Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 46 - Jiang Yi Must Die!

Chapter 46: Jiang Yi Must Die!

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Exploding Essence Palm. This kid successfully cultivated it?

In a corner of the city plaza, the wrinkled face of Manager Yang was filled with surprise. As the Technique Practicing Room didn’t have anything to do, Manager Yang quickly rushed over after hearing a subordinate report that Jiang Yi challenged the single elimination open tournament. He saw every one of Jiang Yi’s match in detail, and every time, he would get a shock. Now that he realized Jiang Yi successfully cultivated the incomplete martial skill, he was even more surprised like never before.

He finally understood that Jiang Yi wasn’t a fool. The reason why Jiang Yi dared to bet with the Martial Arts Hall was that he had a trump card. He had two extraordinary trump cards—one was the Exploding Essence Palm, and the other was his bizarre combat strength.

Jiang Yi’s strength did have a sudden increase, but it was only for a short period of time. That Exploding Essence Palm earlier was obviously at the Entry Stage but already had horrifying firepower. It was absolutely impossible for a normal individual, who was at the fourth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, to burst forth such strong firepower.

Manager Yang clearly saw the blue essence force that had traces of black light which was created by Jiang Yi. Even the influential figures on the spectator’s stand noticed it, too. That ray of black light made everyone’s heart trembled. Even though no one knew what it was, they roughly guessed that it was related to why Jiang Yi had a sudden increase in strength.

He was only at the first stage of the Cast Tripod Realm half a year ago, but now he could defeat one of the top ten prodigies—Liu He?

Manager Yang thought he saw a rising star emerging. He whispered to a guard of the Martial Arts Hall, “Continue observing Lone Wolf. If there is any problem, report back to me immediately. I will go look for the Martial Arts Hall Master.”

Such a heaven-defying talent deserved the high regards of the Martial Arts Hall. Manager Yang didn’t know how the Martial Arts Hall Master thinks, but Jiang Yi’s status in his heart was rising straight through the roof. He thought that if he could build a special relationship with Jiang Yi, it would do well for him and also for the Martial Arts Hall.

“Go do some investigation on this 536.”

On the spectator’s stand, Ji Tian secretly ordered a guard. The Clan Head of Leng Clan also secretly ordered his subordinate to go investigate. The ability to defeat Liu He had already proved Jiang Yi’s value.

Liu He, this stupid fool!

Even though Liu He was sent for some treatment, the Clan Head of Liu Clan could still make use of his influence to allow Liu He to continue the knock-out tournament later on. But even so, the Liu Clan Head was still infuriated because his entire Liu Clan had been humiliated.

“What should we do, Clan Head?!”

On Jiang Clan’s side, Jiang Yunshi hesitantly whispered as he leaned over. He was originally unsatisfied with Jiang Yi, but after this match, he had some hesitation. Since Jiang Yi was such a talent, it would be a great idea to actually recruit him into the Jiang Clan. Of course, there was the relationship with Jiang Yunhai. That Deputy General did mention that Jiang Yunhai was favored by the Western Garrison Liege Lord. What if Jiang Yunhai didn’t pass away, and what if the Deputy General was telling the truth? Wouldn’t it become huge trouble?!

“What do you mean by what should we do? This brat cannot stay!” Jiang Yunshe was oddly certain when he replied. But Jiang Yunshan remained silent and shook his head after a moment. “Everything shall be left to decide after the recruitment ceremony.”


On Ma Clan’s side, the father of Ma Fei, Ma Yongji, panicked. Jiang Yi, who completed ten matches, had already left the stage and did a simple recording with the city guard before heading towards the Martial Arts Hall. Just as he was about to disappear into the crowd, Ma Yongji panicked yet again as the Ma Clan’s Head didn’t utter a single word.

“What are you panicking for?”

The Clan Head of Ma Clan glared at Ma Yongji and spoke coldly, “You knew your son was a trash, and yet you handed him the Treasure Artifact to send as a gift to others? If I have to say it, Ma Fei being crippled was a sooner or later thing! But… since someone climbed over the heads of our Ma clan, we shall not leave it like this. Don’t worry, I have my own arrangements. This lad must die!”

After entering the pavilion of the spectator’s stand, the ice mountain beauty—Mentor Su—knitted her brows after a long consideration but still couldn’t get it. She turned around, looking at eldest mentor of the college and asked, “Elder Fu. How can 536’s strength be so bizarre? Did you find out anything with your broad knowledge?”

The words of Mentor Su attracted the attention of Ji Tian and the rest. Many of them looked over as Elder Fu shook his head. “I am not sure either. This is the first time I am seeing such a scenario. This kid is very unorthodox…”


On one of the stages outside, Ji Tingyu sent an opponent flying off the stage with a simple palm strike. She looked in the direction where Jiang Yi left; her brows shook for a little before whispering to herself, “Lone Wolf? Yi Jian? Young Master Yi? Alright then… Tingyu underestimated you. If you can achieve 100 consecutive victories, Tingyu will personally go visit and offer my apologies.”

The other matches were rather exciting, too; but they weren’t as mind-blowing as Jiang Yi’s performance that left a shock in their hearts. Among the four of them on stage, three of them were famous prodigies of the Skyplume City. It wasn’t a surprise that they could continue their consecutive victories.

The other blue-robed youth’s identity was about to be exposed, too. His name was He Dao and was a young master of the He Clan, which was a hidden clan that was situated in a small neighboring town of the Skyplume City. The He Clan wasn’t inferior to the five major clans of the Skyplume City but had always laid low. Now that the Mt. Spirit Beast College was hosting a recruitment ceremony, how could they miss out on this great opportunity?

In just one hour, Ji Tingyu completed her ten consecutive victories, which was quickly followed by Jiang Henshui and Leng Qianqian. The blue-robed youth, He Dao, was the last to achieve ten consecutive victories. He, who was at the eighth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, was ganged up by the clansmen of the five major clans. But after seeing Liu He lost miserably, most of the elite participants had a cautious thought and didn’t dare recklessly go on stage. It helped him to achieve the ten consecutive victories easily.

After the single elimination open tournament ended, it was time for the knock-out tournament. But due to the high standards of the single elimination open tournament, the knock-out tournament became rather boring. The participants who joined the knock-out tournament were all rather dispirited. All the five challengers of the single elimination open tournament were still having ten consecutive victories. What if they continued to win and take all five enrollment spots? All their battles wouldn’t have any more meaning.

The three mentors of the Mt. Spirit Beast College and the officers of the West Garrison Army all left shortly. These matches couldn’t attract their attention anymore, and they would only be concerned about tomorrow’s elimination open tournament. Majority of the clans were caught unprepared today and would come up with every possible means to eliminate the five challengers tomorrow. Or else how would their clansmen have any opportunities to grab those enrollment spots?

Jiang Yi knew that tomorrow’s single elimination open tournament would be intense. He had no choice but to reveal his Jiang Clan’s martial skills and Ma Fei’s Treasure Artifact which he snatched. He clearly knew that his identity had been exposed. It was certain that the Ma Clan and Jiang Clan already knew about his identity. This was why in the next few days, he would be in danger and may probably lose his life.

He didn’t know how his future would be like, but he had no alternatives but to forcefully carry on. This was why he didn’t rest after the tournament. He immediately went back to the Martial Arts Hall to heal his wounds, replenish his exhausted essence force, and prepare for battle.


After cultivating for two hours, his wrist, which was injured by the grasp of Liu He, had almost recovered. Jiang Yi got awoken by the footsteps from outside.

“Lone Wolf!”

The veteran, who walked in, had a face filled with lines on a tree bark. When he smiled, those lines became even more prominent. When Jiang Yi saw that smiling face, his heart was overwhelmed with warmth. The two of them didn’t interact much, but after living together with this old man for a few months, his occasional kindness had always made him feel comfortable.

“Manager!” As Jiang Yi was about to stand up, Manager Yang waved his hand, gesturing for him not to. He took out a porcelain bottle and smiled. “Continue your cultivation. I don’t have anything important to say. These are three earth-tier elixirs that can help you quickly recover your essence force. Erm… it is gifted by the Hall Master.”

“Earth-tier elixirs!?”

The edge of Jiang Yi’s mouth twitched while his eyes were filled with astonishment and surprise. These earth-tier elixirs were such expensive items, and since when was the Martial Arts Hall Master so generous? He quickly understood and looked at Manager Yang with gratitude, “Manager Yang, please accept my thanks…”

“Alright. Stop all your nonsense. Work hard on your cultivation and the tournament. As long as you continue winning, the Martial Arts Hall will continue your daily supply of earth-tier elixirs. Even if you get injured, don’t worry. As long as you aren’t dead, the Martial Arts Hall will guarantee that you can continue the tournament the next day!”

Manager Yang waved his hand while walking out of the door. He then suddenly recalled something at the door and spoke seriously, “That’s right. Hall Master asked me to bring you some words. If you want to achieve Phenomenal Stage for an earth-tier martial skill, you have to comprehend the essence of the skill. He doesn’t know much about this Exploding Essence Palm. But he wants you to pay attention to a single word… [Exploding]!”

Once Manager Yang walked out, Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up. A daily supply of earth-tier elixirs? As long as he didn’t die, the Martial Arts Hall guaranteed he could still participate the next day? With the Martial Arts Hall supporting him, there was nothing he had to worry about. He instantly felt confident and spirited. He made a decision in his heart that he would risk it all and definitely achieve 100 consecutive victories!


He quickly consumed one of the elixirs, sat cross-legged, and began cultivating. He first recovered his essence force and tried to comprehend the essence of the earth-tier martial skill. If he could achieve Phenomenal Stage for the Exploding Essence Palm, he would have a higher chance to achieve 100 consecutive victories.

The night passed without any words.

The next morning, Jiang Yi woke up early in the morning. After finishing his meal, he walked out of the Martial Arts Hall when it was time to head over the city plaza. When he walked about ten feet, he turned around to look. He spotted a middle-aged man who wore earrings and Manager Yang, silently looking at him while standing on one of the Martial Arts Hall’s balconies. He suddenly took off his mask and sneered while giving a deep bow.

Afterward, he threw the mask over to the guard on duty. He then walked with huge steps towards the stages. Since his identity was already exposed, he didn’t want to behave secretly anymore and decided to take a risk.


Circulating the essence force onto his feet, he leaped onto the stage like a lone wolf. Looking towards the spectator’s stand, he realized that all the influential figures hadn’t arrived yet. He closed his eyes while standing still and waited for the tournament to begin.

“That’s him. Brother Heiqi, it is him!”

On the corner by the eastern side of the plaza, a suave young master pointed at Jiang Yi while trembling. His eyes were filled with resentment, and he looked at Jiang Yi, wishing he could peel Jiang Yi’s skin off while he was alive.

Back at the Fengyue Brothel, his dantian got ruined by Jiang Yi. Afterward, he tried to activate every resource he had to find Jiang Yi for several months; but everything was in vain. This period of time was like a nightmare for Ma Fei: as long as Jiang Yi lived for another day, he wouldn’t be able to rest properly.

“Ma Fei, that’s enough!”

Ma Heiqi patted on the shoulders of Ma Fei; he looked at Jiang Yi and scoffed. “Don’t you worry, my father has already made arrangements. Today, I will be going on-stage. Jiang Yi… must die!”

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