Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 639 - Suffering a Double Loss

Chapter 639: Suffering a Double Loss

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One hour after Jiang Yi ripped through the void with the Heaven Evasion, there was a spatial fluctuation in the air above the island. There was a complicated pattern that quickly appeared in the void, and there was a central light spot in the pattern that was gradually expanding. Finally, a sinister-looking ancient path appeared, and more than 30 individuals rushed out from the path with horrific speed.


The one at the front was a skeletal elder which abruptly struck out with his hands, causing the spatial zone to instantly tumble like the sea waves. With all the layers of spatial zone vibrating, it was impossible for anyone to escaping through the void. This spatial vibration was just too dreadful for anyone to do anything.

“En? No one…”

The elder—whose eyes seemed to have cataract—was looking around while his divine senses had already scanned the nearby 100-mile radius but couldn’t find anything. The people that followed from behind flew out and looked around while they stayed on guard, but they didn’t notice any aura presence of a living person.

“Young Master Fei, Long Yu is dead. Tian Qi is missing.”

There was a person standing beside She Fei and pointed down at the island below. He then reported, “There are wordings on the island. It should have been left by that individual.”

“Little Bastard. If I don’t kill you, I swear I will cease to be a man!”

She Fei had already seen the situation on the island, and he could see a Heaven Monarch’s corpse and large wordings by the side: “She Fei, if you dare to continue chasing your father, this will be your end!”

It was only a single statement, but it had the raw humiliation and curses. She Fei had never been cursed by anyone in this lifetime. He was humiliated by Jiang Yi in public back at the Mystic Divine Palace; this time, Jiang Yi left behind such indecent words. He even said that he was She Fei’s father?

What was She Fei’s father? He was the current Clan Head and the second-best figure of the She Clan, and he was famed throughout the East Imperial Continent. Right now, She Fei was leading his clan’s consecrator and the strongest Evil Thearch Soldiers. How could he not be infuriated?

“Wu Lao, please continue the astrology, and we must find this bastard! His cultivation realm and physical body are too weak. He will not be able to continuously use the Heaven Evasion divine skill. As long as you can find him, we will be able to rip him into pieces.”

She Fei instructed that white-robed elder by his side. That Astrologer might be prideful, but he didn’t dare to infuriate She Fei at this moment. He quickly led his men down to the island and started to track his whereabouts.

“Scatter out and search. Look out for clues and find the other martial artists’ aura presences that were together with Jiang Yi.”

Xiao Fei made a huge wave, which scattered more than 30 experts out. He had brought over 60 men in this, but it was regretful that most of them were out on a search. When he received the information, it was already praiseworthy enough for him to gather more than 30 people in such a short amount of time.

The Astrologer and Divine Pattern Master both required time to execute their arts, which was a big headache for She Fei. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had judged that Jiang Yi couldn’t use the Heaven Evasion consecutively, they didn’t have time to chase after him. Otherwise, every time they crossed the void, Jiang Yi would already be gone. What was there to even chase for?

“Long Yu and Tian Qi, those two bastards. I ask them to immediately report when they find anything suspicious and not to act recklessly. Now that they have alerted the target, it will be even more troublesome now.”

She Fei cursed silently while his expression was extremely gloomy. However, there was good news that was reported back. Apart from Jiang Yi, they found two more different soul spirit presences, and one of them was a demon thearch’s aura presence. That Astrologer had already locked onto the two aura presences, and if he couldn’t find Jiang Yi’s presence during the astrology divining, he could just check for the other two.

One hour later, the Astrologer opened his eyes again and looked at She Fei’s expectant eyes. He let out a helpless sigh and said, “Young Master Fei, they must have entered the spatial artifact. I can only sense that they are tens of thousands of miles towards the east. I am unable to lock on to their exact location.”


She Fei let out an enraged palm strike which blasted thousands of layers of waves. There was giant reef at the bottom which was smashed up by this palm strike. When the shards burst out in all directions, it made the seawater surge even more.


Right at this moment…

There was a sudden spatial fluctuation in the sky while that consecrator with wrinkled skin flashed over to She Fei’s side. All the Heaven Monarch experts immediately surrounded the Astrologer and the Divine Pattern Master. If these two were to perish, they were all going to be killed for it.

“Jian Wuying?”

A Void Ancient Path appeared in the high altitude of the sky. Dozens of people flew out, and the one at the front was an elder that was carrying an eight-year-old child. Once they flew out, they scanned the area with divine senses as everyone revolved their essence force and got ready for combat.

“She Fei?”

Jian Wuying knitted his brows and looked around the surroundings. He quickly revealed a trace of sneer and said, “She Fei, looks like you have suffered a double loss this time, huh? Tsk-Tsk, these words are upright and forceful. They are truly written very well…”

She Fei had been floating above the island, and the Heaven Monarch martial artists below didn’t dare to touch those words. When Jian Wuying appeared, he immediately saw the words that Jiang Yi left behind.

When they were outside the Mystic Divine Palace, the She Clan had injured a few individuals of the Pegasus Empire. Right now, it was naturally inevitable for them to taunt one another.


She Fei was still at the peak of his anger. His eyes turned cold as he glared at Jian Wuying and said, “Jian Clan’s little child, do you wish for death? Don’t be too wild; otherwise, you must just die prematurely. If you are to perish with your innate talents, the Sword Thearch will probably be heartbroken for a very long time.”


Jian Wuying spat out a mouthful of saliva and sneered. “She Fei, you are just older than me. When this Young Master reaches your age, I will definitely be at the peak stage of Heaven Monarch Realm. By then, a single smack from me will be able to kill you. Hurhur! Let’s go and go snatch the Destitute Dragon Grass.”

Jian Wuying led his men and swaggered off, leaving behind She Fei and his group who had been gritting their teeth. There was no choice as Jian Wuying had outnumbered them, and even She Fei couldn’t go berserk even if he wanted to.

“What are you idling around for? Go search in the east! If you don’t find Jiang Yi, don’t come back! Send the orders down and get the others to go search in the east as well.”

She Fei let out an enraged roar which echoed throughout the radius of dozens of miles. Countless sea demons scuttled in all directions while there were huge waves of seawater that only ended after a long period of time.

“Qi Lao, interrogate him properly!”

Jiang Yi was indeed in the northeast section of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, and they were approaching the East Imperial Continent. He didn’t dare to continue west as he didn’t want to implicate the Phoenix Cry Continent. The south side was the center of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, and there might be existences that were comparable to the East Imperial Nine Thearchs. He naturally didn’t dare to go there, leaving him the only option of escaping to the east.

As they were almost near the East Imperial Continent, there were no demon thearchs in the nearby vicinity. Since the East Imperial Continent was a place where they were countless experts—if any demon thearch dared to claim their rule in this place, they would certainly be wiped out by the continent’s experts.

After Jiang Yi made sure that there were no demon thearchs nearby, he immediately went into the deepest part of the sea and entered the Thearch Palace.

The She Clan’s Heaven Monarch that he had captured mentioned that the opposition was able to lock onto his aura presence and trace him. Once he entered the Thearch Palace, his aura presence would be isolated from the outside, and they would naturally be unable to track him, which meant that they had to search the place slowly.

After entering the Thearch Palace, Jiang Yi immediately asked Qi Lao to interrogate the She Clan’s Heaven Monarch to find out all the information about the Astrologer and the Divine Pattern Master. As long as Jiang Yi couldn’t find out the information, he wouldn’t be able to sleep in peace.

At the same time, he released his Divine Perception to check the surroundings to see if there were any commotions around. He then released the Heaven Evasion divine skill again.

She Fei had guessed it correct. If it was the previous Jiang Yi, he wouldn’t be able to execute the Heaven Evasion consecutively. However, it was different now. After he had refined the Destitute Dragon Grass, his body was strengthened by several folds. He might not have any increase in cultivation, but it wasn’t a problem for him to continuously execute the Heaven Evasion two times.

“Hurhur. She Fei, if you dare to continue pursuing, I will make sure you and your people perish in this Blood Night Fearsome Sea!”

After making sure that there was nothing abnormal in the surroundings, Jiang Yi opened his eyes which were as cold as ten-thousand-year-old glaciers. He might not have a clear thought yet, but he already had some idea. Now that he could execute the Heaven Evasion for two consecutive times, he had some capability to play with the She Clan’s experts!

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