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Chapter 747 - The Ancient Desolate Realm and the Celestial Burial Planet!

Chapter 747: The Ancient Desolate Realm and the Celestial Burial Planet!

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That gaze caused a sharp pain in King Mu’s heart, and he gradually came to his senses. He then raised his eyes to look at Situ Yun and said, “Brother Situ, I’m sure you can tell that my King Mu Fort is truly undeserving to the City Governor’s Mansion. I hope you don’t mind that we reject your offer!”

Second Elder’s expression changed, “Fort master, you…”

Just as he was about to say something else, he realized that King Mu’s gaze was extremely cold. He could only forcefully hold back his words.

“Great, great, that’s just great!”

Situ Yun’s face was ashen. After saying ‘great’ three times, he sneered and said, “Since King Mu Fort doesn’t fancy the City Governor’s Mansion, I believe that the Blood Blade Sect and the like will!

“Let’s go!”

After speaking, he flung his sleeves and left with Situ Yu. A loyal servant put away the gifts and left as well!

Mu Caiwei turned around and left without a word.

Second Elder wanted to chase after him, but he was afraid of King Mu’s authority. He could only stomp his feet and say, “Fort master, why are you doing this? This is just great. You’ve completely offended the City Governor’s Mansion!”

“Because she’s my daughter!”

King Mu snorted, but he secretly sighed.

How could he not understand the threat in Situ Yun’s words before he left? However, as a father, he truly owed his daughter too much, so he was unable to let her go!

On the first floor of the King Mu Fort’s library, Ye Chen seemed to be deep in thought. He had read almost all of the books on the entire first floor of the library within half an hour.

It had also allowed him to have a certain understanding of this world’s power system. The cultivation system was similarly divided into two types-Mystic Masters and martial artists.

Among them, Mystic Masters were categorized into grade-1 to grade-9.

On the other hand, martial artists were more interesting. They were also divided into acquired stage and innate stage. The acquired stage included the Illuminating Energy, Internal Energy, Illuminating Pulse and Concealed Energy. Above the innate stage were the venerable stage and the Emperor Stage!

It was similar to the cultivation system of ancient martial artists on Earth. Other than the name being different, it was almost identical.

“As I expected, this world must be connected to Earth. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be such a coincidence!”

Ye Chen said softly as he looked at the two remaining books that he had not read. One of them was called the World Geography and the Miscellaneous Things and the other was called the Legends of Mountains and Seas.

Ye Chen picked up the book casually and started reading it carefully. However, waves were surging inside of him, “The Ancient Desolate Realm. So, the world I’m currently in is the Ancient Desolate Realm…”

The ancient book recorded that this world was called the Ancient Desolate Realm. It was as vast as Earth, but unlike Earth, the Ancient Desolate Realm was rich in spiritual energy and possessed a higher cultivation civilization. The Tianfeng sea area where King Mu Fort was located was only a drop in the ocean in the Ancient Desolate Realm.

“To think that I actually arrived at the Ancient Desolate Realm Qin Yan spoke of!”

Ye Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He picked up the Legends of Mountains and Seas book and browsed through it quickly. Compared to the previous book, this one had shocked him even more.

This Legends of Mountains and Seas was written by a person, and the contents included all his speculations. This person had speculated that there was another world outside the Ancient Desolate Realm. This world lacked spiritual energy, and most of it was oceans. There were many dynasties that had been replaced one after another, and there were even legends like Chang’e flying to the moon.

“Isn’t this person talking about Earth…”

Ye Chen held back the stir inside of him and continued reading. The person called the world he speculated as the Celestial Burial Planet. He thought that the Celestial Burial Planet and the Ancient Desolate Realm came from the same source. They seemed to be two different worlds, but they were in the same space-time.

He had even speculated that the Ancient Desolate Realm was the Celestial Burial Planet. However, something had happened in the world afterwards, causing the two to separate.

“Who is this author? To be able to write such content, he must be someone from Earth!”

Ye Chen kept looking for the author of the book, but he could not find it at all. Someone seemed to have torn off the first page.

Meanwhile, inside lady’s room in King Mu Fort, Mu Caiwei quietly sat in front of the dressing table, staring blankly at an ancient painting that was placed on top of the dressing table. Tears slowly flowed down her face.

The ancient drawing depicted a woman in palatial attire. She seemed to be in her thirties or forties, and she was extremely lifelike. There was a beauty mole on her chin, and she seemed to be filled with charm.

A voice came from outside, “Caiwei, can I come in?”

Mu Caiwei immediately wiped her tears and reassembled the ancient painting before walking over to open the door. Her face was expressionless.

King Mu surveyed his surroundings after entering the room. His gaze paused on the ancient painting a few times before he said with a bitter smile, “Are you thinking about your mother again?”

Mu Caiwei said coldly, “Father, what’s the matter?”

“I’ve thought things through today. Whether you marry or not, it is entirely up to you!”

King Mu looked at her with slight heartache, “You’ve sacrificed too much for this family for my incompetence. If you are unwilling to marry, go to the capital city to find your aunt. She will protect you!

“As for King Mu Fort, I’ll think of a way to deal with it myself. At most, I’ll compromise with the King and give up my family fortune to become a wealthy man…”


Mu Caiwei suddenly shook her head and said, “Father, you’re too naïve. The King has repeatedly ordered you to send Junyan to the capital city to be a hostage, yet you refused. With the King’s character, he won’t let you off. Once you compromise, the consequences will be eternal damnation.”

King Mu said in a deep voice, “It’s worth it to exchange my life for the safety of the two of you. Besides, the King might not be that heartless!”

Mu Caiwei suddenly said, “Father, I’ve decided to get married!”

“W-what did you say?”

Mu Caiwei took a deep breath in and said, “I’ve decided to get married, but I won’t consider the City Governor’s Mansion, the Seven Mysteries Mansion, or any other force.”

“Why?” King Mu frowned slightly.

“Father, whether it is the City Governor’s Mansion or the Seven Mysteries Mansion, they’re all wolves in sheep’s clothing. Them wanting me to marry them is only one of the reasons. The most important reason is that they want to suck the blood of our King Mu Fort!”

Mu Caiwei said, “So, what I mean is that since I’m going to marry, then I’ll choose someone that can’t threaten our King Mu Fort, or even my brother’s inheritance. This way, we’ll put an end to those people’s plots!”

At this point, she paused for a moment before continuing, “This person doesn’t need to look good, nor does he need a prominent family background. In fact, he does not even need to cultivate!”

King Mu shook his head without thinking, “The people you are talking about are either orphans or cripples. They’re either beggars or fools. Where can you find any? Besides, even if you found one, I’ll not joke about your happiness!”


Mu Caiwei pursed her red lips. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’ve just thought of a suitable candidate. Moreover, he’s currently staying in the King Mu Fort!”

For some reason, when she decided to get married, a person’s shadow flashed across her mind.

This person had neither looks nor family background. He could not cultivate and was alone.

He could not be more suitable!

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