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Chapter 671 - Chapter 671: The Truth Is Out

Chapter 671: The Truth Is Out

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In the past few days of treating Helian Ye, other than the first night when Helian Ye woke up, Su Xiaoxiao asked him if he was the mastermind. After that, she did not mention a word.

She was waiting for Helian Ye to take the initiative to tell her.

This was how people were. The more they were forced, the more unwilling they were to speak. Sometimes, if one did not ask, the other party would lose his cool.

In the past, Helian Ye might have been able to endure it. Unfortunately, the willpower of people who were weak would be greatly reduced.

A powerful doctor not only had to have superb medical skills, but also had to understand the patient’s mentality. Su Xiaoxiao had calculated Helian Ye’s thoughts from beginning to end.

She showed a trace of surprise. “Oh? You’re not coaxing me, are you? King

Nanyang does things flawlessly. What secrets can he have that have fallen into your hands?”

These words successfully hit Helian Ye’s sore spot.

Thinking of how he had been fooled by King Nanyang, Helian Ye was originally a little hesitant. Now, he really wanted to sell King Nanyang’s underwear.

He clenched his fists and turned around coldly to look at the dark veil. “You can choose not to believe me.”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled faintly. “You tell me first. I’ll see if I believe you.”


It was clearly this girl who was searching for information about King Nanyang, but he, who controlled this secret, could not take the initiative at all.

He said indignantly, “Everyone says that my niece is a talented girl in Northern

Yan and is both smart and brave, but I think she’s not as cunning as you.” Su Xiaoxiao had a serious expression. “The personal attack is over.”

Actually, Zhao Kangning was still very powerful, but she had encountered the more powerful Su Xiaoxiao. There was no harm without comparison. This was how she paled in comparison.

Helian Ye returned to the topic. “King Nanyang… might be possessed.”

Su Xiaoxiao was puzzled. “Bewitched?”

Helian Ye recalled and an incredulous expression appeared on his face. “Once, when I went to see him, he seemed to have become a different person. He grabbed my sword… and begged me to kill him.”

Su Xiaoxiao sat up straight and listened carefully. “Then?”

Helian Ye frowned and said, “I don’t understand if it was his test or something.

Before I could respond, he fainted. When he opened his eyes again, it was that sinister person behind the scenes again.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked, “Didn’t you ask him what happened?”

Helian Ye shook his head, indicating that he did not ask. “On the other hand, he asked me. He said that he drank some wine during the day and it had a strong aftereffect. He accidentally fell asleep. He didn’t say anything just now, right? I don’t know why I hid the situation back then.”

Because he would die if he didn’t hide it… He had seen King Nanyang’s greatest secret. It was even more terrifying than the content of the will.

Call him stupid, but his crisis instincts were alright. No wonder he was like a resilient cockroach.

In this way, she roughly understood what was going on with King Nanyang. Although there was no concrete evidence, it was at least a reliable guess.

She had once wondered how powerful a person’s disguise could be such that even his biological mother couldn’t tell. Back then, MO Guiyuan was also very good at pretending, but he could not hide it from his daughter in the end.

The description of him by Wei Ting and the others was more like a completely different person.

Su Xiaoxiao’s first reaction was that could that guy be a soul of an alternate world like her?

However, Prince Nanyang had clearly seen her putting Helian Ye on a drip.

He did not react to this, which meant that he did not know these things. His situation was different from his.

If Helian Ye was not lying… No, Helian Ye had no reason to lie.

The modest gentleman that Wei Ting and the Empress Dowager mentioned was indeed the real King of Nanyang. There was no disguise or deception.

Now, this sinister mastermind was also King Nanyang, but his other personality.

It was unknown if Wei Ting would be happier if she told him this news.

After all, King Nanyang did not lie to him. The past beauty was real.

But there might be another piece of bad news—the kind primary personality was already dead.

After leaving Helian Ye’s courtyard, Su Xiaoxiao planned to go back and tell Wei Ting this news.

She had only taken a few steps when she was blocked by Zhao Kangning.

Zhao Kangning was about to return to Northern Yan. Thinking about how she had come with ambition but left after losing everything, she felt very aggrieved.

She snorted disdainfully. ‘Why are you here? My uncle’s injuries don’t need you anymore!”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “Yes, I’m also very curious. Your uncle’s injuries are clearly fine, so why did he go through so much trouble to invite me over? It seems that General Helian can’t bear to part with me.”

Zhao Kangning’s expression darkened. “You’re shameless! ”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled faintly. “It takes one to know one. You let your Gu Master harm your uncle.”

“I…” Zhao Kangning choked.” I don’t know why he attacked my uncle. How did I harm my uncle? ”

Su Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows and smiled. “So you’re implying that you’ve been deceived? The female top scholar of Northern Yan can be said to be the Zhuge of women. So you’re so stupid?”

Zhao Kangning fell back in anger.

She was invincible in the capital of Beiyan. When she came to the Great Zhou, she was repeatedly defeated by a country girl. She really could not take this lying down!

“Qin Su, you’re here!”

The young princess of the Western Jin walked over with Sihu.

Zhao Kangning quickly restrained her anger and smiled warmly at the young princess of the Western Jin. “Qin Su is here to treat my uncle’s injuries. I’m thanking her.”

The young Princess of the Western Jin nodded. “That’s right. Don’t always target Qin Su.”

Zhao Kangning looked around and confirmed that Su Xiaoxiao did not bring the hindering parrot. She lowered his eyes and sighed softly. “However, Qin Su doesn’t seem to be willing to accept my apology.”

“That’s all because of you… You went too far in the past.” The young princess of the Western Jin tried her best to convince herself to stand on Qin Su’s side.

Actually, over the past two days, Zhao Kangning had been helping to take care of Ruyi, earning a lot of favorable impressions from the young Princess of the Western Jin.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Zhao Kangning and smiled. “Princess Kangning, we’re all smart people. There’s no need to do this. You lost to me twice in a row. It’s normal for you to be unconvinced. If you have the ability, come openly. Don’t play these tricks. The young Princess of the Western Jin isn’t so easy to fool.”

After putting on this high hat, the young Princess of the Western Jin immediately became arrogant. “Yes! I… I’m not easy to fool!”

Zhao Kangning gritted her teeth.

During this period of time, Qin Su rarely met the young Princess of the Western Jin. When she came to the posthouse, she only treated her uncle’s injuries and left. On the other hand, Zhao Kangning accompanied the young Princess of the Western Jin to play all over the capital and was so tired every day that she did not want to move.

In the end, Qin Su won over the young Princess of the Western Jin with just a sentence?!

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Zhao Kangning sympathetically. “I don’t think you have much ability.”

With that, she wanted to leave with the young princess and the Sihu.

“Stop right there!” Zhao Kangning stopped her coldly.. “Do you dare to compete with me again? The last round!”

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