Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Chapter 3122 - Xiao Xie 6

Chapter 3122 Xiao Xie 6

The two children shook hands and made peace and with that, all was well. Despite her misgivings, Shen Yan Xiao had little choice to accept the situation when she saw the deep love between Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao. However she still gave him a stern warning that if he were to ever mistreat Jun Wu Xie, she would challenge him to a fight to the death.

Jun Wu Yao could only nod in agreement.

With the atmosphere eased, Jun Wu Xie and Shen Yan Xiao introduced everybody to each other. When meeting each other, everyone had a feeling that they should have met sooner.

Everybody was in a good mood.

The newly acquainted Jun Mo Ye and Di Jing were off having their own fun.

The still red eyed Jun Mo Ye had all but forgotten the unpleasantness of earlier. She’d always been surrounded by adults and never had a playmate close to her age before and so she was naturally happy to play with him.

In the Jun household, Little Mo Ye was like the small master, pulling Di Jing everywhere to show him things and out of guilt of his treatment earlier, he just went along with what she wanted to do.

“This is Lord Meh Meh, so soft.” When Little Mo Ye found Lord Meh Meh who was hiding in the corner of the courtyard, her little eyes sparkled and she reached out her hands.

Lord Meh Meh, when seeing Little Mo Ye coming after it, immediately started to run away, together with Blood Sacrificial Rabbit.

“Hey don’t run! This is Brother Jing, he won’t hurt you!” Little Mo Ye cried out anxiously as the two creatures ran away.

Di Jing just kept quiet.

He did not think the two creatures were running away from him.

Little Mo Ye continued to give chase and would have fallen over if Di Jing hadn’t held her upright.

Zhu Que, who had been quietly observing the child she had brought up, finally understood. She wiped away a warm tear and threw the food she had been holding onto the floor.

“Isn’t that good? Now you don’t have to pick up after her all day.” Tao Tie happily stuffed a peach into her mouth.

Zhu Que sighed softly and realised that actually being a babysitter was not bad too.

At least…

It was better than the treatment of those two.

The Jun family had just finished their wedding banquet but with the unexpected arrival of these new guests, they closed the main doors to have another one. Qiao Chu and the rest who had not left, also stayed for another party.

“I say to you my brother, I think we will get along, what’s your name?” A slightly drunk Qiao Chu said to a handsome man after a few drinks.

“Ah, my name is Tang Na Zhi. Let’s have a few more drinks!” The man replied as they continued drinking and put their arms on each other’s shoulders.

Li Xiao Wei looked on at her drunk brother and shook her head helplessly. She looked up and saw Hua Yao who had a similar look of resignation on her face.

They were all useless guys!

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