Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Fifth High School.

“Ring ring ring…” The bell rang loudly throughout the campus.


The entire campus was in an uproar instantly. A large number of students rushed out of the various teaching buildings and walked towards the school gate in groups of three to five.

“Crackpot, ‘Global Evolution’ went online two days ago… Many people went crazy playing. Have you heard?” Dong Wende said to Chu Zhou excitedly.

Global Evolution was a 3A game produced by Dream Inc. Many of the scenes reproduced the Age of Cataclysm realistically so players liked it.

“… Global Evolution has gone online? I’ve been cultivating with Big Sister Saber and attending classes during this period so I missed it.”

Chu Zhou and Dong Wende discussed the game that had been released two days ago while walking out of the school gate.

Suddenly, they paused and looked at a curved display screen on a large-scale supermarket not far away. The screen was 20 meters wide and 50 meters long.

A newscaster was reporting an important news on it:

“12 students have mysteriously disappeared in our city over the past week. It has been confirmed that this is related to the Fallen Martial Artists.

“Core members of the police department are hunting the Fallen Martial Artists behind it!”

“Dear citizens, please report any Fallen Martial Artist you find to the police immediately. The police will reward you handsomely if the leads prove to be real.”

“These scumbags actually attacked students again!” Dong Wende said with extreme hatred after watching the news.

The students around them also cursed.

However, many people also had a hint of fear in their eyes.

Chu Zhou also frowned.

Fallen martial artists, as the name suggested, were a group of martial artists who have gone astray.

This group of people was like the dark side of humanity. They have existed since the birth of mankind and could not be eliminated.

The origins of the members of this group were also very complicated. There were basically all kinds of people.

However, most people in this group have one thing in common:

They chose extremity because they were unable to continue improving with normal cultivation methods!

The reputation of this group of people was really bad, like rats in a smelly ditch. They were hated by everyone and were ostracized by countless people. One of the most important reasons was:

Many of them did not hesitate to capture other humans and conduct all kinds of tragic “human experiments” on them. They did that to study the secrets of human evolution in order to advance further.

“Fatty, be careful during these two days. If there’s nothing else, just stay at home and try not to go out.” Chu Zhou cautioned.

Dong Wende nodded. “You too!”

“My ride’s here. I’ll get going first!”

A silver white public bus that looked like a spaceship was driving over on the road.

It was a rail bus that could only travel along a fixed track. There were six freely retractable wheels at the bottom that could be lowered and raised.

It has solar panels on the top where it could receive plentiful sunlight to power the buses.

After the bus arrived at the platform, it immediately lowered.

“Beep!” Chu Zhou swiped as he got on the bus. The bus immediately rose and drove away quickly.

The bus was moving along quickly on the rail track.

Chu Zhou sat in his seat and looked out the window towards the city.

Towering skyscrapers rose into the clouds one after another. Some buildings could even spin.

Hovering cars came and went.

Unfortunately, the skyscrapers or the hovering cars had nothing to do with the poor.

Those who could enter skyscrapers and own hovering cars were rich people with status.

“I will have all of these as long as I can become a martial artist!” Chu Zhou muttered to himself.

The surrounding environment suddenly changed drastically after passing through four streets.

It was as if civilization had regressed by nearly a hundred years.

There were no more high-tech rotating buildings here. Hovering cars could only be seen occasionally. There were many residential areas formed by a large number of tube-shaped apartments everywhere.

These tube-shaped apartments were low-rent housing built by the government.

The land use rate had reached its limit. The distance between the buildings was extremely small, natural lighting was not even considered.

It was similar to Hong Kong’s tube-shaped apartments in Chu Zhou’s previous life.

His home was on the 64th floor of Block 38 in Longquan District.

However, the bus stop was still a distance away from the part of Longquan District where his family lived. It was about 1.2 kilometers away.

Of course, this distance was nothing to Chu Zhou who was an Advanced Apprentice.

After getting off the bus, Chu Zhou immediately took a shortcut and went straight home.

He passed through an old street and alleys. He could easily jump over these alleys even if they were blocked.

He stopped in his tracks suddenly.

There were three people pushing and fighting in front of him.

Chu Zhou frowned. He did not want to be a busybody, so he was going to find another way around.

However, this alley was narrow. His path was basically filled up by the three of them. He could only retreat and choose another path if he were to find another way.

He hesitated for a moment.

However, the three people were getting closer and closer to Chu Zhou.

Suddenly, one of them raised his head and stared at Chu Zhou. He took out a dagger from his pocket and charged at Chu Zhou.

The dagger was swift, and an explosion sounded in the air.

The other two also attacked Chu Zhou almost at the same time.

One of the two waved his short knife and slashed at Chu Zhou’s right leg.

The other one was wearing a metal gauntlet that exposed his fingers as he punched towards Chu Zhou’s shoulder.

The progression from infighting until they attacked him was too sudden and confusing, making it impossible to guard against.

Moreover, their attacks were extremely ferocious and cruel.

“No, they’re deliberately ambushing me!” Chu Zhou realized that something was wrong the moment the first person attacked.

However, he had been constantly fighting Big Sister Saber over the last five days so he has also sharpened his senses.

It allowed him to remain calm even in the face of danger.

D-rank combat technique, Curved Hand Blade!

D-rank combat technique, Sharp Blade Kick!

Chu Zhou’s right hand turned into a blade and slashed through the air. A sharp blood-colored light flashed.

The dagger aiming at his chest and the fist aiming at his shoulders were sliced off instantly.

At the same time, his right foot was like a sharp blade that had been unsheathed. It slashed out diagonally and severed an arm that was holding the short knife.


Two miserable screams and a terrified cry sounded almost at the same time accompanied by the splattering of blood.

“Jin Jingmao lied to us… This person isn’t an ordinary Advanced Apprentice at all. He’s an Advanced Apprentice who has mastered a Mastery Realm or even a Perfection Realm combat technique.” A middle-aged man whose entire arm had been severed roared angrily.

“Jin Jingmao, you b*stard!” The other two were also furious.

Damn it, how could a person who could slice an arm off with just his hands and feet be an Advanced Apprentice of average talent?

Jin Jingmao, why don’t you just die?

“Jin Jingmao eh?”

Chu Zhou immediately understood what was going on when he heard their conversation.

His gaze turned cold and his figure swept past the three people opposite him instantly. Sharp red and white arcs flashed.

All three of them fell to the ground, their heads separated from their bodies and their limbs severed.

This was the first time Chu Zhou had killed someone in 17 years!

Nonetheless, he had no regrets.

“Clap clap clap…”

A round of applause suddenly sounded.

“Decisive and merciless… You’re very suitable to join our organization! Are you interested in joining us?”

Suddenly, a young man in white suit walked out from the corner, clapping.

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