Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 48 - It's All Over

Chapter 48: It’s All Over

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No matter the type of competition, it was a test of overall strength. This was why this tournament didn’t forbid the use of weapons and only forbade any intentional killing. In the past, it was normal to have bleeding incidents; but those were nothing this cruel. The Ma clansmen originally didn’t have any fear, but after seeing such a cruel act, they all got a shock. The ruthless behavior of Jiang Yi had blown the mind of everyone present.

This world had formidable recuperation medicines. There wasn’t any problem if it was just a stab wound or a broken bone. As long as the victim didn’t die, there was a chance of full recovery. But if the victim’s limbs were severed or their dantian were destroyed, then the victim would forever be a disabled trash. Although the legends did foretell about saint-tier elixirs that could restore the dantian, could clan of the Skyplume City actually afford it?

It was the Ma Clan who couldn’t afford it, which was why the Clan Head of the Ma Clan, Ma Kui, slammed on a chair and stood up snorting. “Everyone, this kid is so cruel that he dares destroy someone’s dantian. I propose for him to be disqualified!”

Ma Clan’s Head had a loud voice which suppressed the clamors on the outside. The entire plaza turned quiet as they looked over at the spectator’s stand. If the three mentors of the Mt. Spirit Beast College judged Jiang Yi to be cruel as well, then he might probably lose his qualifications to continue participating.

“Yes! I too feel that 536 is too much. I propose for him to be disqualified, too!”

A cold voice echoed which shocked the crowd. The spectator’s stand was separated by a beaded screen, and no one could clearly see the scenario within the pavilion. But everyone could hear the familiar voice of Jiang Yunshe. An elder of the Jiang Clan proposing for a Jiang clansman to be disqualified? Is this… internal strife?

The Clan Head of Liu Clan began to fan the fire. “Indeed too cruel. The crippling of one’s dantian was even more ruthless than killing someone…”

Ji Tian remained silent and looked over at the three mentors. “I would like to keep my own opinion. Of course, the main say would be left for the three mentors. What do the three of you think?”

The young male mentor frowned and nodded. “I personally think this is too cruel as well. Such a personality would only be causing trouble in the college…”


Once the mentor of the Mt. Spirit Beast College made his statement, it incited a wave of commotion. If this mentor already stated it this way, then Jiang Yi would definitely be disqualified.

“I object!”

A loud yell echoed while damaging the eardrums of countless people. Numerous eyes looked over and saw Jiang Yi holding onto his right shoulder while jumping onto the spectator’s stand.

His right shoulder was nearly severed. Despite his attempts on using his essence force to stop the bleeding, fresh blood still overflowed and painted the ground as he walked.

Due to the excessive loss of blood, Jiang Yi’s delicate face turned rather pale. His black warrior’s robe was slashed open with wounds, drenching it in red and making it looked plaintive. But his expression didn’t show any emotions as he walked steadily towards the spectator’s stand.

As he arrived outside of the pavilion, he looked at everyone through the beaded curtain. He paused his sights at Jiang Yunshan and the other two elders, while also pausing at the face of the Ma Clan’s Head.

He finally looked at Ji Tian and the three mentors and gradually opened his mouth to speak, “Honorable elders, I would like to ask which tournament rule did I, Jiang Yi, broke? Why are you going to disqualify me? Did the rules state the prohibition of weapons? Is there a rule that states harming the opponent is forbidden?

“Did you not see the matches earlier? Did I use such cruel methods right from the start? If I hadn’t been forced to my limits, would I do such a ruthless act?

“Clan Head of Ma Clan, every one of your clansmen was out to cripple me. Had it not been for my competent strength, my arm would be lost. Had it been the case… would you also say that your Ma clansman was overly cruel? Would you propose for him to be disqualified?”

“Pitter patter, pitter patter!”

Jiang Yi’s blood was still dripping, and when it hit the floorboard of the spectator’s stand, it let out a crisp sound. Everyone within the spectator’s stand went silent, but the Clan Head of Ma Clan soon argued back. “Kid. How dare you behave so brazenly? Even if you were allowed to continue, could you still win? What’s more, it wasn’t my sole opinion that you were cruel. Hehe… your Jiang Clan’s elder, Jiang Yunshe agreed, too.”

“Ma Kui, you…” Jiang Yunshe didn’t expect for his casual reply to be taken advantage of by the Ma Clan’s Head. He even openly stated that Jiang Yi was a member of the Jiang Clan.


Jiang Yi laughed loudly and interrupted Jiang Yunshe. He then scoffed and looked at Ma Kui calmly. “Whether I can win? Try and see then! If you are willing to, you could ask Ma Heiqi to come and try! In addition, don’t mention… our Jiang Clan. I am not even fit to be a dog in the eyes of Jiang Clan! They think I am a thorn in their sides 1 and had long wanted to banish me out of the Jiang Clan. Elder Jiang Yunshe even wanted me dead, right? Keke, I, Jiang Yi, have a low status and don’t even deserve the title of Jiang clansman.”


Jiang Yi’s statement was like a thunder strike that stunned everyone—even Ji Tingyu and Jiang Henshui had to pause their matches. Jiang Yunshe’s words earlier made everyone felt that something was wrong, but Jiang Yi’s explanation now made everything clear even to a deaf individual.

There were countless clansmen in this city plaza, and they were all fearful of speaking loudly in front of the elders of their clans; would they dare speak in this manner in front of everyone and to the upper echelons of their clans? Most importantly, weren’t his words were totally impertinent? Openly stating that he didn’t want to be a Jiang clansman any longer. Was this an act of betrayal? Had Jiang Yi gone mad?

“Jiang Yi, you bastard! This ingrate, the clan treated you fairly…”

Jiang Yunshe was exploding with fury, and his body was bursting with killing aura. He nearly made a move to end Jiang Yi’s life. But when he opened his mouth, he immediately realized… what was this place? Who were present here? Right now, the more he spoke, the worse it got; and the most humiliating it was for the Jiang Clan.

“Yunshe, be quiet!”

As the Clan Head, Jiang Yunshan was much more intelligent than Jiang Yunshe. He was infuriated in his heart and wanted nothing more but to tear Jiang Yi into pieces.

But instead, he put on a disappointed look on his face and subtly sighed while speaking to Jiang Yi. “Jiang Yi, I understand the feuds you have with Yunshe, and I don’t blame you for wanting to disavow the Jiang Clan. But the Jiang Clan will never abandon any of its members. As long as you didn’t commit any sins, the Jiang Clan will never banish you. This is enough for now. Properly finish the tournament, and we will go back to the clan and discuss matters there.”

“Such wisdom!”

Jiang Yunshan’s patient persuasion was reacted by the thumbs-up of countless people. In just a few casual sentences, Jiang Yunshan turned the tables around. From the outsiders’ perspective, it would seem like Jiang Yi was infuriated by the Jiang Clan because of his feud with Jiang Yunshe—which was why he yelled out such words of faults to vilify Jiang Clan; and that was Jiang Yi’s fault. But Jiang Yunshan had a gracious heart by not blaming Jiang Yi and tried to support him, displaying such benevolence.

Even if the people on the outside couldn’t understand the entire situation, the people seated in the pavilion were all intelligent individuals. They might not know the details, but they could see it. Why would Jiang Yi, who was just a 15-year-old youth, publicly go against his own clan if there wasn’t any incident? Unless he had some brain defects. Why would he try to openly declare his abandoning of the clan? Was he tired of living?

Could Jiang Yi’s brain have any defect? Obviously not!

But Jiang Yi remained silent. The rest of the people didn’t want to meddle in the affairs that didn’t involve them. They looked at the three mentors and were expecting for their decision.

“536 didn’t break any tournament rules, and I personally object to his disqualifications!”

Out of everyone’s expectations, the ice mountain beauty mentor actually spoke. She who felt nothing but disgust for Jiang Yi yesterday was now on his side?

The young male mentor had a change in expression. This Mentor Su had different opinions with him, and it was equivalent to giving a slap to his face. But before he could refute, the elder mentor, Elder Fu, spoke up, too, “If he didn’t kill, then he didn’t break any rules. Continue the tournament!”

As the resolute voice of Elder Fu resonated, Jiang Yi let out a breath of relief. Looking intently at Mentor Su and Elder Fu, he bowed slightly and went back to his stage.

As soon as he arrived at the stage, he set his sights on Ma Heiqi and shouted, “Ma Heiqi, I have one arm disabled, hurt in six parts of my body, and my essence force has been depleted by half. If you are a man, then get on the stage now! Of course… unless you are scared, you can let your clansmen fight another two matches.”

Presumptuous, audacious, and mad!

These were the impressions that Jiang Yi made everyone have. After suffering such severe injuries, not only did he not recuperate; but he even brazenly challenged Ma Heiqi who was one of the top ten prodigies. Was he courting death? Or did he know that he couldn’t win anymore, so he went ahead to aggravate things?


Ma Heiqi’s laughter could be heard while he came on-stage. If he still didn’t go on-stage at this moment, he would be looked down upon by the entire city. When he landed on the stage, he spoke while emitting a killer aura in his eyes, “Lone Wolf! Jiang Yi? Are you sure you want to fight me? Aren’t you afraid I would destroy your dantian?”

“Stop being hypocritical. Didn’t you wait for me to get injured? Come on then, if you can destroy my dantian, I will not have a single complaint!”

With a shout, Jiang Yi shot himself like an arrow towards Ma Heiqi. He, who exhausted his essence force and stamina, was getting weaker by the moment as he lost more blood. If he didn’t settle this match quickly, he would definitely lose.

“Right about time!”

Ma Heiqi scoffed and rushed at Jiang Yi instead of retreating. His hands turned into an eagle’s talon and viciously grasped at Jiang Yi’s head.


The hidden Green Destiny Sword in Jiang Yi’s sleeve now appeared on his hands. Pouring essence force into the weapon, his left hand shook and produced three phantom images which thrust at Ma Heiqi.

The Phantom Punch had been altered by Jiang Yi. With his weapon on hand, it had now become Phantom Sword.

“Mere tricks. Watch out for my Black Dragon Whip!”

Seeing those three bright swords thrusting towards him, Ma Heiqi didn’t have any look of panic. He retrieved a black-colored flexible whip and wrapped it around Jiang Yi’s Green Destiny Sword. The speed was so fast that it made countless people’s eyes blur for a moment.


As the flexible whip got in contact with the short sword, Jiang Yi’s left hand shook as his hukou acupoint felt a slight pain while his short sword was trapped. This flexible whip was rather mysterious: it felt like a living thing that even grasped onto half of his left arm.

“Jiang Yi, I shall collect the blood debts of Ma Fei and Ma Yuan!”

He noticed Jiang Yi’s face instantly changed into an expression of fear! Ma Heiqi’s expression was nothing but cruel intent. He used one hand to pull vigorously on his whip and dragged Jiang Yi towards him. His other hand altered into an eagle’s talon that grasped at Jiang Yi’s abdomen. His target was obviously Jiang Yi’s dantian.

“It’s all over…”

On the balcony of the Martial Arts Hall, Manager Yang let out a sigh. Jiang Yi’s left hand was currently bound while his right hand was disabled. With a huge loss of blood and exhausted essence force and stamina, how could he be a match for Ma Heiqi? The ruining of his dantian was still considered a small matter.

The Martial Arts Hall Master shook his head while his silver earrings let out a clear ‘clink’ sound, he spoke indifferently, “It’s all over, but… it’s Ma Heiqi who is done for!”

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