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Chapter 1182 - 1182 The Demon Seed of the Barbarian Race

1182 The Demon Seed of the Barbarian Race

High up in the sky, Fang Heng and the others were sitting on the back of the falcon.

The alliance formed last night was established on the most basic trust between Fang Heng and Wangnet.

Both sides began to exchange information.

Fang Heng used the Empire’s enlightenment stone replica and some information about the ‘demonic seed’ and ‘demons’ in exchange for equivalent information from Wangnet.

“You mean the ‘demonic seed’ is a virus? Did Tang Mingyue get the power because she was infected with the virus?”

Wangnet frowned and took a look at Tang Mingyue who was sitting behind Fang Heng.

It took him some time to understand the word ‘virus’.

“Yes, not only Tang Mingyue, but also you barbarians. I’ve also found a virus of the same origin in your body, but the virus is somewhat different, and the symptoms are different.”


“Ahem, you can think of it as a method for enhancement.”

Wangnet pondered for a moment, then raised his head and said, “So that’s what you guys think of the ability to demonize.”

“What about you guys?”

Fang Heng had always been curious about the barbarian’s demonized advancement method. Now, he finally had the opportunity to ask.

“The inheritance of the barbarian race is very simple. Our ancestors believed that the power of demonization comes from the bloodline. About one-twentieth of the same race is born with the ability to enter Tier 1. It is very difficult to enter Tier 2. Those who can enter Tier 2 are as rare as phoenix feathers and Qilin horns. As for Tier 3…”

Wangnet shook his head and said, “There is only a handful of them in the entire history of the barbarian race.”

“After the Empire’s defeat, I was depressed for a period of time. At that time, I was already determined to die, so I applied to the leader to enter the fifth floor of the demon’s cave.”

Tang Mingyue asked, “What’s that place?”

“Tier 1 demonization can be awakened by itself, while Tier 2 and Tier 3 demonization can only be awakened within the demon’s cave. Once you enter the cave, you will suffer extreme pain and torture. If your body cannot withstand the demonization, you will bleed to death from all seven orifices.”

“The fifth floor of the demon’s cave is the place where you can receive Tier 3 inheritances. If you can survive for ten days in the demon’s cave, you will have the ability to enter Tier 3 of the barbarian demonization.”

Fang Heng couldn’t help but look at Qiu Yaokang, who was sitting on the back of the falcon on his right.

“Is it a virus?”


Qiu Yaokang explained, “There should be a virus inside the demon’s cave. The infection of the virus has caused a mutation in the body.”

“Some humans may be born with partial immunity to the virus, or they may have special physiques that can withstand the transformation of the virus body and are extremely lucky to fuse with the virus body, obtaining the ability to enter Tier 3 of demonization.”

As he spoke, Qiu Yaokang shifted his gaze to Wangnet.

“You’re quite lucky.”

“No, I didn’t succeed completely. After living a life worse than death in the cave, when I left the demon’s cave again, I did have the ability of Tier 3 demonic transformation.”

“But the backlash is too strong. Every time I use my ability, I will suffer great pain. Only the enlightenment stone can temporarily alleviate this pain.”

“I can feel it. My body can’t hold on for much longer. It’s going to break soon. The enlightenment stone can only alleviate the pain, but it can’t completely repair my body.”

Fang Heng couldn’t help but look at Tang Mingyue behind him.

Tang Mingyue had also absorbed the power of the demonic seed.

However, she looked very normal and did not show any signs of a backlash.

Could it be a special constitution?

Wangnet continued, “To find a way to dispel the collapse of my body, I went into the demon’s cave again and found some information left behind by the barbarian ancestors in the depths of the cave.”

“Andrast, the founder of the human Empire, once discovered the ‘demonic seed’ with our barbarian ancestors and shared the power of the demonic seed.”

“The difference is that the barbarian ancestors entered the demon’s cave and died more than ten years after inheriting the power of the demonic seed, but Andrast has lived for a long time.”

“I think Andrast is the only one who has completely mastered the power of the ‘demonic seed’.”

Wangnet’s eyes became determined, “Yes! She must have a way to deal with the backlash from the ‘demonic seed’.”

As he spoke, Wangnet turned to Tang Mingyue and asked, “You’ve also received the power of the demonic seed, but you don’t seem to have suffered any backlash at all.”

At the mention of this, Tang Mingyue’s face darkened.

Don’t even mention it.

It was indeed very satisfying when she had just obtained the demonic seed.

However, it was sealed before she could have her fill.

There was indeed no backlash now, but she couldn’t even use her own strength, and she had become a burden.

Tang Mingyue said, “It’s my first time hearing about the Empire’s ancestors. I didn’t feel the backlash you mentioned, so I can’t be of any help.”

Wangnet fell silent.

He was very suspicious of Tang Mingyue’s words.

Tang Mingyue was the inheritor of the royal family. Did she really not know anything?

Of course, it could also be because of the long passage of time that many things had been completely forgotten by the royal family.

“Cough cough…”

Fang Heng coughed lightly to break the silence and continued, “What does this have to do with our search for the Imperial Imperial mausoleum?”

“Hmph, the late Emperor Andrast, who founded the Empire, spent a lot of manpower and resources to build the Imperial mausoleum. Even now, it is still heavily guarded by the Empire. I think there must be something shameful hidden inside.”

“Other than that, there are also many rumors about the Empire’s Imperial mausoleum. I’ve also heard some news from the royal family. What did Andrast leave behind in the Imperial mausoleum…”

Wangnet paused and said in a low voice, “In short, whether the rumors are true or false, as long as it’s a secret related to the demonic seed, it’s necessary to go and investigate. I believe that we can find some clues about the demonic seed there.”

Fang Heng came to a sudden realization, “So your purpose from the beginning was the Imperial mausoleum? The Tier 2 demonized barbarian we met in the underground world was also prepared to sneak into the Imperial mausoleum?”

“Yes, you’re right. Those are the elites of our barbarian race.”

There was no need for Wangnet to hide anything now. He continued, “I’ve already tried to explore the Imperial mausoleum a few times, but I’ve always encountered a fog inside.”

“The fog is very strange. It will disable my perception and trap me in the fog, making it difficult for me to find an exit. After asking around, I found out that the fog is a technique of necromancy.”

“The barbarians have limited knowledge of such techniques, so I’ve been looking for a necromancer who can help me get through the fog.”

“Necromancers are rare on the continent. At first, I thought that if I couldn’t find them, I would just find a way to invade the Imperial mausoleum and completely destroy the passages in the area. I would destroy the fog and go down to investigate.”

Wangnet revealed his plan, “But now that I’ve enlisted your help, the barbarians in the underground world don’t have to stay.”

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