Gate of Revelation

Chapter 2: Can You Speak Human Language?

GOR Chapter 2: Can You Speak Human Language?

[Author’s note: An early explanation here: This book’s genre is not online gaming! Not infinite element genre [1]! And most certainly not transmigration to another world! All I can say is that this is a fantasy novel set amidst a modern backdrop… As for the specifics, you will know once you read on.

Once again, this is not an online gaming novel!]

Severe vibrations, followed by a long period of darkness filled state of unconsciousness.

After that, light began to appear bit by bit and Chen Xiaolian’s consciousness seemed to be returning. However, he was only slightly conscious.

Forcing himself to open his eyes, he saw what appeared to be flashes of pictures… appearing intermittently as though they were fragments.

It seemed as though… they landed…

The cockpit’s door was opened…

The “I wish you good luck” pilot came out…

Chen Xiaolian’s mind and consciousness was still in a state of disorder and he could not maintain a clear head.

The one clear thought he had was… I, probably did not die, right?

However, he then ‘saw’ a fragment of flashing pictures that did not seem right!

The “I wish you good luck” pilot suddenly tore off the pilot uniform that he was wearing.

That was right, he tore it off!

It was as though what he tore off was not clothes, but mere paper!

That cannot be right! How could normal people have that much strength? Clothes may not seem too durable, however, have you tried to tear it off before? Could you simply tear it off as though it is mere paper?

After that…

The buzzing sound within Chen Xiaolian’s ears have yet to cease, causing him to only be able to catch part of what was being said.

The other person seemed to be shouting…

“Begin formation of teams…”

“… equipment… pathfinder…”

“… dungeon quest…”

Chen Xiaolian finally became certain of one thing, he must be dreaming!

He played too much games and now his mind is in a state of confusion, right?

Then… he thoroughly fainted, again.

“Has the team formation been completed?”

“It seems as though a few had been disconnected.”

“What is going on? Disconnected just after arrival? Were the damage values for the impact timing not properly calculated? Once we go back, we will have to go pick a fight with those people from the Development Team.”

“They were just unlucky, wasting such a precious spot in the closed beta.”

“En, remember this BUG. When we return, we will let the Development Team handle it. The damage values from the time of impact and entering needs to be recalculated.”

The sounds gradually faded away…

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian was unable to hear those voices…

Waking up after a long period of time, Chen Xiaolian saw that his surroundings were a mess.

The aircraft’s interior was completely different from before, the luggage compartments were in disarray, with no small number of luggage compartment’s lid falling off and boxes having fallen out of it. The passengers’ seats were no different, many of them having being displaced.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he had at some undetermined time left his seat and was lying down on the floor. His face rested upon the cold floors of the airplane, while his body was somewhat aching.

He forcibly propped up his body.

He could also hear “pipipapa” crackling sounds. Who knows where the sparks were being emitted from.

The first thought that came to his mind was… I am not dead!

The second thought that came to his mind was… Damn!

He first inspected his whole body while the buzzing sound in his ears slowly ceased.

En, his entire body was still intact and he was not suffering from a broken leg or missing an arm.

This was obviously a plane crash and yet he had been… very fortunate. From an external point of view, it appeared that he was not suffering from any serious injuries. At the moment, Chen Xiaolian was temporarily not considering matters such as internal bleeding.

Truth be told, his mind was still in a state of confusion, panic and shock…

Finally, he heard a gentle sound of crying coming out from beside him.

Turning around, he first spied a pair of small and slender white legs. Only one leather shoe was worn on one of them. The other shoe seemed to have been lost?

The Korean loli sat in a corner, surrounded by fallen passenger seats. The little loli’s hair was dishevelled as she sat there, crying helplessly.

She shouted out helplessly in a soft voice: “ottoke” “ottoke”.

Chen Xiaolian who had watched no small amount of Korean variety shows was able to generally figure out that those words meant ‘what do I do’.

Chen Xiaolian tried to prop up his body, putting in great effort to stand up. He found that he was still able to exert some strength; with the exception of some sore areas and his legs feeling weak, there were no other big problems. As for his weak legs, it was probably due to the fear he was feeling.

The passenger compartment was in a broken state.

On the right hand side, a huge hole was torn off and the door of the passenger compartment had disappeared to who knows where.

Above his head, a hole was ripped out, creating a form of skylight. The ripped out metals hung down, flashing every now and again.

Chen Xiaolian’s instinct told him that something was amiss. However, he was temporarily unable to understand what exactly was amiss.

He subconsciously shouted out. “Is there anyone here?”

Well, he had in fact wanted to directly shout “help”. However, for some unknown reason, he did not.

Having said that, it was not that strange. After all, how many chances are there for a normal person to shout out the word “help”?

“Are you all right?”

Chen Xiaolian shouted out towards the little loli stuck inside the mass of passenger seats but she showed no reaction to him at all. Her eyes were filled with shock and she continued muttering in panic. “Ottoke, ottoke.”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and struggled to lift away one of the passenger seat beside the little loli. He did not have much strength and had to attempt this action several times before succeeding.

“Quickly get out!” Chen Xiaolian extended his hand out to the little girl. The girl looked at him but remained motionless. Chen Xiaolian chose to simply move over and used his hand to grab her wrist, then pulled her over by force.

“Get out of here!” His words were spoken using Chinese, without consideration of whether the little loli could understand. “Get out of here, out! Go outside!”

Chen Xiaolian pulled the Korean girl out and pointed towards the torn out section of the passenger compartment.

He too tried moving outside.

“Is there anyone here? Anybody??! {ANYBODY}??!!”

Chen Xiaolian used both Chinese and English as he shouted out.

His instinct led him to start looking for crewmembers of the airplane. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaolian found that the older of the two flight attendants, presumably the chief attendant had disappeared. As for the younger flight attendant with beautiful legs, she was still seated at her spot, with her head tilted to the side. It was unknown if she was already dead or only unconscious.

The cockpit door was… open!

From his standpoint, he was coincidentally able to observe that the cockpit was empty!

This discovery caused Chen Xiaolian’s heart to pound with anger.

The crewmembers had run off and disregarded him, a passenger?

He then moved to the back to look around. (First Class passenger compartment is at the front and Economy Class is at the back.)

His discovery there caused Chen Xiaolian’s heart to sink!

He finally realized why he felt that something was amiss!

The entire passenger compartment was… E.M.P.T.Y! Empty!

Many of the passenger seats have been turned upside down, however…

All of the passengers, all of them… were gone!

This discovery left Chen Xiaolian stunned for several seconds!

When he was boarding the airplane, he recalled that it was filled to capacity! At the very least, there should be a hundred people here, right?

But now…

Chen Xiaolian looked at himself, then looked towards the little Korean loli who only knew how to cry and shout out “ottoke”.

Oh, there is also the unconscious flight attendant with beautiful legs…

Everyone else is gone?!!

All of them gone?!

This realization caused Chen Xiaolian to be frozen on the spot as his heart felt as though it had turned cold!

This… the people have already been rescued by the relief team? And left? Nobody cared about me?!!

For a moment, he felt an impulse to let out a string of curses!

The little loli beside him suddenly screamed, waking Chen Xiaolian up from his reverie.

Screaming in fear, the little loli’s body turned soft. She held up her fingers to point at a spot on the passenger compartment.

Chen Xiaolian looked in the pointed direction and found himself becoming weak as well.

It was a… person. To be precise, it was a… corpse.

It must be one of the passengers.

He was truly unlucky. Still seated on the passenger seat, his neck was turned to the side. Judging by the extent to which his neck was twisted, his death was pretty much confirmed.

He was wearing a suit, giving off the impression that he was a businessperson.

Both his face and body were painted with blood.

However, Chen Xiaolian still worked up his courage to move towards him and check. He wanted to make sure that the man was no longer breathing.

He was still feeling uncertain as to how to deal with this. However, at this moment, something happened to the corpse that he had come in contact with. Something fell off the corpse’s hand and rolled over towards Chen Xiaolian’s feet.

This is a…

Metallic sphere.

It was round with a very smooth surface, seemingly no different from an ordinary steel marble. As for its size, it was as big as an egg.

Chen Xiaolian subconsciously picked it up with his hand and examined it, but could not identify what it was. All he felt was that it was slightly heavy.

Just as he was feeling confused, a sound came from behind.


It was in English.

Chen Xiaolian turned back and saw that the flight attendant with beautiful legs had regained consciousness. Her body had fallen off her seat, seemingly incapable of standing up. She could only extend her hand outwards and helplessly shout “{help}”.

Chen Xiaolian placed the metal sphere into his pocket and ran over to help the flight attendant get up. The flight attendant with beautiful legs seemed thin; however, at that moment she was too feeble to support herself. She could only lean heavily onto Chen Xiaolian, her entire weight bearing down on him. The young Chen Xiaolian felt as though he may not be able to support her weight. He forcibly dragged her outside.


However, the other party seemed to be confused. She looked at Chen Xiaolian before speaking a word out immediately.

Chen Xiaolian was unable to understand, but was able to discern the pronunciation of the other party.


It sounded like… Japanese?

In the next moment, Chen Xiaolian felt an impulse to puke out blood.

In the aircraft, only three of them remained alive!

Besides him, there was a Korean loli and a Japanese woman?

Neither of them can speak Chinese!!!

1. infinite element is a genre which was apparently first popularized in the novel Terror Infinity. In these novels, elements such as religion, science, myths, movies, animations, history, etc. would all be inserted.

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