Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1233 - Bottom Line

Chapter 1233: Bottom Line

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Jiang Yi raised his thigh and stomped down on Hun Can’s chest harshly, causing him to curl up into a ball from the pain. A black arrow shot out from between his eyes; Mei Ru was on the move once again. However, the Young Chieftain’s spirit soul was strong. Mei Ru did not manage to capture it in as short a time as she usually did.


Once again, Jiang Yi stomped down on Hun Can’s chest. He used all of his strength this time and even activated some of his essence force.


Hun Can’s defensive powers were so strong. Even after Jiang Yi used all his strength, Hun Can’s bones merely broke but did not get crushed. He still called out as loudly as he could. Mei Ru took the chance to capture his soul. The entire process took more than thirty seconds, but Hun Can’s soul was finally under control.

“Alright then.”

Jiang Yi nodded at Wu Que’er, who then kept her soft sword and stood aside respectfully. Jiang Yi looked at the empty bowl, worried and reluctant. “This young saint beast soup is so strong. I feel my body becoming stronger rapidly. It’s about ten times better than that Sacred Bone Soup!”


Wu Que’er explained, “There are ten types of valuable wild beast bones in this continent, and they’re all very nourishing. When I entered this place, I was only a peak-stage Heaven Monarch. However, after drinking Sacred Bone Soup for a year, I improved so much. However, the top ten saint beasts are extremely rare. I only have one of their small bones with me, and I can only cook soup once with it. Only the Saint Priest and Saint Emperor have such bones with them.”

“What a good thing!”

Jiang Yi admired Wu Que’er’s skills. Her speed alone was comparable to a six- or seven-star Demigod, and this was only after a year or so of drinking the soup. It was obvious how nourishing this Sacred Bone Soup was. Jiang Yi smirked. “Quick, ask someone to boil that. Once we get to Saint Emperor City, we’ll think of ways to get me more bones.”

With so little time, Jiang Yi’s skills could not break through with just training alone. If there was another way that his body could become stronger in this short time, it was excellent. He was still unsure of the situation in Saint Emperor City. The stronger he was, the higher their chances of getting out alive.

Mei Ru emerged from Hun Can’s mind, and Jiang Yi asked Wu Que’er to throw some recuperation medicine over to Hun Can to mend his bones. Wu Que’er summoned Long Ruo in and retrieved a jade box from inside her ring. When she opened the jade box, Jiang Yi’s nose filled with a certain fragrance. His eyes lit up. This was really good stuff.

“Cook this using our usual method!”

Wu Que’er handed the jade box over to Long Ruo somewhat reluctantly and even gave him some herbs. The latter went out and began to make soup using their secret recipe. Jiang Yi sat on the marshal’s chair like a chief, closing his eyes to rest.

He had asked Wu Que’er many things over the last few days. It was a pity that Wu Que’er knew nothing about what was happening outside. The North Thearch sent voice transmissions directly to the Saint Priest. Wu Que’er and her siblings were only in charge of taking care of the Death God Continent for the Saint Priest.

Nevertheless, Jiang Yi understood more about the Saint Emperor City now. There was one Saint Emperor and one Saint Priest; both of them were extremely formidable martial artists. Under them were thirty or so Chieftains, three thousand Fierce Warriors, and ten thousand Brave Warriors.

Jiang Yi was very familiar with how strong the Chieftains were. Hun Nong and about a hundred or so Fierce Warriors could subdue the Buddha Emperor and kill two Demigods. Obviously, they were quite strong as well. If Jiang Yi exposed his identity upon entering Saint Emperor City, he would surely die.

Thus, he had to think about how to obtain soul slaves once he entered Saint Emperor City. If he could get Mei Ru to take down about thirty Chieftains and the remaining two priests—together with the Buddha Thearch and company, he would have enough power to try and break out.

Long Ruo had been boiling the soup for four hours but still had not returned. Jiang Yi opened his eyes and glanced at Wu Que’er, who quickly explained, “Lord, this bone soup is very difficult to make. It requires six hours. Please wait for a while longer.”


Jiang Yi then turned to look at Hun Can, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, recuperating. Seeing that he was about seventy- to eighty-percent recovered and currently looking at Jiang Yi terrified, he waved his hand and said to Mei Ru, “Get him out of here. Don’t come here anymore. Also, tell him to be careful not to tell anyone what happened today. He must be careful to act as per normal.”

Mei Ru explained all these things to Hun Can, and the latter walked out to the teleportation array. Mei Ru went back into Jiang Yi’s spiritual consciousness. Once again, peace was restored inside the fort. Jiang Yi retrieved the Mystic Divine Palace and scanned inside it. He discovered that Yin Ruobing and Yi Chan were both in seclusion. They were trying to analyze the Heaven Paintings that the Mystic Thearch left behind. However, neither of them tried to analyze the Night Rain painting. Instead, both of them analyzed the remaining two paintings.

Jing Xiaonu was in seclusion as well. She was bored staying inside the palace so she secluded herself to train. She wanted to try and realize the fourth rank of the Ink Feather Divine Art. It was a pity that she had not realized fourth-rank skills. Jiang Yi guessed that it was extremely difficult to do so. Xiao Fei was hibernating. She had just become a demon sovereign, and she still needed to complete her consolidation. All this had to be done while she was in deep sleep.

Two hours later, Long Ruo finally returned with a small bowl of soup. The fragrance of this soup was extremely intense. Both Long Ruo and Wu Que’er looked at the soup longingly, their saliva almost slipping out of their mouths. Jiang Yi waved his hand, gesturing for Long Ruo to go back out. Then, he grinned and smelled the soup. His entire body immediately felt soothed.

There was only a small bowl of this soup. Jiang Yi drank it bit by bit, thinking that it was the best soup in the whole wide world. He had a fair share of delicacies in his life, and he tried lots of good soups and wine. However, drinking this soup felt like the most luxurious thing to do. The taste itself made him feel like he was floating in the air. It was extremely calming, and he was sure he would never forget the taste of it.


Jiang Yi’s skin began to glow. He felt an unending source of energy fill his body as his muscles grew before his very eyes. It was just one small bowl of soup, and yet he felt his strength double. In fact, his body was almost as strong as Hun Can now.

After being transformed by the Destitute Dragon Grass, his body was already not bad. After that, he broke through the Demigod Realm and underwent more transformation by the star sphere force. He also drank Sacred Bone Soup every day for about a month, the big bowl of Sacred Young Beast Bone Soup earlier, and now a small bowl of the Sacred Beast Bone Soup. It was only natural that he would finally achieve Hun Can’s strength. Still, he was a far cry from Wu Que’er’s skill.


The moment the soup entered Jiang Yi’s stomach, he realized another problem. The soup was extremely nourishing! A tent rose up under his beast skin hanging around his hip once again. He felt the heat from his groin rise up to his face, causing him to blush red.

He often found himself in situations like that back in the tribe, but since there was nowhere for Jiang Yi to find release back then, he could just hold it in. Now, things were different. He was safe here, and he could get the Mystic Divine Palace out. He could go in and look for Yin Ruobing to settle this discomfort.

The moment this thought appeared in his head, Jiang Yi found it impossible to stop thinking about it. Very quickly, however, Jiang Yi struck the thought out. Both Yin Ruobing and Yi Chan were in seclusion. What if they were in the middle of realizing something? How could he force them to come out of seclusion? What’s more, he had not even married Yi Chan yet.

Gulp, gulp!

His burning gaze quickly fell on Wu Que’er, who was standing by the side. This lady of the Wu Clan was quite beautiful, and she was a lady from the clan that he hated the most. It would not prick his conscience to play around with her. What’s more, she was a soul slave. She would not resist him. If Mei Ru gave the order, she might even take the initiative.


Wu Que’er saw Jiang Yi looking at her desperately. Her beautiful body began to tremble, and her expression became one of terror. Yet, she did not dare to make a sound; neither did she dare to give any opinions. She looked as pitiful and helpless as a deer in headlights. This made Jiang Yi want her even more.


Jiang Yi cried out from the bottom of his gut like a beast. He grabbed Wu Que’er and pulled her toward him in one swift motion. He ripped the belt from her waist aggressively and then took her dress off in a few seconds. All that was left on her skin were her pink undergarments. Jiang Yi pinned Wu Que’er’s head down on the table and lifted her butt high.

Ss, ss…

He savagely ripped Wu Que’er’s undergarments off, exposing her smooth, white bottom to the air. Wu Que’er felt the breeze on her bottom and froze, her body still trembling uncontrollably. She knew full well what was about to happen, but she could not do anything to resist it. She could not make any noise. All she could do was wait to be ruthlessly and wantonly violated.


Even after waiting for a while, she did not feel any penetration. Jiang Yi stopped moving behind her. His breathing was becoming more labored. She turned around and looked at Jiang Yi, astonished; but all she saw was Jiang Yi’s conflicted and pained expression. At last, he roared two more times and rushed to the teleportation array outside the canopy.


Wu Que’er quickly put her undergarments and dress back on. Perhaps she had been influenced by Wu Ni and the rest of her clan to think that Jiang Yi was a horrible person. From the day she became a soul slave, she was prepared to be raped by Jiang Yi.

However, at that moment, she realized something strange. Jiang Yi was not as bad as everyone said he was. At least he… had a bottom line!

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