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Chapter 483 - Chapter 483: Tyrannical Blade Appears Again! (2)

Chapter 483: Tyrannical Blade Appears Again! (2)

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“Furthermore, because the final battle space doesn’t need to produce a set opponent out of thin air, the consumption is much less than the killing space, about one-tenth of the killing space.”

“Why don’t we try ‘Final Battle Space’?”

Chu Zhou, Sol, and Changa Saha were also interested in hearing Dragon’s suggestion.

They had been in the Killing Hall for three days, so naturally, everyone knew about the ‘Final Battle Space’.

To use game terms to describe it, if the ‘killing space’ was a PVE gameplay, then the ‘Final Battle Space’ was a PVP gameplay.

The opponents the former faced were all virtual, while the latter’s opponents were real people.

Other than Chu Zhou… we haven’t fought a real person since we came to Planet Beta!”

Sol was eager to try.

There was a hint of battle intent in Changa Saha’s eyes.

There was no need to talk about dragons. He had long wanted to experience the ‘Final Battle Space’.

“In that case, let’s try the ‘Final Battle Space’ next,” Chu Zhou said with a smile.

Dark Blue, who looked like a little elf, immediately projected a huge light screen in front of Chu Zhou and the others.

On the screen, there were many exciting battle videos about the Duel Space.

On the side of the light screen, there was also a rule explanation regarding the Duel Space:

The Duel Space will evaluate the participants. The participants of each level are divided into one to nine stars. The newcomers who participate in the first battle are 0 stars.

In the beginning, you can only challenge opponents of the same level. After obtaining a nine-star evaluation, you can challenge opponents of a higher level.

If you want a Duel, you have to first choose your opponent and then send a ‘Duel Invitation’ to the other party. After the other party agrees, you can begin the Duel.

In order to avoid conflicts in reality, please try not to use your real name. It’s best to use your nickname.

Chu Zhou and the others quickly finished reading all the rules.

“Deep Blue, call my nickname ‘Tyrannical Blade’!” Chu Zhou directly used his nickname on Earth.

“Hahaha, then my nickname should be ‘Sun God’!” Sol laughed. He had always been very satisfied with the title ‘Sun God’.

“I’ll use ‘Mandala’!” Changa Saha smiled and decided on her nickname.

“Then I’ll use ‘Dragon Fist’!” The dragon hesitated for a moment and finally decided on his nickname.

They began to choose their opponents after setting up their nicknames.

The four of them projected a light screen in front of them that listed a large amount of information about the contestants.

From one-star to nine-star.

This included the number of defeats and victories of these contestants.

“I can only challenge people of the same level? I’ll choose a third level Domain Lord nine-star contestant!”

After experiencing the crazy killing in the killing space, Chu Zhou was very confident in his current strength.

Hence, he chose a Third Level Domain Lord and sent him a ‘Duel Invitation’.


If you want to challenge someone, then challenge the strongest!”

Dragon smiled and sent an invitation to the third level Star Realm nine-star contestant.

It was as if they were telepathic…

Sol and Changa Saha also sent a ‘Duel Invitation’ to a third level Star Realm nine-star player.

Be it Chu Zhou or the three of them, they were the most outstanding figures on Earth. They naturally had a sense of pride.

Therefore, at this moment, they all chose to challenge the strongest contestants of the same level.

One minute!

Five minutes!

10 minutes!

Half an hour later, Chu Zhou and the others were all dumbfounded.

None of the four of them received any ‘agreement’.

F*ck, the nine-star contestant I challenged replied to me… He asked me to cultivate for another 100 million years before challenging him…”


Sol’s mouth twisted in anger when he saw the reply.

“The person I challenged also refused the invitation.”

Changa Saha smiled bitterly.

Chu Zhou and Long did not receive a reply just now. The person they challenged ignored them.

“It’s probably because we’re o-star rookies. Those nine-star players think that accepting our ‘Duel invitation’ is a waste of time and money, so they didn’t reject us.”

“After all, even though the consumption price of the ‘Final Battle Space’ is only one-tenth of the ‘killing space’, it’s still very expensive… Everyone cherishes their time here.”

Chu Zhou smiled bitterly.

Dragon slapped his knee and said, “Chu Zhou is right. We’re newbies now. In the eyes of those nine-star contestants, we’re worthless. They won’t waste their time and money on us.”

“Looks like we can only start from scratch!”

After roughly understanding the reason for their rejection, Chu Zhou and the other three obediently chose a one-star contestant of the same level and level and sent the other party a ‘Duel invitation’.

Even a one-star contestant… seemed to be disdainful of a rookie like Chu Zhou and the others.

Chu Zhou and the other three were rejected again.

Fortunately, when Chu Zhou sent the “Duel Invitation” for the third time, the other party finally agreed.

“Your ‘Duel Invitation’ has been accepted!”

Please head to the Final Battle Space’s Teleportation Area immediately. You will be teleported to the Final Battle Space.”


Looking at the notification on the screen, Chu Zhou heaved a sigh of relief and stood up.

“My ‘Duel Invitation’ has been accepted. I’ll head to the Teleportation Area first.”

Chu Zhou smiled and said to the three of them. Under the “envious” gazes of the three of them, he walked towards a circular area in the middle of the Killing Hall.

That was the Teleportation Area of the Duel Space.

After arriving at the Teleportation Area, a pillar of light enveloped him and Chu Zhou’s figure instantly disappeared.

A huge blood-colored arena floated in the vast starry sky.

A muscular blue-skinned figure stood in the blood-colored arena.

He held a heavy black-gold blade the size of a door in his hand, his gaze sharp and bloodthirsty.

Chu Zhou looked at the opponent in front of him and recalled his information.

This person’s nickname was ‘Saber King’. He won 16 times and lost 5 times.

Heh, I originally didn’t want to bother with a rookie like you… but you actually dared to use the name ‘Tyrannical Blade’. This made me very unhappy and 1 was prepared to teach you a lesson! Therefore, I agreed to your challenge!”


Saber King bared his teeth and said to Chu Zhou,

“Kid, I’ll teach you a lesson today… When naming, you have to keep a low profile. Even if it’s a nickname, it’s the same!”

Chu Zhou:”…”

The other party seemed to be more high-profile than him in the name of the Saber King!

“Hahaha, rookie, remember today’s lesson!”

The Saber King laughed loudly and suddenly raised the heavy black-gold saber in his hand high. With a bang, he suddenly jumped above Chu Zhou’s head and slashed down.

The black-gold heavy saber immediately slashed at Chu Zhou’s head like a black bolt of lightning.

The surging Saber Qi was like a tsunami and a hurricane, instantly drowning the entire blood-colored arena.

Facing the Saber King’s Berserking attack, Chu Zhou’s figure instantly disappeared. Then, he moved quickly like a ghost, dodging the Saber Qi. He rushed in front of the Saber King like a ghost and threw a simple punch.



The fist that contained the Shattering Profound directly pierced through the Saber King’s heart.

The Saber King looked at Chu Zhou with a stiff expression. “Why didn’t you use a saber?”

“… ‘Tyrannical Blade’ is just my nickname. I don’t just know how to use a saber!” Chu Zhou said speechlessly.

The Saber King looked at Chu Zhou with an aggrieved expression, as if he was looking at a swindler. Then, his entire body shattered into ashes.

Saber King relied on time to accumulate experience and bitter cultivation to advance to the third-stage Domain Lord realm. Among the third-level Domain Lords, his combat strength was average.

When Chu Zhou was at the Star Realm, his accumulation was incomparably deep. Not only had his comprehension of spatial laws reached 21.8%, but he had also fused three low-level Profounds like the Tremor Punch Profound into a Shattering Profound that was comparable to a strengthened intermediate-level Profound…

After he advanced to Third Level Domain Lord, his combat strength far exceeded the average level of a Third Level Domain Lord.

Moreover, the power of spatial rules far exceeded the power of ordinary rules.

Therefore, he easily defeated Saber King.

However, the other party’s gaze when he left made Chu Zhou feel a little awkward. It gave him the illusion that he had deceived the other party.

However… Tyrannical Blade did not mean that he could only use sabers!


Prepare to choose your second opponent!”

Chu Zhou muttered…

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