Gate of Revelation

Chapter 44: Bloody Loli

GOR Chapter 44: Bloody Loli

After their face off, Qiao Qiao KO-ed the longhaired man!

Equipped with the strength of B Class, in addition to her originally superb fighting techniques, she seemingly became the perfect embodiment of strength and skill! As for the longhaired man, his actions of underestimating the enemy led him to suffer a most miserable lesson!

The longhaired man sprawled on the floor and coughed out blood. It appeared that he no longer have the strength to even get up. Seeing that, Qiao Qiao quickly moved forward to embrace Soo Soo. Observing that Soo Soo was unconscious, she shouted out angrily. “What have you done to my little sister?”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man turned around. “She was too noisy, so we knocked her out…”

He then glanced at Chen Xiaolian. “What kind of medicine did you give her? Giving items to an ordinary person, do you not know that this is against the rules? You rookie, do you really know nothing at all?”

“Why are you talking nonsense? Just kill them!” The longhaired man struggled to get up from the ground. The middle-aged man gave a “heng” before producing a Mid Class Healing Beast Blood and handed it to him.

“Qiao Qiao, take Soo Soo away first,” Chen Xiaolian shouted.


The trench coat wearing middle-aged man’s body flashed and was suddenly behind Qiao Qiao, obstructing her.

“Didn’t you say that if we win against him we can take the girl away?” Chen Xiaolian asked in a deep voice.

“Oh, I did say if you win against him, I did not say injure him,” The middle-aged man laughed out in a petty and shameless manner. “No matter what, he is still my partner. Even though I do not like this fellow, I would lose face if he gets injured.”

“I knew it would not be so easy,” With a “shua”, the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword in Chen Xiaolian’s hand revealed itself. “Qiao Qiao, if you get the opportunity, run away with Soo Soo!”

After that, Chen Xiaolian brandished the long sword and charged towards the middle-aged man.

The cold light from the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword flashed out, but the middle-aged man’s speed was as fast as a ghost! His body flickered and it disappeared. Chen Xiaolian then felt a hand coming in contact with his waist… a sense of pain was felt on his waist area!

He turned around to see the middle-aged man holding onto a dagger coated in blood. The middle-aged man then rapidly distanced himself from Chen Xiaolian!

So fast!

Chen Xiaolian could clearly feel that his waist had suffered from a stab.

He gritted his teeth and rushed towards the middle-aged man again while shouting. “Qiao Qiao! Run!”

“Not so easy!”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man sneered. His body was like that of a ghost; with a flash he appeared before Qiao Qiao!

Qiao Qiao shouted out. Despite holding onto Soo Soo with one hand, she still managed to execute a kick towards the other party’s face! The middle-aged man dodged to the side with incredible speed! Without waiting for Qiao Qiao’s legs to be lowered, he had already circled around to her back. A muffled groan could be heard coming from Qiao Qiao. When the man retreated two steps back, Qiao Qiao’s shoulder could be seen suffering from a cut.

This person was too fast!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart fell!

The enemy’s speed is definitely above B Class!

Or perhaps… this is his Special Skill?

With one hand clutching onto his waist, Chen Xiaolian grunted and brandished his sword as he rushed forward again. However, this middle-aged man kept shuttling between Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao. Even though the both of them were working together, they were still struck by the dagger in his hand several times. In the three or five times that they faced off, Chen Xiaolian ended up with several new wounds on him. Seeing Qiao Qiao trying to protect Soo Soo, the middle-aged man saw his opportunity. His dagger came down behind her, causing both her clothes and flesh to be split and blood to flow!

Their breaths became increasingly heavier whereas the middle-aged man was able to let out a long laugh. His body moved back and forth rapidly; he then put some distance between himself and the two of them. Standing somewhere about tens of steps away, he lowered his head to look at the longhaired man who was seated on the ground. “Have you watched enough?”

The longhaired man furiously stared at him and covered his bleeding mouth. He let out two coughs. “Do not kill that long legged girl! Her life is mine!”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man laughed out and turned to Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao. “Your character is not bad. Unfortunately… this world requires strength in order to assert oneself. Are you still not willing to surrender?”

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and firmly shook his head. Just as he was about to raise his sword and duke it out again, he suddenly felt his body going soft.

He could feel all the strength in his body flowing away rapidly. It was as though there was a certain power sucking away his bodily strength at a rapid rate! Both his legs turned soft and he fell to his knees. He thrust the sword down the ground with all his might so that he could lean upon it and stop himself from completely falling onto the ground.

Beside him, Qiao Qiao was facing the same predicament. She was already seated on the ground, trying hard to prop herself up. However, her arms turned soft and her face fell to the ground.

“I…” Chen Xiaolian could feel that even the act of talking was very difficult.

[Prompt: You have been affected by an opponent’s poison type skill.]

Po… Poison?

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt discouraged!

“You…” He raised his head to look at the trench coat wearing middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man had already produced another cigarette and lit it up. He leisurely looked at Chen Xiaolian and smiled disdainfully. “Is it finally taking effect? Heng… how does my poison skill taste?”

“…” Chen Xiaolian silently looked at the other party. His hand turned soft and was no longer capable of holding onto the sword. The Cross-shaped Medallion Sword fell onto the ground. With its supply of energy from its owner cut off, it rapidly transformed back into a pendant.

His heartbeat rate seemed to have increased several times. He could clearly hear the sound of his heart beating.

It was obvious to Chen Xiaolian that he was becoming increasingly weaker…

“This… what kind of damnable skill is this…” Chen Xiaolian spat out. “You smeared poison on your weapon?”

“Idiot, you really are a rookie,” The longhaired man seated on the side spoke with a lisp. “His skill is Poison Constitution. This skill has no cool down time and can place poison onto anything he touches. Smear poison? You rookie, you still cannot separate yourself from the thought process of ordinary people.”

“Don’t worry, the poison won’t kill you,” The middle-aged man coldly said. “This poison will only let you enter a continuous weakened state as it erodes away all the strength you can muster.”

After saying that, he walked to Chen Xiaolian’s side and sent out a kick towards Chen Xiaolian’s face!

Chen Xiaolian fell horizontally with a mouthful of blood. Half his face suddenly swelled up.

The trench Coat wearing middle-aged man stooped down to pick up the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword that had transformed into a pendant. “I am taking this loot.”

The longhaired man had already straightened himself. Although his movements were still somewhat limp, he produced a dagger and moved towards Qiao Qiao.

He cast a glance at Soo Soo who was lying on the floor at the side, then back to Qiao Qiao. “Heng, your little sister? You do not look the same at all… I hate this kind of spicy arrogant girls the most! Do you think you are a queen? Heng!”

After he said that, he stabbed down with his dagger and pierced it into Qiao Qiao’s leg! Qiao Qiao screamed out miserably and her body tried to struggle. The longhaired man pulled out the dagger and examined the blood on the dagger. “You like using your leg to kick others, don’t you?”

After finishing his sentence, the dagger fell down again, piercing into Qiao Qiao’s other leg!

This time, Qiao Qiao bit hard upon her teeth, exerting all her might to stop herself from screaming out in pain. She only stared at the longhaired man.

“Don’t look at me that way. I will pull out every single one of your teeth,” The longhaired man laughed fiercely before sending a backhand towards Qiao Qiao’s face.

The strike caused Qiao Qiao to cough out blood. Her body fell and was coincidentally thrown onto Soo Soo’s body.

A mouthful of was blood sprayed onto Soo Soo’s face.

Qiao Qiao was trembling but then she suddenly saw Soo Soo’s pair of closed eyes… opened.


Soo Soo spoke out with a soft voice.

Strangely, her voice was soft, delicate and yet her tone was cold and calm!

“You… vomited blood.”

Soo Soo suddenly got up. She extended her sleeves, using it to wipe the corner of Qiao Qiao’s mouth.

Qiao Qiao’s body quivered! She stared at Soo Soo, a hint of sadness could be seen in her eyes. “You… again…”

This little loli’s face was devoid of happiness and sorrow! Her big pair of shining eyes had seemingly become deprived of any emotions.

Soo Soo’s gaze fell onto the longhaired man’s figure. “You… Were you the one who beat my sister?”

The longhaired man’s face revealed a peculiar smile. “You woke up?”

Soo Soo moved both her hands and feet and got up in a rather awkward manner. After steadying herself, she forcibly lifted her head and directed a gaze at the longhaired man. She asked in a very serious tone. “You… were you the one who beat up my sister?”

“Hahahaha… little loli, if you are thinking of begging me to spare your sister, then I will take your adorability into consideration and grudgingly let her die a quick death.”

Soo Soo looked at the longhaired man; her beautiful eyebrows came together in a frown. “I do not like the way you talk.”


“You wounded my sister, I do not like that,” Soo Soo seemed to sigh. Her voice turned low as though she was talking to herself. “This is all due to that weak little thing. She always needs sister’s protection, always causing problems for sister. That is why I have to always come out to pick up after her…”

“What are you saying?” The longhaired man frowned. “Why do I feel that you are… different from before?”

Upon Soo Soo’s face, a hint of a smile… emerged!

At that moment, the little girl’s face was covered in blood. Upon her face was a pure and sweet smile unique to little loli’s of her age. However, her pair of eyes… were cold and empty!

Soo Soo raised her left hand, her index finger was slightly bent but pointing towards the longhaired man.

“Phoenix, burn him to death.”

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man stared at Soo Soo. His face abruptly changed and he shouted loudly. “Something is not right! She looks like…”

He did not get the chance to finish his words!

A boom resonated and an orange reddish flaming dragon roared out from Soo Soo’s fingertips!

The depths of the flames seemed to be transforming into a flying bird, which then spread out both its wings!

It let out a clearly audible and loud cry!

Blazing phoenix!

The magnificent roaring flames enveloped the longhaired man in an instant! The cries of the blazing phoenix continued endlessly. The middle-aged man’s face changed into a frenzy and he attempted to escape. However, despite his incredible speed, the flames discharged by the blazing phoenix shrouded his surroundings in merely an instant!

The trench coat wearing middle-aged man did not even have the time to scream before he was sucked into the flames!

Several exploding noises could be heard and two mass of flames burst open!

A purple protective suit fell out! It had already been split in half!

A body that was charred beyond recognition slumped onto the floor and broke into pieces almost immediately!

The middle-aged man was still struggling as he howled out. A white radiance was emitted out from his body. However, the orange reddish flames rapidly devoured that white radiance. In the end, the white radiance only managed to maintain itself for a space of several breaths…

“How, how is this possible… argh!”

The flames transformed into a flaming stream which tore the white coloured radiance apart and poured into the middle-aged man’s opened mouth! It was not long before his eyes lit up and fire spouted out of his eyes! The blazing flames were incinerating his entire body… finally, his body turned to ashes…

Soo Soo remained standing at her original spot. There was a calm expression and gaze on her face. It was a terrifying calmness!

Two living person were burnt to death under her direction, even their corpses were burnt to ashes!

As for her, she did not even bat an eye!

All she did was raise her sleeves to wipe away the blood on her face – at that moment, Soo Soo’s small and adorable face was partially smeared with blood. The bloodstains upon her originally innocent face gave her a peculiar appearance…

Chen Xiaolian was rendered speechless; he stared with wide opened eyes at Soo Soo.

This… Is this still… the same girl on the deserted island… that timid and cowardly girl who needed his assurance? Or that teary eyed little girl who was gripping tightly onto the chocolate in her hands?


Soo Soo turned around to see Chen Xiaolian. A smile finally appeared on her face.

“Xiaolian oppa.”

Chen Xiaolian. “You, you… Soo Soo…”

Soo Soo swayed about as she moved until she was beside Chen Xiaolian. Suddenly, she knelt down before him and her short little arms embraced Chen Xiaolian’s waist. She leaned her face onto Chen Xiaolian’s body. “Xiaolian oppa… except, with the exception of sister, I like you most…”

“You… Soo Soo?” Chen Xiaolian was speechless.

“Xiaolian oppa,” Soo Soo raised her face to gaze at Chen Xiaolian. However, an exhausted look appeared on her face. “So tired… using the skill… is too tiring.”

Her body went limp and Soo Soo fell onto Chen Xiaolian.

Somewhere within one kilometre from that area.

Within a hillside area, a figure was shuttling rapidly between the trees of the forest. Judging by the direction taken by this figure, it appeared that the figure was moving towards Chen Xiaolian’s location.

Suddenly, the figure appeared to have noticed something. The figure immediately stopped all movements and stood still!

The figure looked up and a pair of eyes were narrowed as they observed far into the distance. Those pair of eyes gradually revealed a look of intense surprise.

“This… this appears to be… S Class skill?”

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