Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Chapter 32: “The Mysterious Expert (2)”

Chapter 32: “The Mysterious Expert (2)”

Ever since Jun Qing had been poisoned, his legs were not able to feel any sensations, except for occasional chills from the bitter cold winter. However, he could clearly feel something now, something he had missed all these years. Even though it was pain, nevertheless, it was still a feeling!

“Father, where is Wu Xie?” He had a sudden flashback.

[“Uncle, do you trust me?”]

When Jun Wu Xie had asked him that question, he didn’t think too much into it but now after all that has happened… After she had asked him that very question, she fed him ‘that lotus seed’ after which his body underwent major changes.

All these were too coincidental!

Jun Xian had sent someone to invite Jun Wu Xie over.

When she entered the room, there was a faint aroma of herbs as she carried her little black cat in one arm and walked over to the bedside.

“Uncle woke up.” As if she was expecting it, there was not a trace of surprise in her voice.

“Wu Xie, this time Uncle really need to thank you properly.” Jun Qing smiled warmly at his niece. He saw the cat that was looking happy and contented in her arms. Jun Wu Xie had always liked animals but because of her impatience, whenever she approached animals, they couldn’t keep still and would run off. He even tried grabbing various cats and dogs and let her touch but they always end up running away so it was a very rare sight.

“No need, this is my fault.” She softly said as she stroked the cat’s fur and looked down.

This shocked both father and son.

“Wu Xie, what do you mean?” Jun Xian asked gently, fearing his tone was too harsh and scaring off his granddaughter.

Jun Wu Xie looked at both of them with bright eyes and slowly said, “In fact, there’s no reason to hide from both of you. That time, when I fell from the cliff, almost all my bones were broken, if not for Master saving me, I’d have long be dead.”


Jun Wu Xie nodded, “He was the one who saved me and sent me back to Lin Palace. However, he did not want other people to know about him, which is why he handed me over to Wu…brother. That entire time while I was recuperating, Master saw that I was interested in learning medicine and he took me in as his disciple. Although I don’t know about his origins, he’s my savior and I know he has amazing skills. The reason why I picked up studying medicine is not because I had an interest in it but because Master said that since my body constitution was weak and I had no contractual spirit, this was a way for me to protect myself.” She glanced over to look at them as they looked at her seriously. She continued on, “Actually, that was not an ordinary lotus seed, it was given by Master and it has the ability to cleanse the bone marrows.”

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