Gate of Revelation

Chapter 5: Loading

GOR Chapter 5: Loading

Absolute despair, mental collapse, fear…

Within the plane, the flight attendant slumped down onto the floor, her pair of eyes were in a state of daze as she murmured something.

The Korean loli on the other hand, had shrunk away into a corner, her eyes firmly staring at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian was slumped down in a position not far away from the hole in the broken aircraft cabin. In fact, he was maintaining the same posture he had earlier in which he was trying to turn around and get up.

“What is that? What is that? What the hell… is that thing?!”

Chen Xiaolian felt his heart pounding wildly. He himself was unable to describe what he was feeling, only that he was about to collapse into madness.

Pa ta.

Something dropped out of his pocket and fell onto the floor. It was none other than the steel sphere that he had picked up yesterday. It was likely that his excessively violent movement of jumping into the aircraft cabin had caused it to move over to the side of his pocket.

Gulu, gulu. The steel sphere rolled all the way to the feet of the Korean loli.

Looking at it, the little loli bit her lips before stretching out her small hands to pick it up. Exerting some strength, she held it in her hands and crawled in a timid manner towards Chen Xiaolian’s side to hand over the sphere.


Chen Xiaolian could not understand what the little loli was saying at all. However, when he saw the item that she was passing over, he felt stunned. Suddenly, he grabbed it and viciously threw it out in frustration.

A bang sound rang out as the steel sphere struck the walls of the passenger compartment and bounced back. However, as it bounced back it struck Chen Xiaolian on his forehead.

Chen Xiaolian gave a stifled cry as he then fell down on his back with a thud.

Amidst his state of confusion, he appeared to be seeing countless flashing of images.

There were those from before he had boarded the plane, when he was on the plane and from the time of the accident. Each one of the images appeared like frames off a movie.

Next, the images suddenly gave out a flash and everything transformed into a sheet of darkness.

“Restarting execution, confirming command directive…”

“Arrival complete, 1%, 2%, 5%, … , 98%, … Warning, arrival failed, arrival failed! Target host body exhibiting irregular variation.”

“Warning, arrival is incomplete, errors may arise, please initiate data feedback immediately.”

“Executing data feedback… warning, warning! Data link is disconnected, data link is disconnected…”

“Beginning self-test on integration limit, integration limit 1%… 5%… 28%… 69%…”

“Self-test complete, loading mode turned on.”

“Loading standard abilities, core mode activated. Beginner mode activated. Inputting instance dungeon codes…”

“Input complete, integration limit complete.”

“Host body exhibiting irregularity, sending feedback data on irregularity…”

“Feedback aborted, data link disconnected, data link disconnected…”

“Compulsory boot mode activated, beginning loading mode…”

Takashimoto Shizuka sat blankly on the floor; her back leaned against a first class seat as she looked at the young teenager lying on the floor.

She had already mentally collapsed, or perhaps she was on the very brink of mental collapse.

She had originally been terrified. Even then, she had only assumed this to be an ordinary plane crash. Although she believed that she had been forgotten by the rescue workers, she had still managed to survive. Even if there was temporarily no possibility of being saved, she had survived.

As a member of the airline company, Takashimoto Shizuka was able to maintain a calm state of being. She was familiar with the process involved. She knew that even if the rescue workers had for some unknown reason forgotten them, the airline company would still send some other people to conduct an investigation.

Even if they had to stay here for a few days, it would not be long before the investigators arrive as per protocol. Regardless of what happened, the plane wreckage needed to be discovered and collected.

Most important of all, Takashimoto Shizuka had checked the interior part of the aircraft… the black box of the plane had not been touched by anyone!

Thus, someone will definitely come if they wait here.

This youngster is obviously a Chinese. Takashimoto Shizuka felt very grateful; even though he was young, he had shown courage. He had taken on the responsibility of comforting women and children and going alone to look for help.

She had originally thought that the worst-case scenario was that they would have to wait for a few more days.


… that monster!

If she had not taken the little girl with her into the aircraft cabin to retrieve food this afternoon… if she was still outside by then, it was likely that she would be dead by now!


What is that thing?

Or rather… where are we?

In the face of danger, women will instinctively seek something to rely upon. This was especially true for this Japanese woman.

Seeing the youngster, the only male to fall into a state of unconsciousness, Takashimoto Shizuka felt that their future had turned bleak.

As Takashimoto Shizuka was about to burst into tears… she suddenly saw that the youngster had woken up, getting into a seated position.

After he woke up, Chen Xiaolian sat blankly on the floor.

He felt as though he had dreamt of something; yet, he was unable to recall what that dream was.

Fuzzily, he seemed to remember himself looking at a big black screen. Upon the screen interface, a string of characters and numbers were flashing by ….

However, the most messed up part was that he seemed to have an understanding of the meaning of those words even though he clearly could not recognize them.

Wait, wait… calm down… That is right!

The monster!!


Chen Xiaolian breathed rapidly.

A small hand stretched out from beside him, holding a wet towel. It reached out until it was beside Chen Xiaolian’s cheeks.

The little Korean loli looked at Chen Xiaolian with dark black eyes, her small face carrying traces of hope, dependence and fear…

“… thank you,” Chen Xiaolian accepted the towel and wiped his face.

“Oppa, do you have a headache?”

“En, it does not hurt anymore…” Chen Xiaolian answered subconsciously. Suddenly, he froze.


What did she say?

And what did I say?

It was at this moment that Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt his entire body violently shook! It was as though an invisible current was flowing through his entire being! He was propelled upwards like a fish that was violently detonated! After that, he fell heavily onto the floor!

In his field of vision, it seemed as though a row of pale, translucent characters were flashing by…

[Basic mode activated… Loading complete… Please check Personal Setting…]

This, what is this stuff?

Chen Xiaolian blankly ‘stared’ at the ‘words’ before him.

Unconsciously, he reached out to touch them… but, the result was that he could not touch anything.

Instead, his fingers came in contact with the little Korean loli’s cheeks. The little girl froze momentarily before shrinking her head away in fear.

“So, sorry,” Chen Xiaolian was stunned and he quickly retracted his hands. He immediately asked in an anxious manner. “Do you see anything?”

“Oppa, are you not feeling well anywhere?” The little Korean loli asked.

… He could indeed understand what she was saying!

A purely subconscious thought occurred to Chen Xiaolian and he suddenly had a flash of comprehension.

He stared at the ‘non-existent words’ and the part which stated ‘Please check Personal Setting.’

[Personal Setting] …

En, open!

His heart pounding furiously, Chen Xiaolian subconsciously understood: I have acquired, or perhaps I have been placed in a very extraordinary situation…

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