Gate of Revelation

Chapter 32: Fantasy Or Reality?

GOR Chapter 32: Fantasy Or Reality?


Chen Xiaolian suddenly let out a cry of shock as he violently jumped out of his seat!

He was covered from head to toe in cold sweat. After waking up, he remained in a lying position on the First Class seat. He looked around in panic as his chest pounded with severe intensity, causing him to gasp for breath!

A soft voice belonging to a flight attendant issued out from the broadcast speakers:

“Dear passengers, please note that this flight is about to reach its destination…”

His heart continued palpitating in frenzy!

Chen Xiaolian examined his surroundings like a frightened beast…

In the front row of passenger seats, one of the passengers was in the midst of reclining the seat.

Turning back, he could see the economy cabin. There, no small amount of tourists was packing up their items that were laid upon a small table plank.

Beside him…

Soo Soo yawned and removed the rabbit shaped ear phones fixed upon her ears – when she became aware that Chen Xiaolian was gazing at her, she became frightened. She shrunk her head backwards and turned around to look out the window.

“Mr, do you need anything?”

A voice came from beside him.

Chen Xiaolian quickly turned and saw Sara standing right beside him.

There was no bow or leather on her body… instead, she wore the standard blue coloured flight attendant uniform with a scarf across her neck.

Sara gave a well-mannered and professional smile while pointing at a cup placed before Chen Xiaolian – it was the cup of leftover beer.

“No, I do not need it anymore…” Chen Xiaolian subconsciously uttered.

Sara extended her hand towards the cup. This action from her caused Chen Xiaolian to reflexively recoil backwards in an instant…

Moments later, the plane began its descent…

The landing process for the plane was very smooth, but Chen Xiaolian restlessly looked around…

“Could it be… just a dream?”

His mind began to waver, once it began wavering, it began doubting, then more and more thoughts popped out to occupy his mind.

That… that is right…

It was a dream, right?

En, that must be it! I just had a nightmare!

En, no doubt about it. How could there be such a magical occurrence in this world!

That is right! It must have been a dream! I must have written too many novels, resulting in me having such a ridiculous dream.

Hahahaha! This dream is so peculiar, oh right! I will write it down once I get back, perhaps it can be used in my novels…

The smile on Chen Xiaolian’s face was extremely contrived. His mouth was parched and his heart was racing, yet he continued to desperately comfort himself…

Finally, the plane smoothly finished its landing on the airport runway. After sliding for a few moments, it finally halted.

Sara, the crew chief used the broadcast speakers to inform the passengers of their arrival and politely bade them goodbye.

Chen Xiaolian through, remained seated on his seat… he did not move.

He had originally managed to pacify his body… however… his face suddenly turned taut!

To his back, on the left hand side… sitting on another passenger seat… was someone whose face he recognized!

“Pattern Man?”

At present, his face was not painted with totem patterns. However, his appearance was one that Chen Xiaolian could clearly recognize!

Instantly, both his hands and feet turned cold and bereft of energy!

The aircraft had stopped at the airport apron and the door to the passenger compartment was opened.

Chen Xiaolian did not immediately rise up to leave. Instead, he blankly stared at the passengers passing through his side as they moved to the exit…

Among these passengers, he saw many ‘familiar’ faces.

Carrying a leather business bag and dressed like a businessperson, Du Ya was also sporting a gold-rimmed set of glasses.

Wearing a sports jacket, Damon was carrying a mountain climbing bag.

There were also…

When Chen Xiaolian finally saw Han Bi among the crowd of people…

Chen Xiaolian felt his heart missing a beat!

He gaped as he stared a Han Bi who was moving beside a skinny woman. Oh, she is one of the newbies who died. They moved pass him and exited the passenger compartment.

One minute ticked by before Chen Xiaolian made any reaction!

“No! I need evidence! I need evidence! This is a dream! It must be a dream… but, if it was a dream… then, the ones I met in the dream: Du Ya, Damon, Pattern Man, how could I end up seeing them in the plane? When I was boarding the place, I had clearly not seen them before! In addition…

There is also Han Bi! That is right! Han Bi is the important factor! He is my reader! He had read my novels! I… he had even informed me of his residence and school… I need to get an answer from him!”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly jumped up and grabbed his backpack before rushing out of the passenger compartment.

At the passenger compartments door area, he accidentally bumped into a flight attendant. He raised his head and subconsciously said “I am sorry”.

But then he saw that the other person is… Takashimoto Shizuka!

Chen Xiaolian acted as though he had seen a ghost. He frantically turned and ran out of the door.

After rushing out of the passageway, Chen Xiaolian searched with frenzy for Han Bi’s figure amongst the crowds of people. However, he failed to find him… at the current, the amount of passenger traffic within the airport arrival hall was extremely high.

Chen Xiaolian turned around within the hall for several minutes, but he could not catch a glimpse of Han Bi at all…

Despite having an incalculable amount of doubts in his mind, he adjusted his luggage and moved out through the exit…

A light drizzle was floating down the skies. Chen Xiaolian felt the cool raindrops falling down onto his face.

This clear feeling instead caused a dream-like feeling of fantasy in his heart.

In the end… all those, are they real? Are they fake? Are they a dream?

As he was walking out of the airport hall, he suddenly saw a small figure wearing bunny earphones beside the road. A small trolley case was resting by her side.

It was Soo Soo!

He quickly rushed towards Soo Soo!

After rushing to Soo Soo’s side, Chen Xiaolian squatted down and looked at Soo Soo. He stammered. “You, you, do you recognize me? Soo Soo?”

Soo Soo stared at the youngster before her with wide-open eyes. She appeared to be afraid and desperately moved backwards… Her eyes suddenly glanced past Chen Xiaolian, looking in the direction behind him. The little girl then immediately tossed away the trolley case and ran through Chen Xiaolian’s side with her small legs. She flew into the arms of a young girl.


Soo Soo called out in a clear and delicate voice.

Chen Xiaolian turned around. It was a very young girl with long straight hair. She wore a mouth muffle on her face, but her exposed eyes had a very beautiful contour.

Soo Soo rushed into the girl’s arms and quickly said a few words. Then, the girl’s gaze towards Chen Xiaolian turned very hostile.

She pulled Soo Soo behind her before moving forward with a cold gaze. She looked at Chen Xiaolian…


This masked girl raised one leg and kicked Chen Xiaolian’s upper calf bone area!

Chen Xiaolian was caught off guard and was instantly staggering in pain.

The masked girl took advantage of that moment to pull away Soo Soo’s trolley case. She then threw two words at him before turning away.

“Perverted freak!”

Chen Xiaolian kneaded his own calf as he watch the masked girl brought Soo Soo away. They went to the side of a Land Rover parked at the side of the road. She then had Soo Soo get up the vehicle before she herself jumped into the driver’s seat.

Before she got on the vehicle, she fiercely shoved a middle finger towards Chen Xiaolian.

Observing the Land Rover moving far away, Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt an unprecedented feeling of tranquillity.

He fell with his butt on the ground and laughed out, disregarding the strange looks given by the surrounding pedestrians and travellers.

“Soo Soo did not recognize me! Hahaha! It must be a dream! Right! It must be just a dream! En, perhaps her name is not even Soo Soo. That is only a name that I dreamt up… hahahaha! That is right, it is surely just a dream!”

As to why he would meet those passengers within the passenger compartment… Du Ya, Damon, Sara…

I must have inadvertently seen their faces while boarding the place.

En, it is the subconscious mind! That is right! It is all due to subconscious thought!

Regarding Han Bi… It is possible that I had happened to see his face. Then, I fabricated his identity and name of Han Bi while dreaming.

That must be it!

This is the only explanation!

If that incident were real… then there would be no reason for them to not recognize me!

Since none of them could recognize me… The only explanation would be that everything was but a dream.

Like I said before, how could there be such a terrifying thing in this world!

“Hahahahaha! Too good! Too good!”

Chen Xiaolian hummed some tunes as he pulled his luggage; he then stopped a taxi to bring him home.

His mood was great!

Who would willingly enter that terrible and dangerous game!

Chen Xiaolian is a good student who is in his youth. Through writing novels, he could earn a lot of money. To him, life is truly wonderful.

Who would want to be thrown into a dangerous world where one had to fight to the death to survive!

Chen Xiaolian went all the way back home; carrying his luggage into the elevator, opening his house door… he randomly kicked off his shoes and stepped in barefooted through the door and into his room.

He first threw himself onto the sofa, lying down with all four limbs extended outwards for a while. After seeing that the sky was darkening, Chen Xiaolian finally climbed up and kicked the luggage towards a corner.

Taking out the travel clothes to wash and etc… Well, I will do it when I am in a better mood.

Chen Xiaolian opened the refrigerator to retrieve a cold bottle of cola; he twisted open the lid and drank up half of its contents and belched out. Suddenly, his phone rang.

Picking it up, he saw that it was his classmate and best friend. He then pressed the answer button.

“Hey, I am Xiaolian. En… I just returned! I just got off the plane and returned home. Hahahaha! Enjoyable! It was especially enjoyable! For three days, all I did was lie down on the sandy beach and wear sunglasses to look at those bikini beauties… En, what have you all been playing for the past few days?”


As he was answering the phone, he continued drinking the cola. “… En, I know… Don’t worry, I have bought it for you! Discontinued figurine! It is indeed cheaper than those sold domestically, haha! What? It is not for yourself? You broke someone else’s and now have to compensate them? I understand. Trust me; I will go get it out now. En, it is inside my luggage. Just you wait, I will go search for it. Do not close off the phone!”

Chen Xiaolian walked to the luggage and placed the phone down the ground.

He had one hand holding the cola while the other unzipped the zipper on the luggage…

And then…

In that instant, Chen Xiaolian was shocked into stupidity!

Just after he finished unzipping… a furry chubby head turned out from within!

Trap… Owner entrapping cat?

Ah wrong, Garfield?

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes turned wide, his mouth fell open. With a “plop”, the cola was spilled all over Garfield’s head, not a drop wasted!

The cola bottle was tossed; Chen Xiaolian fell with his butt to the ground right before he let out a sharp scream.


Garfield. “Meow?”

… …

On a field of grass.

Roddy (Luō dí) was holding onto a mobile phone from which came a youngster’s sharp scream of “ah ah ah ah”.

Even without activating the hands-free, the voice could clearly be heard by those around him.

Roddy’s face was one of embarrassment. “Xiaolian! Xiaolian! What are you doing? Hey? Hey?”

The phone was hung up.

Roddy cast a glance at the person standing beside him… it was a girl with long black hair, her face was wearing a mouth muffle, but the exposed contour of her eyes looked very beautiful.

“That… I really did not lie to you,” Roddy’s face was one of distress. “My friend had said that he will definitely help me get the discontinued figurine from abroad… Don’t worry, when it comes to the promises I have made, I will never…”

The masked girl snorted and turned to leave.

Roddy rubbed his head and shouted loudly. “Hey! I am really not lying to you! Qiao Qiao, Qiao Qiao! I will definitely send it to you tomorrow!”

The masked girl did not turn back at all; she only raised her right hand to wave goodbye.

Roddy violently stamped down with his foot. He then picked up his phone and dialled Chen Xiaolian’s phone again…

Toot, toot, toot…

“Sorry, the number you have dialled is temporarily unanswered…”

“You bitch!”

Name: Roddy, raw: ‘罗迪’ , pinyin: ‘Luō dí’.

Name: Qiao Qiao, raw: ‘乔乔’, pinyin: ‘Qiáo Qiáo’. ‘乔’ means tall or lofty.

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