Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Chapter 2705 - Who is Getting Hit in The Face?(7)

Chapter 2705: Who is Getting Hit in The Face?(7)

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Crimson blood stained the figures of Qiao Chu and others, and they did not have so much ‘fun’ in a long time, the anger deep in their hearts had reaching a boiling point.

“Come on! Let’s continue!” Qiao Chu stood on a pile of corpses, snarling at the terrified Long Xuan City soldiers. With only a pair of fists, he had already defeated many opponents. None of the blood dripping from his clenched fists belonged to him.

That roar frightened the soldiers of Long Xuan City. They had never seen such rude and brutal opponent. Each bare-knuckle strike was vicious and accurate. The strength of Qiao Chu’s fists was indescribable; the brute strength of his one punch could cave a man’s chest. It was simply unbelievable.

Compared with Qiao Chu’s crude and brutal blows, Hua Yao’s killing looked leisurely and elegant. He killed hundreds of enemies without any blood staining his body. After snapping off the head of a soldier from Long Xuan City, he looked up at Jun Wu Xie, who was fighting fiercely with Ruan Zhongshan, with a smile in his eyes.

In the eyes of others, Ruan Zhongshan and Jun Wu Xie were almost evenly matched, but there was a slight discrepancy.

In fact, Jun Wu Xie wasn’t even using one-tenth of her strength. What she was displaying right now was just the tip of the iceberg.

If Jun Wu Xie’s true strength was revealed, Ruan Zhongshan would not be able to hold up till now. The moment he started fighting with Jun Wu Xie, he would have died a tragic death.

However, what Jun Wu Xie wanted was not to kill him within seconds, but to prolong the inevitable, and also to conceal most of her power, thus she only used some random moves which would still completely ruin Ruan Zhongshan.

This was the gap between Ruan Zhongshan and Jun Wu Xie, just like the difference between the clouds and mud.

Poor Ruan Zhongshan was still struggling, he didn’t know that he was just a pawn in the hands of Jun Wu Xie. The reason why he can survive currently was not due to his strength but because Jun Wu Xie was taking it easy on him. Otherwise he can’t even be compared to a finger of Jun Wu Xie!

The mighty Long Xuan City army faced a tough battle. They certainly did not expect that Sea Spirit City, which was never favored by anyone, had hidden such a terrible fighting power.

Whether it was the Ye Sha, who had easily trampled on Xu Zu’s head, or the Night Regime and Ghost Army who were like gods of death, or even Jun Wu Xie who was pressing on and beating Ruan Zhongshan; Sea Spirit City had far surpassed anyone’s perception.

The Sea Spirit City, which they thought they could easily crush, now became a nightmare to all of them.

As more and more Long Xuan City soldiers fell, the nauseating scent of blood filled the air. Countless bodies lay strewn in front of the remaining people. Broken limbs everywhere, blood flowed continuously onto the ground, staining the earth a bloody red.

A piece of hell.

The soldiers of Long Xuan City were terrified as the shadow of death slowly surrounded them. Under the grave horror, they have lost their will to fight. They abandoned their armour and weapons and escaped while wishing they had an extra pair of legs to make their getaway faster.

However, there was no leeway, and escape at this moment only accelerated their death.

The soldiers who turned their backs to the Night Regime fell down one by one, and even at the moment of death, the soldiers of Long Xuan City could not accept reality…

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