Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Intermediate Awakening Realm Martial Artist

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The next day.

12 noon.

Three uniformed staff members carried a few alloy boxes and an exquisite packaging bag to the door of Villa 115.

Two of them moved a few heavy wooden boxes from outside the district.

“Mr. Chu Zhou, these are all the items you ordered from the Martial Artist Mall.

Please accept them.”

“You can open these boxes with your fingerprints.”

A staff member said to Chu Zhou.

Chu Zhou pressed his finger on a fingerprint collector in a box.

“Fingerprint verification passed! ”

An electronically synthesized sound rang out. The alloy box automatically opened, revealing four books.

There were four books, some thick and some thin.

On the books were the names “Extreme Titanium Golden Body”, “World Destruction”, “Treasure Pagoda Meditation Technique”, and “Phantom”.

The three staff members looked envious.

They estimated that the total price of these four secret manuals was at least 50 million.

This was not something that ordinary people could afford.

“Mr. Chu Zhou, you should know the rules. You can only cultivate these four secret manuals yourself. You can’t privately impart them to others. Otherwise, you will be hunted down by the three martial arts schools and the government.”

One of the staff members reminded him.

“I understand!”

Chu Zhou nodded.

All the secret manuals in the Martial Artist Mall were copyrighted.

Every time it was sold, the creator of the secret manual would obtain 30 to 60% of the profits.

The Human Alliance protected the copyright of these secret manuals extremely strictly in order to encourage more martial artists to create secret techniques and sell them in the Martial Artist Mall to promote the development of the martial arts of the entire human race.

Anyone who privately imparted secret manuals bought from the Martial Artist Mall or illegally learned secret manuals would be severely punished.

Of course, some lower-level secret manuals, such as the Basic Breathing Technique, Curved Hand Blade, Sharp Blade Kick, and other D-rank secret manuals, were not protected by the copyright.

Basically, all D-rank secret manuals were bought by the Human Alliance at a high price from the creator. Then, they were published to all humans in the world as benefits and everyone could learn them for free.

After checking the four secret manuals, Chu Zhou pressed his finger on the fingerprint collector in another alloy box.

After opening the alloy box, an alloy saber that flickered with a cold light was revealed.

It was a Dragon Tooth Series One Saber. The total length was 91 cm, blade length was 60 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, 0.5 cm thick, and had two blood-red blood grooves.

Chu Zhou liked this Dragon Tooth Battle Saber at a glance.

“I’ll try this Dragon Tooth Battle Saber later.”

Chu Zhou thought to himself and pressed his finger on the fingerprint collector of the third alloy box.

A full combat suit was revealed. There was also a special backpack, a communications watch, and three light blue high-level genetic nutrient solutions.

He also cnecKea tne contents or tne package.

The bag contained 100 catties of Arrow Eagle meat.

Finally, he opened a few large wooden boxes and saw titanium alloy metal plates.

“No problem!” Chu Zhou said to the three staff members after the inspection. “Then please sign your name here!” The staff handed Chu Zhou a receipt.

Chu Zhou took the pen and casually signed his name.

After Chu Zhou signed his name, the three staff helped to bring the large wooden boxes containing titanium alloy plates into the basement of the villa.

After that, they left.

Chu Zhou placed 100 catties of Arrow Eagle meat into the big fridge on the first floor and moved everything else to the second floor.

On the second floor.

Chu Zhou could not wait to read the Extreme Titanium Golden Body.

He soon understood the cultivation method of this Body Tempering Technique.

Its main cultivation method was to sense the metal molecules in a unique way. It would absorb the metal molecules into its body and fuse them with its cells to cultivate an invincible golden body coupled with a special origin power smelting method.

The Extreme Titanium Golden Body had a total of seven levels. They were divided according to the different cultivation stages. The characteristics of the surface of the body when circulating energy were: [Triangular Armor

Formation], [Quadrilateral Armor Formation], [Hexagon Armor Formation], [Back To Basics], and the [Human Extreme Body], [Earth Extreme Body], and [Heaven Extreme Body] that could truly unleash the terrifying defense of the Extreme Titanium Golden Body!

The Extreme Titanium Golden Body could undoubtedly be considered a true Invincible Vajra Body just from the description in the secret manual. It would not be difficult for it to resist a nuclear explosion if cultivated to a certain extent.

Such Body Tempering Techniques strengthened the body to an unbelievable level.

“No wonder this is the only Body Tempering Technique that has reached

S-rank in the Martial Artist Mall!”

“It’s really too strong.”

“Even though there’s only one level of this Body Tempering Technique left behind.”

“However, I have the Attribute Board. I will definitely be able to make the complete Extreme Titanium Golden Body reappear in the world… or even surpass its peak.”

Chu Zhou’s eyes lit up. The late-stage Extreme Titanium Golden Body was really too powerful.

It could actually withstand a nuclear explosion.

He resisted the urge to immediately cultivate the Extreme Titanium Golden Body and opened the World Destruction.

He had only bought one level of the World Destruction Saber Technique.

This level was called “Breaking the Sea”.

Chu Zhou read the secret manual seriously and felt that this saber technique was extremely complicated to cultivate.

The method of exerting force involved the mobilization of all the muscles and bones in the body, the circulation of origin power, and the mental state when launching the move.

In short, this saber technique was at least a thousand times more complicated than the Curved Hand Blade and Sharp Blade Kick he had cultivated.

If Chu Zhou cultivated by himself, he might not have any results in five to six years.

Fortunately, he was a person with “talent”.

With the Attribute Board, he had to do it even if he couldn’t.

Then, he read the Treasure Pagoda Meditation Technique.

This Visualization Technique had to visualize and outline a Treasure Pagoda out of thin air in his mind before building it layer by layer.

The difficulty of cultivation was also very high.

In the end, he looked at the Phantom movement technique.

This was also the only complete secret manual he had bought this time.

This movement technique was divided into three levels.

At the first realm, his speed would increase by 100% and he would be able to create one phantom image.

At the second realm, his speed would increase by 200% and he would be able to create two phantom images.

At the third realm, his speed would increase 300% and he would be able to create three phantom images.

After mastering it, his speed would increase three folds. This was a very good movement technique.

After reading the four secret manuals and memorizing the contents, Chu Zhou picked up the Dragon Tooth Battle Saber and waved it a few times. Every slash brought about a sharp sound of air being ruptured.

“A moderate weight, sharp enough, not bad!”

Chu Zhou chuckled.

“There’s still a week before I have to go to the wilderness to hunt monsters with Ling Zhan and the others. Then, there are two main points.”

“One, eat three meals of Arrow Eagle meat a day and inject three high-level genetic nutrient solutions in three days… Accumulate enough attribute points as soon as possible and improve the Basic Breathing Technique.”

“Second, strive to successfully cultivate the first level of the Extreme Titanium Golden Body.”

“The two points above are the main points. As for the World Destruction Saber Technique and the Phantom movement technique, I can take the time to familiarize myself with them.”

Chu Zhou immediately began to execute his plan.

He immediately began to cook a catty of Arrow Eagle meat and ate it in big mouthfuls.

A moment later, he looked at his Attribute Board and saw that he had increased

6.75 attribute points.

“This… This is 15 times more points than eating Beast Soldier Level monster meat.”

Chu Zhou was overjoyed.

After another hour or so, he injected a high-level genetic nutrient solution into his body.

Then, he stared at the changes in his Attribute Board.

In the end… His attribute points increased by a total of 47.25 points.

“10 million each… It’s worth it!”

At this moment, Chu Zhou felt that the money he spent on the high-level genetic nutrient solutions was worth it.

In the following days, other than eating Arrow Eagle meat three times a day and injecting the remaining two high-level genetic nutrient solutions…

He went to the basement most of the day and sat on the titanium alloy metal plates to sense the metal molecules in them.

Then, he used the origin power smelting method in the Extreme Titanium Golden Body to smelt these metal molecules into his cells.

Seven days later…

Chu Zhou stood up from a half-dissolved titanium alloy metal plate. He had become much more burly, and his skin was faintly glowing with a faint golden light.

“Unfortunately, I still haven’t completed the cultivation of the first level of the

Extreme Titanium Golden Body.”

“However, the gains from these seven days are more than enough!”

He looked at his Attribute Board.

Name: Chu Zhou (Intermediate Awakening Realm martial artist, Life Field

Energy 20.5)

Attribute Points: 1.4

Basic Breathing Technique (A-rank): Level 17 (Colored Vortex Form) (Unupgradable)

Phantom (B-rank): Level 2 – Proficient (Unupgradable)

Extreme Titanium Golden Body (C-rank): Starting Out

World Destruction (SS-rank): SS-rank

Treasure Pagoda Meditation Technique (A-rank): Starting Out

Curved Hand Blade (D-rank): Level 5 – Intent Realm (Unupgradable) Sharp Blade Kick (D-rank): Level 4 – Perfection (Unupgradable)

He had obtained nearly 300 attribute points and forcefully upgraded the Basic Breathing Technique to Level 17 in just seven days, thanks to the three high-level genetic nutrient solutions and the meat of the Arrow Eagle monster.

The Level 17 Basic Breathing Technique was already comparable to an A-rank breathing technique.

His Life Field Energy also increased by 3-5 points along with the improvement in his Basic Breathing Technique.

His Life Field Energy had already reached 17. Coupled with the sudden increase of 3-5, his Life Field Energy had reached 20.5.

The standard Life Field Energy of an Intermediate Awakening Realm martial artist was 20.

In other words, he had successfully advanced to an Intermediate Awakening Realm martial artist.

In addition, he could not increase it through attribute points because he had yet to master the Extreme Titanium Golden Body.

However, he had accidentally learnt the Phantom movement technique. He used the remaining attribute points to upgrade this movement technique to the second realm.

In short, his strength had increased greatly in a week.

“It’s time to contact Ling Zhan and the others to go out and hunt monsters.” Chu Zhou tapped on his communications watch and contacted Ling Zhan..

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