Gate of Revelation

Chapter 10: The Sheep Amongst A Pack Of Wolves

GOR Chapter 10: The Sheep Amongst A Pack Of Wolves

A man and a woman emerged from a clump of bushes.

Chen Xiaolian was able to identify the woman instantly… it was the chief flight attendant of the airplane! She looks to be around thirty years-old with beautiful and alluring features. Judging from her looks, she is the standard glamourous mature woman type.

She was no longer wearing her flight attendant uniform. Instead, she wore a somewhat over-the-top leather armour, her bosom was propped up high, the battle dress was extremely short and she wore a pair of high heeled leather boots…. Chen Xiaolian felt really curious. How could this woman run through the mountains and jungle while wearing high heels?

He noted that this woman’s hand was holding onto a compound bow. A quiver of arrows hung on her left thigh.

As for the man beside the chief flight attendant, his stature in itself was over-the-top.

His arms that were definitely as thick as Chen Xiaolian’s thighs were left bare. The powerful set of muscles on him was similar to that of body builders.

He wore an open neck sleeveless gown which was again, simply exaggerated. In addition, he sported a Mohican hairstyle…

However, what concerned Chen Xiaolian the most was the sword in the other party’s hands!

That sword must certainly be a metre in length. Observing it, it does not even look like a sword! It is simply a smaller sized door.

“How can there be a player here?” The woman walked forward in a seductive manner, her waist twisted gently and her voluptuous thigh, coupled with the high-heeled leather boots gave her legs a slender image.

Chen Xiaolian observed that the woman had one arm propped upon the man’s shoulders, one of her breast resting upon him – Son of a bitch, one look is enough to tell that there is something going on between them. [1]

“How would I know? The damage values for the impact during arrival was not calculated properly this time, our Team Leader had said that he planned to start a fight with the Development Team once he return.” The man answered in a rough voice.

“What does he know,” The woman curled her mouth in disdain. “Could it be that those that were left behind in the plane Awakened after we left?”

“That should not be possible. Back then, we had checked. All of them were dead, four in total, two males and two females.”

The woman twisted her waist as she moved before Chen Xiaolian. After that, she bent down, looked right into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes, and asked. “Who are you?”

Chen Xiaolian was able to smell a rich fragrance coming off the woman’s body. At the same time, he was quickly digesting the things he had heard earlier.

Damage values for arrival?

Team leader?

Development team?

The amount of information here is too much!

He did catch on to one critical factor: This woman does not recognize him!

How was that possible?

She is the chief flight attendant, responsible for taking care of the First Class cabin. After he had boarded the plane, he had asked for a bottle of beer from her. She had even personally brought over the slippers for him!

However, at this moment when she was looking at him in the eyes, she could clearly not recognize him…

He is obviously a person! [2]

His careful habit cultivated through many years saved him yet again.

He scowled as he tried his best to not reveal any fluctuation in emotions. Then, with a cold tone of voice, he replied. “When I woke up, I found that everyone had already disappeared. When I return this time, I am going to curse the Development Team to death.”

The words “curse the Development Team to death” probably struck a chord with them.

“Hahaha ha ha…”

The woman instantly let out a soft laugh. Chen Xiaolian noticed that as she laughed, her exposed breasts would quiver…

En, they are at least D cup.

“Eh? This is your War Pet?” The woman’s seductive eyes fell upon Garfield and seemed somewhat surprised, her smile dissipated as she said. “To think that someone would actually adopt a Four-Eyed War Cat as a pet.”

She then turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. “You must be a newbie, right? First arrival?”

Countless thoughts flashed through Chen Xiaolian’s mind. Not knowing how to answer, he simply gave a grunt in a cold manner.

“Very well, little brother. You have quite the handsome look. A little fresh meat like you is just the thing that I like the most.”

This woman then extended two fingers and pinched Chen Xiaolian on his cheeks. “It is not a problem if you are a newbie, I will protect you! Haha… very interesting, there are quite a few newbies this time around. However, you are much better looking compared to the newbie in our team. That kid is just like a dummy, not fun at all.”

Seeing the woman about to extend her hand with the intention of groping about, the muscular man at the back finally could not stand it any longer and gave out a cough, his eyes expressing displease.

Chen Xiaolian quickly turned his head before backing his body away as he tried to get up.

For some unknown reason, there was a faint feeling within his mind: I cannot reveal my identity!

Besides… these two people seemed to be… part of the same group?

Putting on a calm expression, he retrieved the last Beginner Class Healing Type Beast Blood and purposely swallowed it before the two of them.

Chen Xiaolian noted that there was disdain within both their gaze.

Soon, the wounds began to heal, the blood stopped flowing and he could feel his strength returning.

“Little brother, you had better just throw away this Four-Eyed War Cat. Using this pet would only cause others to laugh at you. It is known as the number one failure in setting by the Development Team. Hahahaha. If you are unwilling to do it yourself, then I can help you kill it, ok?”

As she spoke, the woman’s mouth seemed as though it would end up coming in contact with Chen Xiaolian’s face.

However, a trace of killing intent flashed in noticeable fashion within her face, causing Chen Xiaolian’s heart to be struck with fear.

“No!” Chen Xiaolian immediately refused. “It is my War Pet, I will handle it myself.”

“That is enough, Sara (shā luō)! Is there any meaning to you harassing newbies?”

The muscular man finally became impatient. He walked over and gave Chen Xiaolian a cold glance. “Little kid, follow us. Do not say any nonsense and do not randomly interrupt us. After the quest is completed, we will give you a part of the rewards.”

Chen Xiaolian gave a “heng”.

“Your pet do not seem too energetic. How long has it been since you fed it?”

Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a while. “One day.”

“Eh?” The eyes of the woman called Sara revealed a trace of doubt which dissipated immediately. “I forgot that you are a first timer. What is the matter? Did you not bring any pet food with you? Why aren’t you exchanging?”


This is a key information!

This meant that there is an existence of an Exchange System!

Chen Xiaolian was unable to answer Sara’s question. As he was hesitating on how to answer, the muscular man said in disdain. “What is there to ask? He must have spent all those initial cash on useless items. I have seen quite a few of these newbies. In one quest, I saw a bastard exchange all his cash into strengthening supplements. In the end, he could not endure a single battle. He did not even have any health restoring medicines, and collapsed due to exhaustion.”

“Hahaha… interesting. Damon (dá méng), did you really meet such an idiot before?” Sara then looked at Chen Xiaolian. “He does not look like that kind of idiot to me.”

The woman smiled seductively. Suddenly, her arm stretched out to seize Chen Xiaolian’s shoulders. “Let us go. When we return, I will find someone to loan you pet food. My War Pet had evolved after the last battle and need to stay asleep for at least two instances. That is why I did not bring any pet food with me, so I cannot loan you any. Damon? Did you bring any?”

Damon spread his arms. “You know that my pet do not eat pet food.”

“Heng, cheapskate,” Sara went over and placed a finger on Damon’s lips and smiled. “What is the matter? Jealous? Are you actually jealous of a little kid?”

“Heng!” Damon’s gaze fell upon Chen Xiaolian’s face. “Let us go! You should be almost recovered, right? Heng, bringing newbies is just troublesome.”

Damon narrowed his eyes and briefly looked over Chen Xiaolian and muttered. “Melee Type, Comprehensive Melee Ability at only C, heng. A burden.”

Chen Xiaolian instantly narrowed his eyes!

He could see my attribute values!

Is it through the interface?

Chen Xiaolian remained immobile as he tried checking it out. Unfortunately, he could only see a grey picture of the other party and was unable to check them out.

“No need to look, we have Concealment Cards. Are you curious as to what our abilities are? Tell us yours, we will exchange information, ok?”

Sara moved towards him again.

Chen Xiaolian purposely pretended to retreat. His heart on the other hand, was at ease.

This is a big chested no brains woman – Chen Xiaolian gave out his assessment.

During the course of their conversation, the amount of information that Chen Xiaolian had obtained from this woman called Sara had been very substantial! On the other hand, the vigorous looking Damon who did not talk much was much harder to deal with.

En, the earlier words from this woman had exposed another key information.

They are able to view my comprehensive attribute values, but are unable to view my abilities!

The Exclusive Skill [Goddess of Dawn] is temporarily unknown to them.

This is a good thing. No matter what, to be able to hide a trump card that the other party do not know of is always a good thing.

Regardless of whether he was willing or not, Chen Xiaolian could only follow the two of them.

En, they seem like… an organized team?

On the way, Damon asked Chen Xiaolian a few more questions. Chen Xiaolian answered that after he woke up from within the plane and saw that everyone else had left, he went out alone and wandered about. As for the rest, he does not know.

“Are there any others on the plane?”

“There were three people there, all three should be dead,” Chen Xiaolian gave a vague answer.

“Why did you not come find us immediately?”

Chen Xiaolian immediately answered. “I needed to kill a monster before I could be qualified for the instance dungeon… that is what the prompt said.”

“Hahahaha, that is why you end up adopting a Four-Eyed War Cat as your pet?” Sara interrupted.

Those words ended up saving Chen Xiaolian as Damon then lost interest in continuing his interrogation.

The travelling speed of these two was extremely fast. Many times when it comes to running at full speed, Chen Xiaolian was unable to keep up – even though his physique had already been strengthened! While his endurance was still weak, a C Class Physique had allowed him to smash through the aircraft cabin’s wall. The explosive power he could unleash in a short interval far outstrips the average human. However, he was left far behind even in the area of short ranged sprinting.

These two individuals are apparently stronger than him.

This is especially true of the woman known as Sara… this woman instant killed the pangolin that had nearly killed him and Garfield!

Damon, on the other hand, was obviously dissatisfied with Chen Xiaolian’s speed. After having to stop and wait for him for a few times, Damon became increasingly irritated and even kicked Chen Xiaolian’s legs on two occasions. Even though he felt indignant, Chen Xiaolian endured it in silence.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly had the feeling of encountering a big spender in a game. [3]

After travelling for a long time, they finally emerged out of the forest and moved towards a mountain.

While climbing over the mountain, Chen Xiaolian who was standing on the mountain peak finally saw the missing passengers who were on board the plane! They were within the foot of the mountain valley.

Within the valley, various tent like structures were erected.

On the side, there were also people hobbling around a fireplace.

The people number at about a hundred, every one of them was wearing strange looking clothes. Sara and Damon who seemed so peculiar now seemed inconspicuous.

It was Chen Xiaolian instead, with his normal jacket that stood out.

Chen Xiaolian carefully observed an interesting phenomenon: The tents within the valley were not all linked together. They were instead separated to the east and west, with many areas left separated. It was as though they were deliberately putting up space between them.

As for the people of each area, they were only standing guard beside their own tents and did not communicate with others of a different area.


Different factions?

Chen Xiaolian secretly note it down.

“Later on, you better smarten up,” Sara suddenly smiled softly as she extended a finger to hook onto Chen Xiaolian’s chin. “If someone tries to invite you into their team, you know what to say, right?”

“…” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head in a knowing manner. “I will say that I am already following big sister Sara.”

“Haha, you are a smart kid. I really want to give your face a bite,” Sara laughed tenderly. “But, it is not me. It is our Team Leader. Remember, our Guild name is the Wind Slasher Guild. The Team Leader this time is our Guild Deputy Leader, Newton.”

Newton (niúdùn)?

Very well, the name is somewhat strange. However, by gaming standards… strange nicknames should not be too surprising.

Even if he was called ‘Grassy Mud Horse’ [4] , Chen Xiaolian would not bat an eye.

“That is right, I have yet to ask what is your name.”

“My name is… Xiao Lian (face),” Chen Xiaolian sighed, the Korean loli, Soo Soo suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Xiao Lian? En, your face really is very small,” Sara pulled Chen Xiaolian along, bringing him down the mountain. Damon followed them from behind.

Chen Xiaolian had a feeling that Damon was staring at him with a seemingly… sinister gaze.

TL: Just in case anyone forgot, the Lian in Chen Xiaolian’s name actually means ‘train’. So, he is technically giving a false name here.

1. The sentence here is ‘妈的一看就有一腿好不好’. It means that those two have a sexual relationship going on.

2. That is more or less what the author wrote ‘明明是一个人啊’.

3. The more money you put in an online game, the more powerful you are, usually.

4. Muddy Grass Horse is translated from ‘草泥马’. Pinyin: ‘cǎonímǎ’. It has some vulgar meaning to it.

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