Global Descent: 100×Reward

Chapter 760 - Lifeform Evolution, Opportunity

Chapter 760: Lifeform Evolution, Opportunity To Become An Advanced Thearch-grade Powerhouse!

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“Damn it, what is this!”

“My luck, my luck!!!”

“Damn human, what did you do?!”

Deep in the black hole, the luck wolf was extremely terrified and let out a hoarse scream.

It had never imagined that it, who had used its secret technique, would be broken by such a strange thing.

The depths of the black hole were like a quagmire in a desert. The more it struggled, the faster it sank.

In addition, this black hole was like a weapon specially created to deal with luck.

In front of it, the invisible and intangible fire of providence was like a fragile baby. It did not even have the chance to fight back.

He could only watch as his vital luck was devoured bit by bit.

At the same time, experience points kept appearing in front of Lin Ye.





“Luck+1 million!”

“Luck+1 million!”

“Luck+1 million!”

Looking at his soaring luck, Lin Ye’s mouth was almost crooked from smiling.

To him, this luck wolf was definitely a treasure basin. First, it had contributed so much Five Elements Essence and Thearch-grade Fate Divine Stones.

Now, even it had become nourishment for luck.

Although it was not as exaggerated as the Thearch-grade Fate Divine Stone, it was still quite a lot.

According to the Transcendent Eye’s prediction, after completely plundering the luck of the luck wolf and adding the 100xReward, it could increase his luck by at least 1.23 billion luck points.

With such a huge amount of luck, who knew how far the Golden Dragon of Luck, Little Gold, would evolve.

As expected, under the double buffs of the Thearch-grade Fate Divine Stone and the luck wolf, the Golden Dragon of Luck broke through its limit one after another.

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Golden dragon shadows flew in circles in the mystic realm, and waves of air surged into the sky.

In the core of the dragon shadow, the terrifying energy ball continued to condense.

The powerful pressure vaguely compressed it into a golden egg embedded with ten thousand dragon patterns.

“It’s undergoing a life transition!”

Nightshade whispered, envy flashing across her crystal clear eyes.

As the new Dragon Empress of the Dragon Race, she knew the current state of the Golden Dragon of Luck better than anyone else.

To a certain extent, it was the same process as her evolution from the Golden Wyvern Bloodline to the Chaotic Dragon Bloodline.

No, it was not quite the same. The evolution of the Golden Dragon of Luck was even rarer.

Dragons with spirit bodies were one in ten thousand to begin with, and those who could trigger a lifeform evolution were even rarer.

After this, Little Gold’s lifeform was almost perfect.

If she was the limit of the physical Dragon Race, then Little Gold was the origin of the spirit body deification.

There had never been such an example in the ancestral records of the Dragon Race.

It would open up a new branch of the Dragon Race’s Great Dao of Evolution that was exclusive to itself. It was the most suitable and most magical Great Dao.

As soon as he finished speaking, Little Gold evolved again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

The dazzling upgrade golden light was so dense that it almost materialized. Invisible Great Dao ripples spread, and even someone as powerful as Lin Ye felt a strong pressure.

“He broke through to the peak of the Intermediate Thearch-grade Realm so quickly…”

“The little guy’s path is not simple!”

Lin Ye looked relieved.

Although he had just become a Thearch-grade powerhouse, one had to know that he was still a monstrous existence with 100,000 Innate Chains.

At the same cultivation realm, even at the Beginner Thearch-grade Realm, he could defeat Advanced Thearch-grade Realm cultivators of the various aristocratic families.

Even a super expert like Nightshade, who had inherited the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance and advanced to the Thearch-grade Realm with the Chaotic Dragon Bloodline, would not cause any waves.

From this, it could be seen how terrifying Little Gold’s evolution this time was. It was faintly showing signs of surpassing Nightshade.

This state lasted for a long time. The vast Sea of Providence was increasing every moment.

However, there were no signs of Little Gold breaking through to the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm.

“Damn it, just a little bit more, just a little bit more!!”

“It was clearly planned. How could this be!”

In the golden light, Little Gold was so anxious that it was sweating profusely. It had already seen the door of the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm.

However, it was just one step away and could not cross it.

However, be it the Fate Divine Stone or the luck of the luck wolf, they were both a little weak.

If this continued, it would only waste this opportunity to advance.

“Master, please save the child!”

Little Gold burst into tears.


Lin Ye was speechless.

He knew that it would not be easy to open up such an exaggerated evolutionary path.

The resources, talent, and luck needed were incalculable.

However, the path of luck was rare to begin with. Even if he wanted to help, where could he find a vast amount of luck for Little Gold?

Suddenly, Hint sent a congratulatory message.

“Friendly Hint: With a super expert joining the Lin Clan, it can also increase your luck. The stronger the expert is, the more it will increase!”

“Friendly Hint: Princess Nightshade has already entered the intermediate Thearch-grade Realm and has yet to trigger the 100xReward.”


Hearing this, Lin Ye’s eyes lit up.

Having experts join could also increase the luck of the Lin Clan.

Nightshade was now the new Dragon Empress and a Thearch-grade expert with the Chaotic Dragon Bloodline. She carried the luck of the entire Dragon Race.

Once she was completely pulled into the Lin Clan, it would be equivalent to gathering the double luck buff of the Dragon Race and Nightshade.

Previously, in order to maximize the benefits of Nightshade’s loyalty, he had reserved the option of the 100xReward.

Now, after the Chaotic Dragon Bloodline, the Dragon Emperor Inheritance, the Ancestral Dragon Inheritance, and the Heavenly Ancestral Dragon Secret Technique that she cultivated with Lin Ye…

All these opportunities made her cultivation different from before. She had already reached the true Thearch-grade Realm.

Although it was not the best time, it was still an appropriate benefit.

His gaze immediately landed on Princess Nightshade, and the option of 100% loyalty appeared again.

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have obtained Nightshade’s loyalty. Current loyalty is 100%. You have become a loyalist of the Lin family!”


1. 100 Beginner Thearch-grade Realm Nightshades!

2. An Advanced Thearch-grade Realm Nightshade!

3. Random Level, Number of Nightshades!

“Good lord, directly ascending to the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm!”

Looking at the data on option two, Lin Ye was shocked.

At this moment, he was extremely glad that he had resisted the urge to make a choice immediately.

Otherwise, with Nightshade’s current foundation of the Chaotic Dragon Bloodline, God knew how much resources it would take to advance from the Beginner to the Advanced stage of the Thearch-grade Realm.

As for the choice, Lin Ye hesitated for a moment.

Logically speaking, if he wanted to become stronger as a whole, it would definitely be more worth it to have 100 Nightshades with the Chaotic Dragon bloodline.

But now that Little Gold was about to break through, he urgently needed a huge amount of luck points to fill the gap.

The providence value was single-locked and would only follow the highest combat strength of an individual.

This way, the increase in luck from an Advanced Thearch-grade Realm powerhouse was not something 100 Beginner Thearch-grade Realm cultivators could compare to.

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