Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Chapter 29: “Healing Hands (3)”

Chapter 29: “Healing Hands (3)”

Jun Qing was soaking in the medicinal bath water that Jun Wu Xie had specially prepared for him. Although he was unconscious, it was apparent that his condition had improved as his breathing was no longer as weak and his face although pale, it was not deathly white as before. The man could see this but he still huffed his chest up haughtily as he still bore some grievances towards Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Xian was by his son’s side all this while and when he saw the improvement, he gave a sigh of relief.

“After all, Wu Xie is his daugher, she may have been somewhat naive in the past, now she is all grown up. You must not have any prejudice against her, she may… she may need the protection from you guys to grow up safely in the future.” He patiently explained. He could tell that man did not like Jun Wu Xie very much. He wanted to try to diffuse the animosity as much as he could.

The man remained silent and left the room as soon as he saw that Jun Qing’s complexion had finally turned for the better.

After her bath and changing into a fresh new set of clothes, Jun Wu Xie sat in the pharmacy as she held a tea cup in one hand while the other was writing down all the various names of herbs with fervour.

Jun Qing’s condition has stabilised but to return his condition to its peak, a lot of effort is needed, as such she was busy scribbling away all the medications needed.

To complement the medicine, she also wrote down the list of dishes to pair them with, to complement each other so as to nourish him and speed up the process.

A knocking the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Come in.”

The door creaked opened and there stood the same tall man who had been interrupting her all these while. She furrowed her eyebrows.

“If you’ve got something to say, spit it out now, or else just scram.” For people other than family, she does not pay any heed to the words used. She says whatever comes to mind without a care.

As she just finished speaking, the man standing in front of her suddenly went down on one knee with a loud thud.

“Major General of the Rui Lin Army Long Qi has greatly offended Young Miss, please punish me as you deem fit!” He said grimly as his tall frame was kneeling with on one knee and his head slightly bowed.

Rui Lin Army’s Major General…she glanced over at Long Qi..she had always felt that he was always staying quietly by her Uncle’s side and fussing over him on quite a few occasions, although she had always thought he did not seem like a servant or a bodyguard, it never crossed her mind that he would be Rui Lin Army’s Major General!


“Okay?” Jun Wu Xie frowned.

Long Qi continued kneeling on the ground without uttering a single word. He did not deny he had always some prejudice against her. He even deeply suspected that she poisoned Jun Qing! When he saw how she meticulous she was as she treated Jun Qing and the effects of her treatment could be seen, he knew he was in the wrong.

Rui Lin Army’s protocols have always been severely strict hence he had habitually seeked his own punishment. It was an ironclad rule that every single member had been drilled into since day one. If one did something wrong, it’s punishment!

“Since it’s nothing then you can leave.” She had no interest whatsoever in his position or request. This man had repeatedly interrupted her so many times but this was all due to him worrying over Jun Qing, so when he was rude, she really did not care nor take it to heart.

He maintained his position for a while longer, stood up and left the room. Only this time, he was very respectful towards her and had even bowed slightly before he closed the door.

“Wow, what extraordinary thing did you do when I was not around? This looks interesting…” an enigmatic voice with a hint of mischief trailed off from the doorway.

TL: Did you notice the way he had changed the way he called her?

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