Genius Summoner

Chapter 1440 - 1440 Dragon Breath (6)

1440 Dragon Breath (6)

“It’s similar in the human world… It’s just a bit different from here.” Yun Feng casually said. Qi Luo was skeptical after hearing that. Luo Teng obviously didn’t intend to talk. He only put his arms behind his head and swayed leisurely.

“Is the human world so complicated and dangerous too…” Qi Luo mumbled. Yun Feng held back her laughter and almost exposed herself. She really believed what Yun Feng said casually. It was good that she believed it. “Hm, so no race of the Sea Clan can get close to Sanglong Canyon?”

Qi Luo nodded and said, “I think the experts of the Sea Clan should be able to enter, because some of them successfully entered the Sanglong Canyon, but they couldn’t last long. There must be something in the canyon that restrains the Sea Clan.”

Yun Feng agreed. If she was right, there should be extremely weak dragon breath all around Sanglong Canyon. The powerhouses of the Sea Clan could temporarily suppress the dragon breath with their strength and it wouldn’t be life-threatening, but the other members of the Sea Clan probably wouldn’t be so lucky. Those who were slightly weaker would be taken away by the weak dragon breath.

“I got the information of the map fragment from a member of the Clam Phoenix Tribe. The royal family of the Clam Phoenix Tribe already knows the exact location of the map fragment. It’s in the Sanglong Canyon.” After saying that, Qi Luo turned pale. “If that’s the case, then we…” Qi Luo looked at Yun Feng. “If you can enter the Sanglong Canyon…”

Yun Feng raised her brows. “You don’t think I’ll work for the Chiwen Tribe, do you?”

Qi Luo was startled and her face turned a bit red. She was the one who found Feng Yun first and made a deal with her back then. She was also the one who brought Feng Yun back to the capital of the Chiwen Tribe. If it weren’t for her decision, Feng Yun wouldn’t have had any contact with her. However, she was indeed the key to finding the map fragment. Qi Luo wouldn’t let her go.

“That’s not what I meant. I mean… can you take me in too?” said Qi Luo. Yun Feng was a bit surprised. Those strong and powerful members of the Sea Clan, who were far stronger than her, couldn’t escape the torture of the dragon breath. If she went in, she could only stay by Yun Feng’s side. Thinking of this, Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown. She didn’t want to be restrained when doing things.

“If I take you in, you’ll die,” said Yun Feng. Qi Luo was stunned. Die? If she went in without Feng Yun’s protection, she would definitely die… However, if she didn’t go in, how would she explain to the king of the Chiwen Tribe… Qi Luo bit her lips gently. It would be great if Jiao Yun was here at this moment. With his strength, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Seeing that Qi Luo didn’t say anything else, Yun Feng didn’t say anything else. Bringing Qi Luo in was already a problem for her, not to mention taking care of her life along the way. She and Qi Luo weren’t friends to begin with. Besides, she had the same goal as the Chiwen Tribe. In the end, they would certainly have to stand on the opposite sides and fight for this map fragment. By then, their relationship wouldn’t be as harmonious as it was right now.

They didn’t say anything else along the way. Yun Feng had already done her best to tell Qi Luo about the map fragment. Qi Luo knew in her mind that her request was a bit too much, so she never mentioned it again. Luo Teng followed behind with an indifferent look. He didn’t care about the map fragment. What he cared about was the thing he insisted that Yun Feng took away

They went all the way to Sanglong Canyon. Yun Feng only got a rough idea of the exact location of Sanglong Canyon and knew that Sanglong Canyon was located very north of the West Sea, almost near the northern border. However, the northern border was so long and the area was so vast. It would take some effort to find the exact location. Even Qi Luo didn’t know the exact location of Sanglong Canyon.

After spending more than ten days, Yun Feng and the others finally arrived at the so-called general area. Looking at the vast sea that stretched out in front of them, Yun Feng only felt a headache. However, she could only get so much information back then. There didn’t seem to be any traces of a living creature nearby. She didn’t even have a Sea Clan member she could ask. How exactly should she find the exact location of Sanglong Canyon?

“There’s movement!” Luo Teng suddenly said in a low voice. “It seems that some voices are coming in our direction!”

After saying that, Yun Feng’s face darkened. She pulled Qi Luo and hid in an extremely hidden corner at an extremely high speed with Luo Teng. Qi Luo wanted to say something, but Yun Feng simply covered her mouth. Her soft fingers vaguely touched the sharp teeth in Qi Luo’s mouth. Even if she was a prophet, the teeth of the Sea Clan member were still very sharp.

They waited quietly. There was no movement as Luo Teng said, but Luo Teng’s expression became more and more nervous and gloomy. Finally, his black eyes glittered. Luo Teng lowered his body and Yun Feng also pressed down on Qi Luo’s back. She also lowered her waist and looked ahead through the dense seaweed. A few black shadows flashed in front of her with extremely tiny sounds. If she didn’t listen carefully, she wouldn’t have heard any movement at all, but there were indeed figures going over!

Luo Teng didn’t move at all in front of her, and Yun Feng didn’t dare to do anything either. Qi Luo looked around with her eyes wide open, but she didn’t dare to make a sound. A few figures passed for a long time, and then a few more. They still landed on the ground silently. If she didn’t see it with her own eyes, she would really think that there was no one.

After waiting quietly for a while, Luo Teng finally moved. He first raised his head slightly, then his body. Then, he put his arms on the ground and half of his body stood upright. It could be seen that there were beads of sweat on his forehead. The few people who passed by just then made Luo Teng extremely nervous.

“Who are those people?” Qi Luo said with lingering fear. She got up from the ground with limp limbs and a panicked expression. Luo Teng glanced in the direction where the figure left with a solemn expression and slowly said, “They’re all people who make me feel pressured.”

“Let’s go.” Yun Feng suddenly said after a short silence. Luo Teng and Qi Luo couldn’t help but feel surprised after hearing that. Go? Where should they go? Wouldn’t they meet those people if they continued forward? “Can’t we wait? The few people who went past just then might not have gone far!” Luo Teng widened his eyes and roared. Yun Feng turned around. “If someone is leading the way, why aren’t we following them?”

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