Global Descent: 100×Reward

Chapter 460 - The Sun Monster Is My Brother! Reunion!  

Chapter 460: The Sun Monster Is My Brother! Reunion!


The sound of the saber shook the sky. The crescent-shaped cold blade tore through the air, fast, accurate, and ruthless, striking the Great Light Domain.


In an instant, the saber aura exploded like ten thousand saber beams, crazily attacking the energy shield.

“Impressive, I haven’t seen her for a few days and she’s already so strong?”

Lin Ye was secretly shocked.

He was now a Class 19 expert who had surpassed the limit of the surface world. His perception was extremely strong.

Through the saber aura, he could clearly sense the terrifying energy his sister had.

Under her explosive power, it was actually no less than a desperate attack from a Class 13 and 14 expert.

In other words, this strength had already surpassed his combat power before he entered the Underworld. This was terrifying.

Was it her talent?

Or did his sister go to the Underworld too?

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes. Before this, he had given his family a lot of resources.

If his sister wanted to go to the Underworld, the teleportation fee should not be a problem.

However, he felt that something was wrong. His sister’s saber aura moves were low-level. She did not look like someone who had been to the Underworld.

“Then it must be her talent…” Lin Ye sighed softly.

As expected, the aura he sensed before he arrived belonged to his sister.

Thinking of this, he could not help but be interested. His parents did not obtain any powerful talents.

However, the two of them were ferocious.

He had a godly talent, 100xReward and from what he could determine now, his sister’s one should be pretty good too.

As Lin Ye was thinking, Lin Wei’s expression changed.

“F*ck, so strong. My 40-meter saber can’t kill him. Too powerful!”

“I’m a woman who’s stronger than my brother now. Even I’m not this person’s match, let alone my brother.”

“Forget it, the green hills won’t change and the green water will flow forever. I’ll slip away.”

Her crystal-like eyes darted around as she shouted, “Sun Monster, experience my peerless Heaven Splitting Invincible Divine Blade again!”


The air was torn apart.

This time, a terrifying 45-meter-long saber beam slashed over.

“It’s useless.”

Lin Ye chuckled and his Great Light Celestial Body appeared. His fingertip tapped the air and happened to touch the surface of the saber aura.


The saber aura exploded and a large amount of energy surged.

Taking advantage of her vision being blocked, Lin Wei lowered her body and ran to her subordinate, Zhang Yue.

“My lord?” Zhang Yue was surprised.

Only she knew how powerful her lord was.

Thinking about it, the strongest woman on the surface world should be this person in front of her.

The battle just now was the best proof. She was originally confident that her lord would definitely defeat the sun monster in the sky.

Why did the lord stop after less than two moves? This was not the lord’s personality.

Shouldn’t he chase after him and beat him when he was down?

“Yueyue, there’s no time to explain. Use the Earth Escape Technique to bring me away!” Lin Wei hurriedly sent a voice transmission.


Zhang Yue was stunned and said anxiously, “My lord, you can’t beat it? Then what about our territory?”

“We need to save our lives first. Hurry up, or both of us will die,” Lin Wei urged.

“Oh, okay.” Zhang Yue was shocked, but she didn’t dare to ask further.

She immediately grabbed Lin Wei’s hand.


A layer of yellowish-brown light bloomed around her body. Then, the two of them transformed into a stream of air and disappeared into the ground.

“Ah, Beibei, Xiao Wei ran away. You were too playful and scared your sister away.”

In the Great Light Domain, his father, Lin Jianguo, shouted in shock.

“It’s fine. I’ll catch her and bring her back.”

Lin Ye chuckled as an earthen yellow dragon appeared under his feet.

This was the Great Dao of Earth that he had comprehended.

With the help of the Great Dao, the soil on the ground was his territory. He easily sensed the direction of Lin Wei and the other two’s escape.

His divine sense locked onto it and he opened his fingers.

“Come back!”

He activated Universal Pull and an invisible suction force exploded.


In an instant, the two beautiful figures below the ground stopped.

“Damn it!”

“Not good, my lord. We’ve been locked on. I can’t block this attraction!”

“Oh no!” Lin Wei’s face turned bitter. The moment she was sucked out of the ground, she hurriedly called for help in the Civilization Archive. “@ Brother Lin Ye, save me. Your invincible, beautiful, and cute sister has been captured by the sun monster.”

“What sun monster? Who are you scolding!” Black lines appeared on Lin Ye’s head as the suction force from his palm exploded again.


A moment later, the two beautiful figures were forcefully pulled away from the ground, turning into streams of light that flew into the Great Light Domain.

“It’s over, I’ve been caught!” Zhang Yue’s face turned pale as she involuntarily covered her eyes.

The light in the domain was too blinding. She did not dare to open her eyes at all.

“Yueyue, you’re better off than me. You’re not as beautiful as me. If the sun monster likes beauties, it will definitely target me first. Sobs ~ ~ ~ I haven’t lived enough. My talent hasn’t shone yet. I refuse to accept this!”

Lin Wei’s eyes were watery as she turned to Zhang Yue. “Yue Yue, why don’t you sacrifice yourself to the sun monster? I’ll take the opportunity to escape. Thirty years later, I’ll definitely come back to avenge you.”


The corners of Zhang Yue’s mouth twitched and she couldn’t help but curse, “Tsk, I’m f*cking unlucky too. Why is there a lord like you? I thought you were going to sacrifice yourself and let me take the opportunity to escape. It turns out that I treated you as a sister and you actually want to sell me off.”

“I’m just joking! You’re such a boring person.”

Lin Wei blinked and wiped the crocodile tears from the corners of her eyes. She snorted and said, “And Yueyue, I’m disappointed that you didn’t plan to sacrifice yourself to save me and even scolded me. You disappoint me.”

“Sister, we’re about to die. Stop playing.”

Zhang Yue did not know whether to laugh or cry. She could not understand Lin Wei’s thoughts.

They were all captured by the ferocious sun monster. What would happen next?

Were they captured to give birth to little sun monsters?

Or be eaten as food?

“Tsk tsk tsk, what do you mean by dying? It’s inauspicious.”

“The sun monster is my brother. What’s there to be afraid of!”

Lin Wei stood up casually and covered her eyes with one hand. She shouted into the unknown, “Brother, stop playing. I saw you. Come out quickly. If you don’t, I’ll expose you on the world channel for stealing the clothes of the neighbor next door!”

“Don’t deny it. Mom has already secretly sent me a private message in the Civilization Archive. You’re the sun monster.”


In the depths of the Great Light Domain, Lin Jianguo and Zhang Cuiling were dumbfounded as they looked at Lin Ye in disbelief.

“No, Dad, Mom, don’t listen to Little Wei’s nonsense. Why would a man like me steal women’s clothes? I’m not a pervert. No, even a pervert wouldn’t steal. There’s no such thing.” Lin Ye was sweating profusely.

What kind of gaze was that? It was the type when one looked at perverts.

Am I that kind of person?

Stop fooling around!

Forget it, he couldn’t be bothered to explain. He dispersed the great divine light in front of Lin Wei.

He grabbed Lin Wei and Zhang Yue in front of him.

After not seeing her for more than ten days, he initially wanted to reprimand her.

However, Lin Wei blinked. When she saw her parents, she burst into tears and pounced over.

“Dad, Mom, I missed you guys so much!”

As he spoke, he threw himself into the arms of the two elders and cried loudly.

Not far away, Zhang Yue looked on with envy and admiration. Her parents were still in an unknown area and she wondered how they were doing.

A moment later, when Lin Wei recovered, she looked at Lin Ye with red eyes and called out, “Brother ~”


Lin Ye glanced at her. “Is there anything you want to take? Put it on and follow me back to the Lin Clan.”

“No need, no need. Just bring my good sister, Yueyue. You have everything else anyway. We’ll go and fight the nouveau riche and renovate everything, hehe!”

Lin Wei’s eyes were like crescent moons, looking like an obedient and cute fan.

“Stop pretending. Explain to me when you get back. What do you mean by stealing Ran Ran’s clothes? Also, what’s with your talent?”

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