an entrance to the lower levels was revealed.


The giant stone descended again after being moved several meters into the air.

A game hint appeared on Fang Heng’s retina.

[Hint: Player’s current mission—Exploring the mausoleum’s Completion rate increased to 45%. Please continue to explore the depths of the mausoleum.]

[Mission name: Explore the mausoleum.]

[Mission difficulty: S.]

[Mission description: After some research, Dodd’s research team believes that the high-tier world you are in is very likely a resting place for alien spawn warriors. After some exploration, you have found one of the mausoleums in this unknown world.]

[Mission requirements: Please continue trying to explore the depths of the mausoleum.]

The members of Dodd’s team gathered around this strange scene, taking various photos and studying the conical giant stone.

Fang Heng asked, “What do you think?”

“It’s a special material that reacts to unique psychic powers. It’s very similar to the enlightenment stone we saw in the spaceship data,” Dodd replied with a serious expression. “Mr. Fang, we need to conduct further research on it, and it would be best if we could take it back.”

Fana chimed in with an explanation, “Bringing it back shouldn’t be a problem. This type of stone can be stimulated by psychic powers and is widely used among the dependents. It doesn’t contain any inherent energy, so it’s not dangerous.”

“Alright, I’ll figure out a way to bring the stone back for research later. For now, let’s go down and take a look,” Fang Heng said, gesturing toward the cave leading to the lower levels of the mausoleum.

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