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Chapter 503 - Chapter 503: Advancing To Domain Lord Level Nine!

Chapter 503: Advancing To Domain Lord Level Nine!

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The Blood Mountain Galaxy had more than 8,000 galaxies and millions of inhabited planets. The roots of the Blood Mountain Holy Land, the Mirror Moon Lake Holy Land, the Tyrant Dragon Mountain, the Iron Blood Alliance, the Black Flag Association, the Hundred Generals Hall, the 18 families, and other factions were all spread across many galaxies…

In terms of strength, the strongest in the Blood Mountain Galaxy was undoubtedly the Blood Mountain Empire.

Next were the Blood Mountain Holy Land and the Mirror Moon Lake Holy Land. These two Holy Lands had an extremely close relationship with the royal family of the Blood Mountain Empire.

The Blood Mountain Holy Land was a blood-red mountain that stood hundreds of millions of feet tall in the starry sky.

This mountain was known throughout the entire Blood Mountain Star Field as Blood Mountain.

Thousands of planets slowly rotated around the majestic Blood Mountain.

There were many holes on Blood Mountain, like a huge beehive.

Countless spaceships were like densely packed ants, entering and exiting the holes in Blood Mountain.

At this moment, a blue flat spaceship flew past the spaceships like a stream of light and entered Blood Mountain.

“Eh, that spaceship just now was the ‘Aurora spaceship’ unique to our Blood Mountain Holy Land. It’s a special spaceship of the intelligence department. Moreover, it can only be used by intelligence personnel when there’s a situation… Now, an ‘Aurora spaceship’ has suddenly returned. Did something big happen?”

Many experts from the Blood Mountain Sacred Ground looked thoughtful when they saw the Aurora Ship.

In a hall, a martial artist in half blood armor knelt on one knee in front of a blue-haired man wearing a blood-red cloak.

“You said that… a large number of Bloodline Potions appeared at the location of the Adventurer assessment this time. Moreover, someone obtained a Second-Tier Bloodline Potion?”

Candace looked at the blood-armored martial artist below with a moved expression.

“Yes, my lord!”

The blood-armored martial artist said respectfully.

“I understand. You can leave first.” Candace waved his hand.

The figure of the blood-armored martial artist immediately disappeared.

“The Crimson Moon World… the Crimson Moon Church. Hehe, is it that organization that has been destroyed for millions of years that has risen from the ashes?”

Candace muttered to himself as a sharp lightning flashed in his eyes. A terrifying and oppressive energy fluctuation emitted from his body, and pitch-black cracks appeared in the space.


Back then, when that organization was at its peak, its power spread across several universe countries, even stronger than normal universe countries…”

“However, that organization was too unscrupulous. They forcefully snatched the clansmen of many powerful races and refined the Bloodline Potion, causing public anger. They were destroyed by dozens of incomparably powerful races…”

“… That organization’s faction in our Blood Mountain Galaxy was also destroyed by many factions in our Blood Mountain Galaxy millions of years ago…”

“If the remnants of that organization have risen from the ashes, then… they might have something good in their hands. There might even be a first-tier Bloodline Potion!”

Candace’s eyes became brighter and brighter as he thought of this.

“Looks like I have to bring people to the Crimson Moon World immediately…”

In a world of ice and snow that was filled with countless icebergs, cold winds howled and snow filled the sky.


Suddenly, a huge iceberg exploded indifferently.

A huge ice coffin rushed out from the depths of the ice mountain. A feminine man with white hair that hung down to his waist and a proud and aloof face walked out.

There was a strange snowflake mark between his eyebrows.


Has the Crimson Moon Church risen from the ashes? The Crimson Moon

Church made countless Bloodline Potions back then… Perhaps there are even residues of first tier Bloodline Potions.”

The feminine man waved his hand, and a droplet-shaped spaceship suddenly appeared in front of him. His figure flashed, and he flew into the droplet-shaped spaceship.

The next moment, the droplet-shaped spaceship turned into a blurry afterimage and flew towards the Crimson Moon world.

“Quick, quick, quick. Get on the spaceship and head to the Crimson Moon World immediately.”

“Go immediately, right now, head to the Crimson Moon World. If we’re late…

I’m afraid we won’t even have soup to drink.”

“The Bloodline Potion is a forbidden item that can’t be bought with money. I

can’t miss it…”

On this day, the entire Blood Mountain Galaxy was in an uproar. Countless experts rushed to the Crimson Moon World.

The armies of the two Sacred Grounds, the four civil organizations, and the eighteen families set off.

Some people even saw the Blood Mountain Empire’s royal family’s special spaceship crossing the Starry Sky.

Crimson Moon World.

Adkins was going to welcome the Black Flag Council’s army that was about to descend. Therefore, Chu Zhou temporarily separated from the other party and headed to the Maso Mountain Range alone.

Chu Zhou sat cross-legged on a cliff and silently devoured the corpses in his body.

This time, he collected a total of more than 5,000 corpses.

Among them, more than 4,000 corpses belonged to the Star Realm Crimson Moon Guard.

The remaining 1,000 plus were Domain Lord-level adventurers, Crimson Moon Commanders, Crimson Moon Priests, and Crimson Moon High Priests.

He was extremely excited to see so many Star Realm and Domain Realm corpses.

Without hesitation, he began to activate the Black Hole Profound and devour these corpses.

It took him a full day to devour all these corpses.

[Attribute Points: 1,048,600,000,000,000 (+1,040,000,000,000)]

“Hiss… This time, I actually gained 104 trillion attribute points.”

Chu Zhou saw the new attribute points on his Attribute Board and was stunned.

He knew that after devouring the corpses of so many Star Realm and Domain Lord-level powerhouses, the attribute points obtained would definitely be astonishing.

However, he did not expect there to be 104 trillion points.


He couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

“This Crimson Moon World is really my blessed land! Not only did it allow me to advance to Domain Lord Level Five, I have also obtained so many attribute points…”

“I also obtained 500 World Origin Crystals worth 1500 billion Blood Mountain

Dollars and five third-tier Bloodline Potions…”

“Furthermore, the treasures in the interspatial rings left behind by those 4>ooo

Star Realm experts and more than 1,000 Domain Lords… are also an incomparably huge amount of wealth.”

Chu Zhou was happy.

Under normal circumstances, many Domain Lords would not be able to accumulate such a huge amount of wealth even if they roamed the world for ten lifetimes.

“With so many attribute points, it’s time to continue increasing.”

No matter when, strength was the most important.

Chu Zhou immediately used his attribute points to increase his Dimensional Space Profound.

Now that he had enough attribute points, he was very generous.

He directly let the Attribute Board upgrade the four Large Mastery Profound realms, Dimensional Space, Space Tear Profound, Space Distortion, and Space Folding, to the Perfection realm.

After consuming four trillion attribute points, these four nomological Profounds were all perfected.

[Space Laws: 30% (Perfected Dimensional Space Profound, Perfected Space Leap Profound, Perfected Space Shield Profound, Perfected Space Tear Profound, Perfected Space Distortion Profound, Perfected Space Folding Profound)]

After perfecting the four types of Dimensional Space Profound, Chu Zhou’s comprehension of spatial laws reached 30%.

The increase in law comprehension was not much.

However, after perfecting these four Dimensional Space Profounds, Chu Zhou had completely grasped the essence of these four Profounds. The power of these four Profounds had also soared to a brand new level.

“Continue…” Chu Zhou muttered to himself. “Improve my New Moon Bloodline!”


Chu Zhou stood up at the top of the cliff. Eight silver wings suddenly extended from his back, blocking the sunlight.

Countless ancient and profound silver runes flickered on the eight silver wings, emitting a spatial aura that surged like a tsunami.

Suddenly, a new pair of silver wings grew out from his back.

The spatial fluctuations on his body instantly doubled in strength.

[Space Laws: 30.4% (Perfection of Dimensional Space Profound, Perfection of Space Leap Profound, Perfection of Space Shield Profound, Perfection of Space Tear Profound, Perfection of Space Twist Profound, Perfection of Space Folding Profound), Beginner of Space Compression Profound, Beginner of Space Imprisonment Profound, Beginner of Dimensional Blade Profound, Beginner of Space Exile Profound.]

[New Moon Bloodline: Ten-Winged State]

After his New Moon Bloodline advanced to the ten-winged state, Chu Zhou awakened four more types of Dimensional Space Profound.

Moreover, his comprehension of spatial laws had also increased by 0.4%.

“One Dimensional Space Profound requires about 1,610 billion attribute points to directly advance from Beginner to Perfection… Since that’s the case, I’ll upgrade all the four newly awakened Dimensional Space Profound to Perfection.”

Chu Mu muttered to himself and directly sent an order to his Attribute Board.

In the next moment, a vast power of the rules of the universe descended on him.

At the same time, his thoughts were also crazily deducing four types of Dimensional Space Profound under the push of the Attribute Board. Countless spatial comprehensions surged in his mind like a fountain.

At the same time, his soul and body became stronger and stronger under the refinement of the universe’s laws.


A moment later, a terrifying energy storm erupted from Chu Zhou’s body.

The ten silver wings that covered the sky behind him flapped gently. Dozens of mountains around him rose from the ground and were sent flying into the sky.

Moreover, the space around him was constantly twisting, compressing, collapsing, shattering, and so on.

That scene looked incomparably terrifying.

[Name: Chu Zhou (Domain Lord Level Nine)]

[Attribute points: 9,432,000,000]

[Destruction Law: 7% (Perfection of the Shattering Profound)]

[Space Laws: 30% (Perfected Dimensional Space Profound, Perfected Space Leap Profound, Perfected Space Shield Profound, Perfected Space Tear Profound, Perfected Space Distortion Profound, Perfected Space Folding Profound)]

Domain Lord Level Nine…”

Chu Zhou felt the incomparably majestic and vast power in his body. When he saw the level information on the Attribute Board, he was overjoyed.

This time, he directly upgraded the newly awakened Dimensional Space Profound to the perfected state, causing his comprehension of spatial laws to rise to 45%.

He had also successfully advanced to Domain Lord Level Nine.

Before participating in this adventurer assessment, he had never thought that his gains would be so great and his strength would increase so quickly.

Others might not be able to cultivate from Domain Lord Level One to Domain Lord Level Nine even if they spent hundreds of thousands of years or even their entire lives.

And he… achieved it in just a few days.

“I still have more than 900,000 attribute points. Next, I’ll upgrade the Myriad Transformation Secret Manual, Soul Armor, and Metal Devouring Divine Body!” He muttered to himself..

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