Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 43 - Consecutive Victories

Chapter 43: Consecutive Victories

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Every youth that had participated were clear of the rules of this Mt. Spirit Beast College’s recruitment ceremony. Majority of them predicted that no one would be so silly to challenge the single elimination open tournament. After all, it was way too risky, and even if one had confidence in their strength, they would still be cautious before making such a move.

But the current situation gave a shock to countless people. Not only did someone challenge the single elimination open tournament, but also five of them did so. Especially Jiang Yi’s appearance which invited a wave of surprise. Although it wasn’t easy to find out a martial artist’s cultivation stage from the outside, when Jiang Yi circulated his essence force to jump up the stage, many people easily sensed his exposed aura and found out that he was only at the fourth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm.

A fourth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm martial artist actually dared to challenge the single elimination open tournament? This made plenty of people felt it was a joke, but some of them felt angry instead. This person who wore a mask of a wolf looked to be weird and bizarre; could he be here to be a jester?

Those influential people on the spectator’s stand let out light laughter. But the three mentors from the Mt. Spirit Beast College and the officers of the West Garrison Army were rather pleased with the appearance of Ji Tingyu, Jiang Henshui, and the other two. It was rather rare to see such young individuals attaining such cultivation stage at their age and also had the courage to challenge the single elimination open tournament, too.

It was obvious that Ji Tian already knew Ji Tingyu would be challenging the single elimination open tournament. Ji Tian smiled and nodded at the veteran who was on the spectator’s stand. The veteran gestured with his hands pressing downwards to suppress the noise from the crowd, “Good. Since there are people who want to challenge the single elimination open tournament, then the knock-out tournament shall be adjourned. Anyone can go on the stage to fight. The winner shall be decided if the opponent surrenders or falls off the stage. Remember that no killing is allowed!”


After the veteran who was dressed in splendid-looking robes finished his statement, a figure instantly leaped up. His target was obviously Jiang Yi’s stage. This participant didn’t seem to have a competent strength but assumed Jiang Yi to be a soft persimmon 1 that could be crushed. He wanted to take this chance to show off.


Another challenger arrived at the stage of the blue-robed youth. This blue-robed youth, who appeared out of no way, had the intention to grab one of the five enrollment sports. The participants of this city naturally couldn’t agree to it. But this challenger who came on stage didn’t seem to be too strong either; he was evidently here to find out whether the blue-robed youth was a true prodigy or a sham.


The rest of the three stages had their respective challengers, too. But those sharp-sighted people immediately began to complain of their shameless acts. It was because the challenger of Leng Qianqian was a member of the Leng Clan, the challenger of Jiang Henshui was a member of the Jiang Clan, and the challenger of Ji Tingyu was a member of the vassal clan of Ji Clan. These three individuals were obviously arranged by the respective clans to quickly allow the three of them to achieve consecutive victories.

“Lone Wolf, I have heard of your name. Why didn’t you just continue being a sparring partner in the Martial Arts Hall? What did you come here for? Get lost! This stage shall be taken over by me, Yang Feng!”

The one who challenged Jiang Yi was a young master of the city’s Yang Clan. He had the strength of the sixth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm. He was the first one to put out a challenge and was feeling rather confident. He shouted with dominance and wasted no time before dashing. Two of his legs whipped at Jiang Yi as he dashed.

Jiang Yi rushed onto the stage because he panicked. Once he was on the stage, he regretted his decision because the difficulty of this single elimination open tournament was too much. The elite prodigies of the city definitely didn’t want to offend Jiang Henshui, Ji Tingyu, and the rest. He would then become their target. What’s more, being in such a prominent position, he risked his identity to be exposed.

But since he was already there, he had no choice but to fight for his life. Or else he would be disqualified and could only be a slave of the Martial Arts Hall for life. And that… wasn’t the life he desired.

With a quick change of thoughts, he realized that with Ji Tingyu and the other top prodigies were already on-stage. This meant he wouldn’t need to fight against them, and that was good news. With his spirits uplifted, he used the black essence forces to enhance his eyes and went towards the opponent’s whipping legs.

Only at the sixth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm and being this reckless? Flying kick? This stupid fool…

Jiang Yi let out a sneer in his heart. It was important to be in control when martial artists exchanged blows. One must not only control the opponent but also himself. With both the legs off the ground, there was bound to be accidents. With his body out of balance, he would lose control of his own body, which meant that he wasn’t far from defeat.


With a shout, Jiang Yi swiftly retreated and struck his lightning quick fists against the opponent’s kicks.

“Pong, pong, pong, pong!”

Yang Feng sent out four lightning fast kicks while Jiang Yi matched them with four fists. Without circulating his black essence forces, their strength difference was too far apart. Even after he tried his best to stabilize his body, he was still forced to back off by several feet and was on the verge of being kicked off of the stage.

“Hurhur! Get off the stage!”

After showing his prowess in front of the audience, Yang Feng got complacent. Seeing that Jiang Yi was on the edge of the stage, he didn’t want to give his opponent any chance to recover. He leaped up once again after landing on the ground, dropping a severe kick which tore the air and headed towards Jiang Yi’s head.

“Uh huh, get off then!”

Jiang Yi mumbled softly before striking his fist; but this time, he didn’t use any strength. Once his fist got in contact with his opponent, it changed into a claw which grabbed Yang Feng’s leg. Jiang Yi then pulled the leg in the direction of the kick and turned his body sideways.


Yang Feng’s body flew right off the stage in an elegant manner, maintaining his flying kick form. Although half of Jiang Yi’s body was outside the stage, his legs seemed as though it was hooked onto the stage. Once Yang Feng got off the stage, Jiang Yi contracted his waist, and he easily returned on the stage.

“536 won the first match!”

As the veteran’ voice echoed, countless people awoke from shock. Seeing the number 536 token that hanged on Jiang Yi’s waist, many people could help but laugh. Jiang Yi was clearly the weakest among the five but was actually the first to win the first match. In just two exchanges, Yang Feng, who was at the sixth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, flew off the stage by himself.

Yang Feng sent a hateful glare at Jiang Yi and quickly hid into the crowd. He originally planned to use Jiang Yi as a target to showcase his skills and elegance to the influential individuals who were on the spectator’s stand. But now, he was too ashamed by the result.

“Let me try!”

Another figure launched himself on the stage. Jiang Yi found him familiar on his first sight, and after taking a detailed look, he let out a wry smile. He had once sparred with this individual and remembered he was a clansman of the Yang Clan. It seemed like Yang Clan wants to recover their reputation.

“Yang Ling. Sixth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, please enlighten me!”

Although his strength was on par with Yang Feng, Yang Ling had much composure. Jiang Yi’s face turned serious as he nodded and reached his hand to gesture his opponent to begin. The opponent didn’t dash immediately but circled the stage with slow maneuvers instead, looking for an opportunity to attack.


There were sudden shouts of “Nice!” below the stage. Jiang Yi and Yang Ling unconsciously looked at the direction where the shouts came from. They coincidentally saw Ji Tingyu kicked an opponent off the stage and landed after doing a mid-air somersault. The elegant posture was incomparably beautiful as though a goddess.

“An opportunity!”

When Yang Ling saw the mesmerized look in Jiang Yi’s eyes, he knew his opponent had totally forgotten they were still on the stage. With a push from his legs, Yang Ling’s body shot out like an arrow. His palms had a subtle red glow that seemed to heat up the surrounding air.


When Yang Ling reached the three feet distance from Jiang Yi, he got a sudden shock. Jiang Yi’s eyes were filled with fear as he accidentally slipped, and his body fell off the stage.


It attracted the laughs of the audience as they watched. Yang Ling paused in his steps and had a look of surprise. He didn’t expect to win this easily. He had originally prepared plenty of killer moves that didn’t even have a chance to be displayed.

“Something isn’t right!”

All of a sudden, he felt a trace of danger. A shadow abruptly leaped up from the side of the stage and kicked at his lower body with two legs that looked like venomous snakes.


Even though the opponent had an abrupt reappearance and he was also in a daze, Yang Ling still managed to react in time. He leaped back like a hawk and dodged the opponent’s attack. Yang Ling’s leg then once again kicked at the opponent’s body with lightning speed.

“Gama Hands!”

With a yell, the opponent formed a strange hand print and struck towards his legs.


With two large forces colliding, both their bodies were forced to back off. But Yang Ling was currently at the edge of the stage, and because he was in midair, he couldn’t rely on anything to recover his stance. He could only see himself fall off the stage.

The martial artists of the Yang Clan are indeed despicable…

Patting his hands, Jiang Yi looked at the spectator’s stand. The white-robed elder nodded and announced: “536 has two consecutive victories!”

“This isn’t right. Didn’t he fall off the stage earlier? How could he still win?” Yang Ling, who just landed, protested against the declaration of the veteran.

The veteran sent his sights over; his look was as though looking at an idiot. He then replied indifferently, “Didn’t you see 536 use one of his hands to grab on the stage? I am tasked by the City Lord to judge this tournament and would stay fair and impartial. Anyone who dares to doubt my judgment will be disqualified immediately.”


A wave of noise could be heard from the crowd. Majority of the people looked at Jiang Yi with disdain as they didn’t think he had true strength. He was a vile individual, too cunning and treacherous.

Jiang Yi didn’t bother about the comments. There was a time limit for how long the black essence force could enhance his vision. With no time to waste, he waved his hand impatiently and said, “Next!”


It was fine to act tough if one was truly strong, but to act tough without any real strength was just plain silly. Jiang Yi’s actions infuriated everyone near him and countless snorts could be heard. A short and stout youth jumped onto the stage, and before he even landed, he roared, “Let me, your grandfather 2 , try your skills.”

“Very well!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed with a smile. Before his opponent could even make a move, his body floated as he dashed forward. Without the use of any martial skills, he circulated his essence force and struck with his first. Jiang Yi effortlessly forced his opponent off the stage because this short and stout participant was only at the third stage of the Cast Tripod Realm.

“Anyone else dares to challenge me? Get up here quickly!”

Jiang Yi stood on the stage with extreme dominance and shouted arrogantly. He intentionally altered his voice, and it was sharp and uncomfortable to the ear.


Everyone below the stage began to riot, three of them actually rushed onto the stage concurrently, and all of them didn’t have competent strength.

“536, four consecutive victories!”

“008, three consecutive victories!”

“536, five consecutive victories!”

Right now, Jiang Yi already had six consecutive victories which were much more than the other four challengers. Such a bizarre situation attracted the attention of the influential figures from the pavilion of the spectator’s stand.

One of the young male mentors of the Mt. Spirit Beast College stroked his goatee and praised, “This youth has some wisdom. Only at the fourth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, and he won so many matches? Seems like he would be the first person to achieve ten consecutive victories!”

The other mentor who was slightly older nodded. “Yes, I have noticed this youth since he came on stage. Every move of his seemed to be luck, but it is actually within his calculations. His radical methods are used at the perfect timing.”

“It is an insignificant talent.”

As cold as an ice mountain and as beautiful as the lotus flower on the ice mountain, the female mentor shook her head. “In the face of absolute strength, all schemes or tricks would become like a thin sheet of paper. This youth doesn’t have competent strength and wouldn’t be able to go far using his street smarts. I bet that he wouldn’t be able to win ten matches.”

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