Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 801 - : If He’s Not Qualified, What About Me?!

Chapter 801: If He’s Not Qualified, What About Me?!

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As soon as he finished speaking, the jade talisman in the sky suddenly pierced through space and slowly opened up a rift. Subsequently, a terrifying aura that could shake the heavens and the earth slowly spread out from the rift.

A green figure stepped out under everyone’s shocked gazes. It seemed to be an old man wearing a green Daoist robe. He had silver hair and his eyes were filled with vicissitudes.

“A martial emperor?!”

Meanwhile, the Patriarch of Hell looked solemn.

As this person appeared, the entire place fell into death silence. Whether it was Yang Tian and the rest, or Hu Meiling and the others, extreme shock surged in their eyes.

Hu Meiling sighed, “A martial emperor!”

“Xiao Kun, I didn’t expect you to really summon me!”

At the same time that the old man in the green robe appeared, an extremely indifferent voice slowly echoed in the area.

Xiao Kun knelt on one knee and said extremely respectfully, “Patriarch, the opponent is too terrifying. I…”

The old man in green robes lowered his head slowly. His gaze immediately landed on the Patriarch of Hell. He was slightly stunned, “A spiritual body? Isn’t this the person who attacked Old Bai?!”

Ever since the old man who took Qianqian away suppressed the Bai family’s martial emperor to the ground with a slap, his identity had been exposed. In order to prevent him from making a move, Shang Santian had naturally made some preparations.

Before Xiao Kun could reply, the old man looked at the Patriarch of Hell again and asked, “I’m the Xiao clan’s patriarch from Shang Santian. May I ask who you are?”

He could sense the aura on the Patriarch of Hell’s body. Although it could not be compared to him, it was close to a martial emperor. He was still slightly afraid of such a person. After all, he did not know if there was a martial emperor behind him.

However, the Patriarch of Hell said nothing. His eyes were flickering. He could sense that the Xiao Clan’s martial emperor should be at Golden Core. He was more than a hundred times more powerful than the previous pseudo emperor.

He had just broken through to Foundation Building. Although he had borrowed the benefits of the lightning pool to increase the thunder power in his soul, there was still a certain distance from achieving Golden Core.

Unless he could condense his original demon body…

‘Fellow Ye, oh, Fellow Ye, this old patriarch was merely in closed-door cultivation. How could you provoke such an existence? Can’t you wait a few years? When this old patriarch recovers to the Tribulation Stage, I’ll bring you along to show off…’

The Patriarch of Hell shook his head secretly.

In the eyes of the Xiao clan’s patriarch, his silence made him think that he was looking down on him. He could not help but say in a low voice, “I’m talking to you, yet you ignored me. Aren’t you being too arrogant?!

“You’re just a spiritual body. If your physical body was still here, I might be afraid of you, but not now…”

The Xiao clan’s patriarch looked down at the Patriarch of Hell from above. There was a sliver of coldness in his eyes that caused the temperature in the surroundings to suddenly drop.

“You can come with me!”

With that, he waved his sleeve. Everyone, including Yang Tian and the rest, immediately felt an irresistible suction force, immobilizing them.


An overbearing thunder power rose from the ground and blasted towards him. Soon after, a cold voice was heard, “I will not allow you to touch them!”

“I’ve already said that you’re not my match!”

The Xiao clan’s patriarch chuckled and stretched out his five fingers. He suddenly clenched his fist towards the void and the energy between the heavens and earth gathered at an astonishing speed, finally forming a giant finger that could hold up the sky.

The giant finger emitted a monstrous pressure. The pressure was not directed at ordinary martial artists. On the contrary, the higher the cultivation level, the more terrifying it was.

Under the pressure, the space within 30 meters became distorted. It seemed like it could not bear the weight and was about to collapse.

“Since you want to save them, you should go first!”

The Xiao clan’s patriarch smiled faintly. With a wave of his sleeve, the giant finger descended from the sky like a falling mountain and headed straight for the Patriarch of Hell.

“Finger of hell, annihilating heavens!”

The Patriarch of Hell looked solemn as he pointed his index finger at the sky!


In that instant, a giant golden finger rose from the ground. It seemed like it wanted to pierce through the sky as it shot toward the giant finger with terrifying power.


At that moment, the whole world seemed to tremble. The entire peach blossom forest shook like an earthquake was coming…

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, the Patriarch of Hell’s giant golden finger gradually collapsed when it came into contact with the giant finger. Then, it turned into countless spiritual lights that scattered in all directions.

The Xiao clan’s patriarch’s giant finger endured for a few seconds before collapsing as well. However, it transformed into a vast amount of heaven and earth energy that returned to his body.

Compared to his calmness, the Patriarch of Hell’s aura gradually began to dissipate. After all, he was just a primordial spirit, and he had consumed too much of his vital energy.

The moment the two exchanged blows, the victor was decided.

The Patriarch of Hell’s expression gradually turned grim as he struggled with his gaze, “Do I have to sacrifice my soul power to fight him like the last time?”

It had not been easy for him to recover to Foundation Building. If he sacrificed his soul, he would probably not be as fortunate as last time and be able to survive.

Although the Patriarch of Hell was not a good person, he was not a heartless person. He knew how well the Ye family treated him. He could not abandon Yang Tian and the rest!

Thinking to this point, he could not help but force a smile, “Fellow Ye, outsiders say that you’re dead, but I don’t believe them. If you don’t appear now, I really won’t be able to do anything.”

The Xiao clan’s patriarch placed his hands behind his back and stepped on the void like a god looking down on all living beings, “I said that if your physical body was here, you might be able to fight me. However, you’re not qualified to do so!

“Follow me!”

He chuckled softly, then reached down again.

In the next moment, an extremely cold voice suddenly exploded in this area, “If he isn’t qualified, then what about me?!”

In a daze, everyone saw the space above them distort. An extremely thin figure appeared under the Xiao clan’s patriarch’s giant hand.

In that instant, the hand suddenly froze, it could no longer descend. Immediately after, it exploded with a bang, turning into countless light spots.


Yang Tian stared blankly at the familiar figure that suddenly appeared in the sky as if he was dreaming, “That’s Old Ye? I’m not dreaming, am I?!”

“M-Master!” Xiao Ya cried in joy.

Ever since Ye Chen got into trouble, Mengmeng, who had never spoken, was in Yang Tian’s embrace. There was a gleam in her dull eyes, “Daddy…”

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