Global Blessed Land: I Can Add Attributes On The Buildings

Chapter 482 - Chapter 482: Xiong Ba (2)

Chapter 482: Xiong Ba (2)

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Mei Changge approached them step by step.

When he passed by the first person, the aura of the Dharma realm on his body crushed everyone like a mountain.

Mei Changge did not even look at them. He passed by them and walked to the highest throne in the hall.

“The hall is not bad, but it’s a pity that Xiong Ba isn’t qualified to sit on the throne.”

Mei Changge turned around and sat on the throne that originally belonged to Xiong Ba.


When he sat down, an aura unique to a king filled the entire hall.

The 12 Fiends of the Heavenly Lake trembled slightly as if they could no longer bear it and desired to kneel and pay homage.

However, their rationality made them forcefully suppress this feeling.

“Xiong Ba, come out! I know you’re here!”

Mei Changge swept his gaze across Tong Huang and the others before speaking to the hall.

Clap! Clap!

“You’re the first to say that I, Xiong Ba, am not qualified to sit on the throne!”

Applause resounded in the hall, heralding the arrival of the imposing Xiong Ba, who strode into the hall.

“Come down!”

“Threefold Return to Primordial Qi!”

A solemn expression appeared on Xiong Ba’s face before he waved his hands and clasped his palms together. A suction force appeared in the hall.

It was as if it was grabbing Mei Changge off the throne.


Mei Changge’s face was calm as he said softly. Xiong Ba’s actions were instantly disrupted.

“Chief! ”

Tong Huang’s eyes were vigilant. Then, she signaled the others with her gaze.

Of course, it wasn’t for Xiong Ba. Instead, it was for the weaker 12 Fiends to leave the hall.

“Don’t worry, the formation is almost complete!” Mei Changge grabbed at the air with his right hand.

A long spear slowly appeared.

Many lifelike lotus flowers were carved onto it, each appearing entirely bronze. “To be honest, I haven’t done it myself for a long time!”

Mei Changge’s expression remained calm as he gently stroked the Myriad Lotus Spear with his left hand. Suddenly, a golden flame ignited on the Myriad Lotus Spear, resembling a cherry atop a spear.

“Cloud -Dispelling Palm! ”

Xiong Ba frowned slightly, then thrust his palm forward, gathering spiritual energy. His massive palm, akin to rolling clouds, slammed toward Mei


As for this hall, Xiong Ba did not care at all.

Under Heaven could be said to have less than 10% of its members remaining. As for this hall, he did not care about it at all.

Furthermore, he heard that the Green Lotus Dynasty had constructed Feng Yun City quite well. He even had the thought of occupying it.

“I told you, there’s no rush!”

Mei Changge sat on the throne without moving. He held the Myriad Lotus Spear in his right hand and stabbed it slightly in front of him, piercing through the Cloud -Dispelling Palm.


With a loud sound, other than the throne under Mei Changge, the surrounding walls were destroyed.

“Who exactly are you?!”

A serious expression appeared on Xiong Ba’s face, but he did not stop. He leaped and kicked Mei Changge with his right foot.

“Wind God’s Sweep!”

In the hall, violent winds surged, causing the structure to rumble as if on the brink of collapse.

“You sure are impatient. Looks like it’s because Under Heaven is about to be destroyed that your mental state is unstable.”

Mei Changge looked at the attack formed by Xiong Ba with a solemn expression.

If the Cloud-Dispelling Palm was just a test, the Wind God’s Sweep had already used 50% of his strength.

Of course, this was only Mei Changge’s guess. After all, Xiong Ba’s Dharma had yet to be displayed.

“Golden Lotus Imperial Body!”

A golden light appeared on the surface of Mei Changge’s body. Then, Mei

Changge stood up from the throne and twisted his body slightly. The Myriad Lotus Spear in his hand stabbed out again. The golden flames seemed to have turned into a stream of light and collided with Xiong Ba’s attack.


However, as soon as they collided, the entire hall collapsed, revealing the clear sky.

“How merciless. Your subordinates haven’t left yet.”

Mei Changge revealed an excited expression. He could sense that the power Xiong Ba had grasped had transformed.

“Hmph, I think Feng Yun City is not bad. Why don’t we make it the new headquarters of Under Heaven?!”

Xiong Ba had a domineering expression on his face as he clenched his right fist. A cold aura gathered around him.

“Skyfrost Fist!”

“Frost Freeze!”

Countless cold air gathered, and even a thin layer of ice slowly condensed on the ground.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

“I, Nipusa, set up the Nine Celestial Purple Destiny Array to condense and reveal the world’s Destiny! ”

A voice suddenly sounded in the entire world as if it was announcing something.


Xiong Ba was taken aback, momentarily hesitating. However, he saw no reason to retract his punch. Countless frigid auras, akin to ice blades, assailed Mei


“Nine Yang Lotus Flower! Incinerating Heaven and Raging Sea!”

Mei Changge’s expression froze. This cold aura made him feel like he was being cut by a knife in the state of the Golden Lotus Imperial Body.

Mei Changge did not activate the White Jade Spirit Body. Xiong Ba was not so formidable that Mei Changge needed to employ all his techniques.

If the person in front of him was Xiao Sanxiao, Mei Changge would attack with all his might. After all, someone who had lived for so long had long become a demon. Mei Changge was not very sure what methods he had.

As for Xiong Ba, Mei Changge knew him very well. Even if Xiong Ba’s strength had changed because of this world, he was not surprised.

“The spiritual formation is finally complete!”

Mei Changge’s eyes lit up. Then, two green lotus phantoms appeared in his eyes.

He looked at Xiong Ba and saw that behind him, a white gas was faintly discernible. However, it was extremely dim and seemed to be dissipating.

This was the Destiny that Xiong Ba had accumulated with the help of Under Heaven.

Before Nipusa set up the Feng Shui formation, this Destiny did not appear and

did not attect Xlong Ba.

But now, the Destiny of all the major factions in the entire Feng Yun world had been drawn out and was no longer hidden.

This was also the reason why Mei Changge was waiting.

“Destiny Dragon, come out!” Mei Changge said softly with a smile.


With a dragon roar, the Destiny Dragon stuck out its head from Mei Changge’s chest, followed by its body and claws.

The moment the Destiny Dragon appeared, Xiong Ba felt a chill run down his spine as if something bad was about to happen.

“Threefold Return to Primordial Qi!”

Xiong Ba’s expression froze. With the emergence of the Nine Celestial Purple Destiny Array, he experienced a sense of relaxation in his body. However, this relaxation seemed transient as if he could depart at any moment.

It made his heart skip a beat.

He could vaguely see the phantom of a divine dragon on Mei Changge’s body, but it was also like an illusion.

This feeling made the premonition in his heart even stronger. He waved his hands and then crossed them in front of his chest.

The power of the sea of clouds, the power of the winds, and the power of frost converged, controlled by Xiong Ba within his chest, coalescing into an oval-shaped energy.

“So this is the Threefold Return to Primordial Qi. Unfortunately, the three powers are still intertwined in the end.”

Mei Changge saw that the Destiny Dragon had pounced over. He held the spear in his right hand and had a solemn expression.

Though the three powers did not ultimately merge, they tangled and clashed incessantly. A vast reservoir of energy was contained within, and if not managed meticulously, it threatened to detonate at any moment.

“Threefold Return to One!”

Xiong Ba’s face reddened. Although he had made some changes to his cultivation technique during this seclusion, the time was too short. The fusion of the three powers was only the first step.

It would take a lot of time to fuse.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the Green Lotus Dynasty did not give him time to continue his seclusion.

As this power left his hand, it formed a vortex that headed straight for Mei


“Golden Lotus Protection, Ten Suns Cross the Sky!”

Mei Changge glanced at the Destiny Dragon fighting with the Destiny condensed on Xiong Ba’s body and smiled. Then, his expression turned serious.

The Myriad Lotus Spear instantly stabbed out like a brilliant sun with a dazzling light.

Frost, violent winds, and a sea of clouds pulled at each other, forming a strange power. The surrounding broken buildings were stirred into it and shattered.


The tip of the Myriad Lotus Spear pierced forward with flames..

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