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Chapter 936 - Chapter 936: Rakshasa’s Might!

Chapter 936: Rakshasa’s Might!

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Jade-faced Rakshasa was the number one assassin in the world. Behind him was the entire Assassin Alliance.

If there was no need, the Saintess did not want to fall out with him.

But who asked this person to ruin her plans repeatedly?

If she did not kill him, there would be endless trouble in the future!

The Saintess’s eyes turned sharp, and the white silk in her hand flew towards the man in white with a murderous aura.


The man in white didn’t move.

Seeing this, Su Li broke out in cold sweat for him and couldn’t help but blurt out, “Be careful!”

The white silk wrapped around him like a python.

Just as he was about to entangle the white-robed man, the white-robed man suddenly waved his sword.

When the Rakshasa Sword was out, the King of Hell’s Hall would open!

The cold sword qi was wrapped in a dangerous purgatory fiend aura. If he encountered a god, he would kill a Buddha. What could a mere 30 feet of white silk do to him?

A sword qi slashed down, and the white silk shattered!

Su Li was dumbfounded. “No way… It’s so powerful…”

That woman’s martial arts were unfathomable. He could not even last a move against her.

Who was this man in white?

He was too good at fighting!

He wondered how his brother would go against him.

The Saintess frowned when she saw her white silk cut off by the Jade-faced Rakshasa.

She shot out another filament.

Snow Region Heavenly Silk!

The man in white’s expression did not change. He grabbed Su Li from the ground and jumped onto the other party’s roof.

The Saintess’ expression darkened.

He actually dodged… What a fast qinggong!

Su Li had never flown so quickly before. His scalp felt like it was about to be flipped over by the strong wind.

“Ah… ah!”

He cried out.

The man in white placed him on the roof.

It seemed to be a casual and fast action, but he had actually slowed it down with his internal strength.

Su Li landed softly without any additional pain.

The Saintess shot out the flying threads again.

The man in white rose and fell in the night, nimbly avoiding it.

The last time he rose into the air, he was already close to the Saintess.

Su Li was enlightened.

“This guy seems to be dodging irregularly, but he’s actually approaching the Saintess every time. His positioning is very strange, so even the Saintess cant react… Wow, he’s really amazing!”

Su Li suddenly envied the other party’s martial arts.

Did this hero accept disciples?

He would kowtow to him and acknowledge him as his master!

The white-robed man held the sword with both hands and suddenly slashed at the Saintess.

The Saintess dodged to the side.

Although she had not been split open, her sleeve was not spared. A portion of her sleeve was split open by the sword qi.

She landed on the ground ten feet away and looked at her torn sleeve. A murderous glint flashed across her eyes.

She drew the whip from her belt and flicked it away.

This was not an ordinary whip. It was an iron whip.

She flew up and lashed out at the white-robed man.

The man in white dodged to the side.

The whip hit the ground and even cracked a small hole.

Su Li shrank his neck.

Heavens, was this woman so powerful?

Fortunately, she had only just attacked just now. If she had used this move on him, it would have been light if his skin and flesh had split open. His bones could shatter.

The two of them fought fiercely.

Su Li could more or less guess the other party’s identity. The coachman just now should be a puppet expert from the Holy Maiden Temple. No wonder he had a similar aura to Wei Xu.

However, he was not as powerful as Wei Xu.

In addition, Su Li discovered something else. As the two of them became more and more violent, the cultivation and aura of the Saintess overflowed.

He vaguely felt a trace of the power of a puppet expert.

“Oh my god!”

He widened his eyes and felt that he had discovered something extraordinary!

Had she absorbed the power of those puppets?

This was not impossible!

Those who submitted would prosper and those who resisted would die, but there was no guarantee that nothing would go wrong with every puppet. If she encountered those who were disobedient or seriously injured, she would absorb the other party’s internal energy and take it for themselves.

Naturally, she could not absorb it all, but even if it was a very small portion, it was still quite terrifying.

No, he could not let Wei Xu fall into this woman’s hands!

Su Li looked at the two of them fighting fiercely. He endured the pain all over his body and quietly jumped down from the roof.

He came to the carriage and tidied Wei Xu’s clothes before helping him sit up.

Wei Xu was controlled.

No matter how Su Li called him, he could not respond.

“Forget it, I’ll carry you back!”

Su Li turned around.

As soon as he bent down, there was a sharp pain in his chest.

One of his ribs was broken.

He could not move too much. The pain was secondary. It would be bad if his broken ribs poked into his organs.

“Can… can you come up yourself?”

He gasped.

Wei Xu did not react.

Su Li sighed helplessly. “You win.”

He endured the pain and carried Wei Xu on his back.

Unexpectedly, before she could take two steps, the Holy Maiden whipped him. Su Li fell and fell to the ground with Wei Xu.

Wei Xu rolled to the side.

The Saintess swept Wei Xu over with her whip and shot several silver needles at Su Li.

The man in white stood in front of Su Li and blocked the silver needles one by one.

One of them was about to pierce through, and he turned his head to avoid it.

Only for the rest of the silver needles to shoot off his mask.

Su Li saw his face clearly.

“Fourth… Fourth Brother?!”

The man in white picked up the mask and put it back on.

Su Li was dumbfounded!

Was he seeing things just now?

Why did that person… have the same face as Fourth Brother?

But he was definitely not Fourth Brother…

Fourth Brother didn’t know martial arts… Fourth Brother couldn’t even kill a chicken…

The Saintess seemed to have found the white-robed man’s weakness. Instead of fighting him head-on, she attacked Su Li instead.

“Get out of the way!”

The white-robed man shouted.

It was too late.

Su Li, who had yet to recover from his shock, could not dodge the Saintess’ sneak attack.

The white-robed man blocked him with his body and received an iron whip.

Almost at the same time, the longsword in his hand suddenly shot at the Saintess.

The Saintess did not expect him to do this.

However, the whip had already been lashed out and could not be retracted for a moment.

She could only dodge to the side, but she had underestimated the power of the Rakshasa Sword.

It was too fast. Her left shoulder was cut by the speeding sword.

Su Li looked at the man in white who had taken a whip for him and said with heartache, “Fourth Brother, are you alright! Are you my Fourth Brother?”

“Let’s go!”

The white-robed man said.

Su Li got up and carried Wei Xu.

The man in white said coldly, “You’re not allowed to take him away!”

Su Li said seriously, “No, I have to bring him back!”

The white-robed man used his internal strength to retract the Rakshasa Sword and slashed at the stunned Wei Xu.

Su Li was shocked. “Fourth Brother, what are you doing!”

He took a step forward and spread his arms to protect Wei Xu behind him. “He’s Wei Xu! It’s enough for you to kill the Saintess! Why kill him!”

The man in white said sternly, “Move aside!”

The Saintess had to be killed and Wei Xu had to die!

Su Li gritted her teeth. “I won’t let you! Unless you kill me!”

The white-robed man attacked again.

This time, he was blocked by the Holy Maiden.

Su Li carried Wei Xu on his back and ran!

Of these two, one wanted to absorb Wei Xu’s strength, and the other wanted to kill him.

They were both up to no good!

He had better hurry up and find Wei Ting and the others!

Unexpectedly, after taking a few steps, the ground suddenly shook violently, and the wall beside him suddenly collapsed.

Along with the wall collapsed was a huge statue of a Heavenly God made of bronze and iron.

The man in white’s expression changed. “Little Five….” There was a loud bang, and dust flew.

After a long time, everything returned to silence.

The white-robed man used his qinggong and rushed over, roaring, “Little


“Fourth Brother… I’m… cough, cough, cough..

Su Li coughed under the ruins.

The man in white pushed aside the bricks with his bare hands.

Wei Xu used his strong body to block the bronze statue and protected Su Li under him.

It was like an eagle trying its best to protect its offspring under lightning and in a storm.

“Give me your hand!”

The man in white reached out to Su Li and grabbed his hand.

Su Li was disheveled and coughed violently. “Fourth Brother… save General Wei

Wei Xu was pressed down by the bronze statue that weighed 500 kilograms. It was obvious that he was about to reach his limit. This was a good opportunity to kill him.


The bronze statue pressed down again.

Wei Xu knelt on one knee.

The man in white pulled Su Li out.

Wei Xu couldn’t hold on anymore. The ground under his knees had cracked, and broken bricks pierced his knees. Hot blood stained the ruins.

Su Li fainted.

The man in white hugged Su Li with one hand, and a fierce struggle flashed across his eyes.

In the end, the moment the bronze statue completely pressed down, he suddenly stabbed the Rakshasa Sword in his hand into the ground!

The Rakshasa Sword blocked the bronze statue.

The white-robed man gritted his teeth and pulled Wei Xu out!

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