Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 940 - Do Not Be Rude

Chapter 940: Do Not Be Rude

Jiang Yi had been staying within the inn for five days straight as he recuperated from his injuries incessantly for days and nights while he continued to refine the Smelting Divine Furnace. The name of this ancient artifact was very similar to Lei Tingwei’s Smelting Divine Bell. Jiang Yi felt that its might would definitely be very impressive since it had such a tyrannical name.

He woke up the moment the fifth day arrived. He inspected his injuries and realized that they had more or less recovered. His current condition was more or less the same as before he had fought against Wu Ni, and executing Heaven Evasion shouldn’t be much of a problem to him now.


He washed up and changed into a white gown before walking out. His appearance was still an ordinary youth, and it was ordinary to the point that it wouldn’t attract anyone’s attention.

He walked towards the south side of the city. There was a huge mountain peak; a hundred miles inside the south side of the city. That mountain peak was slashed into two by Buddha Thearch creating a huge canyon in the middle. Twelve giant Heaven Paintings were drawn at the walls of the cliffs by the Buddha Thearch using his supreme ability. Each of these paintings had a high-grade dao pattern carved within. That was the Yi Clan’s supreme mystic realm that allowed the Yi Clan’s descendants to benefit from it endlessly for many generations.

Jiang Yi no longer bothered to guess the identity of the mysterious elder that wore a conical bamboo hat and a woven rush raincoat, who was fishing at the small lake in the northern region of Buddha Mountain. It was pointless for him to do so since he wouldn’t be asking Yi Chan or any other Yi Clan members on who the mysterious old man was.

Just as what the elder had told him. As long as Jiang Yi reached the Demigod Realm, he would tell Jiang Yi everything. On the contrary, knowing too much might be a form of pain and torture for him if he did not possess the appropriate strength before reaching the Demigod Realm.

The elder’s strength was extremely terrifying. This clearly shows how extraordinary his identity was. It would never be wrong since the elder said that Jiang Yi could enter the Painting Cliffs. Therefore, Jiang Yi went out of the city and flew towards the Painting Cliffs. A little less than an hour later, he was able to see a huge and long shaped mountain peak from afar.

This mountain peak was called the Art Emperor Mountain. It was said that the Buddha Thearch had broken through to the Demigod Realm at this mountain. He had also become an Art Emperor the day he broke through to the Half God Realm. He casually picked up his guard’s battle saber and slashed out the Painting Cliffs as he carved out three Heaven Paintings, creating the Painting Cliffs Mystic Realm. After this, the Buddha Thearch continued to break through unceasingly for the next 10 years as he comprehended high-grade dao patterns continuously. The number of Heaven Paintings also grew gradually. Ultimately, it became one of the top ten mystic realms in the continent.

The whole Painting Cliffs had been enveloped by a big translucent protective shield, and Jiang Yi was also able to clearly see a lot of guards from the outside. There was a lot of martial artists gathering in the vicinity as well. Very clearly, they were here to watch the show and to have a glimpse of the Nine Thearchs Clans’ young master and ladies svelte.

Jiang Yi looked ordinary and had only shown his cultivation to be in the first stage of Heaven Monarch Realm so that he wouldn’t be unordinary when mixed within the crowd. He scouted around and had no idea how to go in. Therefore, he could only stand above a mountain peak on the outside and wait calmly.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Fifteen minutes later, countless air-piercing noise resonated out on the northern side. Jiang Yi and others raised their heads and look over. They discovered a group of martial artists was making their way over and piercing through the sky. They were the young masters and ladies who brought along their group of guards. The young masters and ladies’ clothing were very gorgeous, and they had extraordinary bearings. The guards’ were extremely imposing as they were donned with blades and armor. Their gaze swept around the surroundings with lightning speed while they enjoyed the dignified air of the great clans’ impressiveness.

“The Buddha Emperor didn’t come? How am I going to get in then?”

Jiang Yi blinked his eyes, and his gaze locked onto Yi Chan who was at the forefront before taking a quick glance at Yin Ruobing who was beside her. Ineffably, his heart throbbed. It seemed like there was a smear of grief that couldn’t be concealed in Yi Chan’s eyes. Meanwhile, in just ten days, Yin Ruobing had actually slimmed down quite a bit. Her sleeves fluttered, and her lovely and reliant appearance made him worried.

“Don’t tell me they think that I’m dead?”

Jiang Yi’s heart was touched. Subsequently, he shook his head and smiled bitterly. Before these two heavenly prodigies and beauties, he was just a talent that could be recruited at best. Furthermore, how long had they interacted? The two of them shouldn’t have much of a favorable impression of him. How could they possibly be sad?

“Since when did I have the habit of imagining my love getting reciprocated?”

He laughed at himself as he gazed towards everyone. Those above him didn’t pay any attention to him. Even those young masters and ladies didn’t take a look at those beneath them, and it was only those guards that swept their gazes over precautiously.

“Quickly look. That’s Young Master Wu Ni. Our East Imperial Continent’s no.1 Young Master!”

“Wow. So handsome. My god. He actually smiled at me. I’m fainting, I’m fainting…”

“Rubbish. Young Master Ni had always been graceful and poised. He is smiling wholeheartedly, but he wasn’t smiling at you. You should take a mirror and have a look at yourself, you love-struck fool…”

“Young Lady Ruobing, my goddess. So pretty!”

“Young Lady Chan is so pretty. I wonder who is blessed enough to take down her mask and have a glimpse at her heavenly countenance?”

“That’s Jian Clan’s exceptional genius? Indeed, he’s very young and had already reached this realm?”


The surroundings were filled with clamor. As expected, this group of people was here to look at Yi Chan, Wu Ni, and the others. When Jiang Yi heard the no.1 Young Master title, he lowered his head slightly as a trace of unforgettable hatred emerged within his eyes. The more famous Wu Ni became, the more his heart raged. The enmity between the Wu Clan and him was just way too deep.

“Uncle Er, open up the Painting Cliffs!”

Yi Chan’s voice rang out. A peak-stage Heaven Monarch expert flew up towards the mid-air from a mountain top near the Painting Cliffs as he clasped his fist. “Young Lady, and all Young Masters. The Patriarch has a rule. Every time the Painting Cliffs opens, it will only last for three days. Later on, everyone please take note of the timing. All of you have to exit once the three days are up. Furthermore, fights are strictly prohibited inside. Otherwise, we will kill anyone without mercy regardless of who they are. Open up the Painting Cliffs…”

Swish! Swish!

Several thousand soldiers flew up from the nearby mountain peaks, and all of them struck out their essence force at the same time. The translucent protective shield immediately brightened up, and a big gateway gradually opened up on the protective shield in mid-air.

Yi Chan turned around and spoke nonchalantly, “Everyone, time to go in! There are 12 Heaven Paintings within, and you can look at them arbitrarily. Of course, it would be best to find a painting to comprehend. After all, three days is just way too short, and this was a rule set by Grandfather. Every time we enter, we only have three days as well.”


Wu Ni and the others flew in swiftly and immediately. Of course, it was only them alone. The groups of guards did not have the qualifications to enter. This time, only twelve of them had the qualifications to enter.

The twelve of them flew in all at once and disappeared from everyone’s line of sight. However, Yi Chan didn’t go in as she stood in midair in a daze. A group of martial artists beneath looked at the gateway in midair as their eyes grew fervent. They would definitely receive endless benefits if they were able to enter such a treasured land.

“What should I do?”

Jiang Yi was having a headache. The Buddha Emperor didn’t appear. How was he going to enter?

He murmured to himself for a moment before clenching his teeth and soared towards the gateway unhurriedly. Countless people were immediately startled when he soared up. Not only were those surrounding martial artists beneath him astonished, but even a lot of Yi Clan’s guards were also dumbstruck.

There was actually someone who is attempting to barge into the Painting Cliffs? Could this person possibly be looking for death?

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Hundreds of Yi Clan’s guards flew over immediately as they surrounded Jiang Yi. A commander spoke coldly, “What are you trying to do? This place is the Painting Cliffs. Anyone who trespasses shall be killed without mercy!”

“I’m not trying anything.”

Jiang Yi changed his voice and replied indifferently, “Someone had permitted me to enter the Painting Cliffs. The Buddha Emperor already knows of this. You can send a message over to the Buddha Emperor to confirm it.”


A group of guards was infuriated. One after another, they drew out their weapons and were about to arrest Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi didn’t move and stood in mid-air as he cast his gaze towards the distant Yi Chan.


The moment Jiang Yi and Yi Chan’s eyes came into contact, Yi Chan’s delicate body trembled slightly. Her pair of eyes brightened up like stars as she looked at Jiang Yi in disbelief. She was stunned for a moment before she berated. “All of you, stop. Do not be rude!”

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