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Chapter 547 - Chapter 547: The Relationship Between Father and Son

Chapter 547: The Relationship Between Father and Son

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Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know that she had defeated two big bosses at once.


The three little ones had come to the Imperial Astronomy Center.

She was distributing gold to them in the house.

Dahu liked little gold bars, Erhu liked gold ingots, and Xiaohu liked little gold leaves.

Xiaohu hugged his golden leaves. “Like a boat. I want to put them in the water!”

“It’ll sink,” Dahu said.

Xiaohu shook his head. “My boat is free!”

Then he went to the small waterhole outside to put the boat.

As expected, they all sank.

Xiaohu cried!

Wei Liulang walked over and squatted down. He hesitated for a moment and touched his throat, not sure if he should speak to them in such a terrifying voice.

However, Xiaohu was crying so hard that he cried and burped.

He said in a hoarse voice, “Xiaohu, what’s wrong?” Xiaohu twitched. “My boat… My boat sank… Wuwah—”

“Dahu! Dahu! Dahu’s fault!”

Seeing that the child was not frightened by his voice, he secretly relaxed and asked in confusion, “Why are you blaming Dahu?” Xiaohu complained, “It was Dahu who sank my boat—”

Dahu was really miserable.

Wei Liulang plucked a big leaf and placed Xiaohu’s “fleet” on it. He gently tossed it into the water. “Look, isn’t it not sinking now?”

Xiaohu’s cries stopped abruptly. His black eyes widened, and there were tears in them. He was extremely cute. “Ya, really!”

“Where do you want it to go?”

“This way.”

Wei Liulang circulated his internal strength and let the big leaf carry his small golden fleet forward.

Wherever he pointed, Wei Liulang would move the fleet. Xiao Hu was so excited that he howled.

Erhu was attracted by his cry and ran over. “Can you let my golden ingots go up

With internal strength, it was not a problem.

As the two little tiger heads played happily, their laughter echoed throughout the entire Tinperial Astronomy Center-

Dahu stood behind the pillar and looked at Wei Liulang and his two brothers in a daze. He raised his feet and put them back. In the end, he did not go over.

When Wei Liulang found him, he was sitting alone on the threshold of the backyard.

Although the rain had stopped, the ground was wet, making his back look especially lonely.

Wei Liulang’s heart ached.

He walked over and called out softly, “Dahu.”

He differentiated the three little fellows very clearly. There was no need to count the swirls.

Dahu paused and said nothing.

“May I, sit down?” he asked.

Dahu moved to the side.

Wei Liulang sat down beside Dahu.

He touched the mask on his face and asked, “Dahu, aren’t you happy? Why didn’t you come over and play with your brothers?”

Dahu held something in his hand and lowered his head.

Wei Liulang looked at him and wanted to ask if he didn’t like him, but he heard Dahu say aggrievedly, “You don’t like me. You only like Xiaohu and Erhu.”

Wei Liulang was stunned.

Where did that come from?

Dahu said, “You sleep with Xiaohu and play with Erhu. I’ll look for you, but I can’t find you every time.”

Wei Liulang did not know that he had accidentally hurt this child’s heart. He felt guilty. “I’m sorry, Dahu. I didn’t do it on purpose. In the future…”

What in the future what?

Would a disfigured cripple like him have a future?

He didn’t even dare to face himself, so how could he dare to let his children and family face him?

Dahu looked at him eagerly, as if waiting for him to finish.

His throat was swollen and painful, and his voice was dry. “If you can’t find me, just call out. If I hear you, I’ll come over.”

Dahu asked, “Then will you always hear it? Will you always be there?”

The child’s clean and pure eyes were filled with endless anticipation as if Wei Liulang could shatter his young heart with just a word.

He took a deep breath and said slowly, “Sometimes, I go out to do my own things.”

Dahu looked at him in understanding. “Mother said that you adults have matters to attend to. Will you come back after you’re done?”

Wei Liulang did not answer. Instead, he asked Dahu, “If I don’t come back, will

Dahu be sad?”

Dahu thought for a moment and nodded honestly.

Wei Liulang carried Dahu over and let the little guy sit on his lap.

Dahu immediately became so shy.

His uncle’s embrace was as warm as his father’s.

Wei Liulang hugged the little fellow in his arms, and his heart, which was riddled with holes, was filled bit by bit. The days and nights of the dead, the deaths of his grandfather, and his brothers… All of them tortured him.

At this moment, he obtained a moment of peace.

“Uncle, why is your arm missing?” Dahu touched his empty right sleeve. He hadn’t reacted the last time, but this time, he was sure.

Wei Liulang panicked.

He was afraid of scaring the child and not knowing how to explain.

“Will it come back?” Dahu did not seem to be afraid.

“It won’t be able to come back,” Wei Liulang whispered.

“Then are you very sad?” Dahu looked up at him and touched his mask with his small hand. “Don’t be sad. What do you want? Dahu will get it for you. Dahu can be your hand.”

Hot tears streamed down Wei Liulang’s face as he hugged Dahu tightly.

Tonight, the palace was in chaos for no other reason than that His Majesty had fallen ill again.

It had only been a month since he was poisoned last time. This could not help but worry about His Majesty’s dragon body.

After the empress arrived, she ordered someone to send Emperor Jing Xuan back to his bedroom and summoned the imperial physicians.

It was Imperial Physician Zhu and Imperial Physician Li.

After the two of them took Emperor Jing Xuan’s pulse, they said that His Majesty had worked overnight. Coupled with his anger, he vomited blood and fainted.

“Is it serious?” Consort Xian asked in a choked voice.

If it was serious, her son was finished.

She heard that it was her son who angered His Majesty.

If His Majesty died, her son would never be able to ascend the throne.

“Well…” The two imperial physicians hesitated.

The Empress said, “Imperial Physician Zhu, Imperial Physician Li, there’s no harm in saying your piece.”

Imperial Physician Li lowered his head.

Imperial Physician Zhu sighed and said, “Let me tell you. His Majesty’s situation is not optimistic. Although his life is not in danger this time, there will definitely be a huge disaster in the long run.”

“It’s… it’s not just that,” Imperial Physician Li said without confidence. The Empress said, “His Majesty is in his prime…”

Imperial Physician Zhu said, “It’s precisely because he is in his prime that he survived this round. If it happens again, I’m afraid he’ll have a stroke.” As soon as these words were spoken, everyone’s expression changed.

Was a stroke in his forties too…

Everyone muttered in their hearts, but they did not dare to show it on their faces.

Consort Xian almost forgot to cry.

Yong Shou Palace also received the news.

The Empress Dowager sighed helplessly. “Everyone wants to be the emperor, but they don’t know that it won’t be so pleasant to be in this position.”

The late emperor had been regent for many years and passed away two years after becoming emperor.

Although Bai Xihe’s husband, Emperor Jing Yan, had a weak body since he was young, he could have dragged on for another ten to eight years if he was not the emperor.

The Empress Dowager asked, “Is the Third Prince still kneeling?”

Eunuch Cheng said, “He’s still kneeling. It just rained heavily. His knees are torn from kneeling, and blood has flowed all the way.”

There were rumors in the palace that it was the Third Prince who made His Majesty fall ill.

At this moment, no one dared to plead for the Third Prince. Even Consort Xian did not dare to say anything.

The Empress Dowager waved her hand and said tiredly, “Go get him up.”

Eunuch Cheng reminded her softly, “But it was His Majesty who made the Third Prince kneel…

The Empress Dowager said sternly, “I said to let him get up!”

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