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Chapter 1184 - 1184 Vengeful Spirit

1184 Vengeful Spirit

After entering through the secret door, there was a man-made underground passage.

The passage was about five meters wide, and it went straight ahead.

The luminous pearls embedded in the walls on both sides provided a faint light, allowing everyone to see their surroundings clearly.

Not a single person could be seen in the entire passageway area. It was extremely quiet.

“Pa da, pa da…”

The sound of footsteps could be heard clearly by everyone present.

The group fumbled forward under Wangnet’s lead, and they encountered a fork in the road from time to time.

“I discovered this passage by accident.”

Wangnet, who was in front of the group leading the way, broke the silence.

“We’re already in the area below the mausoleum. A rough estimate shows that the area here is at least ten times the size of the surface. In addition, I’ve been here many times, but I’ve never seen royal guards guarding the underground area.”

“In the past, every time I came here, I would be trapped in front.”

Once again, he stood at a fork in the road. Wangnet pointed forward.

Fang Heng couldn’t help squinting his eyes.

A gray fog appeared in the passage ahead. The fog blocked their vision and everything seemed to be shrouded in darkness.

“The fog will also affect our perception,” Wangnet explained. “We’ll get lost in it. I’d been wandering around in the fog for a long time before I finally found the exit.”

“I’ve never been able to find the real entrance to the lower part of the Imperial mausoleum, but I accidentally found two secret passages that run through the upper and lower levels.”

“The tunnel we just came from is one of them.”

Fang Heng took a step forward and entered the fog after hearing what Wangnet said.

It wasn’t the aura of the death realm, but an ordinary ghost fog.

It was very strange.

The ghost fog was one of the middle-tier necromancy skills.

Did someone set this up?

This ghost fog covered a large area and would require 24 hours of non-stop casting. This also meant that a ghost fog of such scale would need a large number of necromancers to carry it out in a joint effort.

Or was the person behind this a powerful legendary necromancer?

According to the game’s background investigation, there were very few necromancers in this world. The Necromancer Association had even determined that it was impossible to advance to intermediate necromancers in this game world.

Seeing that Fang Heng was deep in thought, Wangnet could not help but ask, “Lord Fang Heng, do you have any solution?”

Of course, and it was very easy.

If the tunnel was filled with the aura of the dead realm, it would have been a little difficult for Fang Heng. But since this was a ghost fog, it would be easy to deal with.

However, he didn’t rely on any undead spells. Instead, it was easier to use holy-type spells to solve the problem.

“No problem.”

Fang Heng stopped thinking, took two steps forward, and opened his hand.

The Book of Creation, which was emitting a holy light, appeared in his palm.

Fang Heng uttered softly, “Brilliant.”

A gentle light spread out from the Book of Creation, dispersing the ghost fog that shrouded everyone.

It was Tang Mingyue and Wangnet’s first time seeing Fang Heng use a holy-type skill, and their eyes were filled with surprise.

For a moment, they all felt that there was a mistake.

Holy element?

Wasn’t he a necromancer?

“Let’s go.”

Fang Heng noticed their puzzled looks, but he didn’t explain. He took the lead and led the way.

The brilliant spell had completely dispelled the ghost fog around them, preventing the fog from approaching within ten meters of the group.

Once the ghost fog was dispelled, everyone’s perception could also be successfully released to about fifteen meters.

At the very least, they could now roughly determine the direction they were heading in.

After walking forward for about a few hundred meters, Fang Heng suddenly stopped and revealed a puzzled look.


It was actually…


The whimpers of the undead rang in his ears.

A vengeful spirit?!

As if they had discovered the intruders, the vengeful spirits emerged from the ghost fog in all directions and rushed toward Fang Heng and the group.

Wangnet’s face darkened.

It was the vengeful spirits again!

There were still so many of them?

He had encountered vengeful spirits a few times when he came here to investigate, and he had suffered a great loss.

Physical attacks were completely unable to deal with these strange creatures.

Later, after a careful investigation, he realized that these creatures could only be completely destroyed by magic attacks.

However, he had never encountered so many vengeful spirits in his previous visits.

“Be careful, physical attacks are ineffective against them.”

Wangnet led the group to retreat while giving a reminder.

Fang Heng was slightly happy when he saw that.

It really was a vengeful spirit.

That would be great!

The holy weapon, the Shrine of Bones, could summon the spirit of the Vampire King to attack once.

This was one of the few powerful active skills he had.

The price was the spiritual energy stored in the Shrine of Bones in advance.

He had already summoned the spirit of the Vampire King twice when he was dealing with the barbarians, and the energy in the Shrine of Bones had been completely exhausted.

He could replenish it!

Fang Heng turned his wrist and switched to the necromancy form. At the same time, he took out the Book of the Dead.


He poured his mental energy into it!

The Book of the Dead was immediately covered in a dark light, and a dark spiritual chain sprang out of the book!


The nearest vengeful spirit that tried to approach was pierced by the spiritual chain and was instantly pulled back into the Book of the Dead to be devoured.

[Hint: The player controlled the Book of the Dead to devour the ordinary vengeful spirit.]

[Hint: The Shrine of Bones has absorbed the aura of a broken soul. Currently storing the aura of a soul (0.1/40,000).]

An ordinary vengeful spirit?

It did not even have a rank?

The grade was too low…

Fang Heng took a glance at the game prompt.

After his experience in the fallen corridor in the Necromancer Association, he had already dealt with many high-level vengeful spirits and evil spirits. He had rich combat experience and his horizons had been greatly broadened.

Not to mention, he had relied on his zombie clones to level up his necromancy talent.

Now, dealing with these ordinary vengeful spirits was like child’s play. It was not difficult at all.

Fang Heng decided to activate the Book of the Dead with all his might.

In an instant, more than 20 dark spiritual chains shot out from the Book of the Dead and more than 20 vengeful spirits that floated over from the surroundings were pierced through by the chains and dragged into the Book of the Dead to be forcefully absorbed and devoured.

[Hint: The player has controlled the Book of the Dead to devour ordinary vengeful spirits*18 and elementary vengeful spirits*5.]

[Hint: The Shrine of Bones has absorbed the aura of a broken soul. Currently storing the aura of a soul (2.8/40,000).]

Fang Heng curled his lips.

Too little, not even enough to fill the gaps between his teeth.

After thinking about it, he might as well switch back to his holy form and take out the Book of Creation.

He continued to use the brilliance spell to the maximum.

The undead was extremely disgusted with the holy form, so this was the best way to attract vengeful spirits.

The holy light bloomed again and spread out for 30 to 40 meters, instantly dispersing a large area of undead fog.

More and more vengeful spirits were attracted by the holy light system and pounced on Fang Heng and the others from all directions in the ghost fog.

The tunnel was once again filled with the wails of a large number of undead.

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