Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback

Chapter 756 - Chapter 756: Roommates

Chapter 756: Roommates

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Huangfu Ruixiang’s wedding hadn’t arrived yet, but it was already the day of Ye Leng’an’s enrollment.

Ye Leng’an enrolled in the Chinese Medicine Department of the Capital University. Being a local resident of the capital, she opted not to reside on campus. However, the university required freshmen to stay in the dormitories during their first year.

So, at the beginning of the semester, Ye Leng’an arrived at the Capital University with her luggage. She planned to apply for off-campus status after the military training ended. Nevertheless, she would keep her dorm room in case she needed it during busy times.

Huangfu Ruiling had insisted on escorting Ye Leng’an to enrollment, but she had firmly declined. Unable to sway her, he had to relent eventually.

Ye Leng’an traveled light, carrying only a backpack, and proceeded directly to the university for enrollment.

Standing at the entrance of Capital University, Ye Leng’an couldn’t help but feel a pang of emotion. In her previous life, due to Ye Xiyuan, she hadn’t been able to attend university. Back then, watching others enter the campus had filled her with envy

In this life, she had finally fulfilled one of her wishes.

Of course, she chose the Chinese Medicine Department because of her interest in alchemy. Though she had learned much about medicine in the cultivation world, there were still differences in modern practices. This was a chance for her to fill in the gaps.

As she strolled through the campus, Ye Leng’an felt an unprecedented sense of relaxation. It was as if she were just an ordinary university student, enjoying the campus scenery.

However, unbeknownst to her, while she admired the scenery, she also became a sight for others to behold.

The university boasted many attractive students, but few were as outstanding as her. Some had even discreetly taken photos of her with their phones.

Ye Leng’an was aware of this but didn’t mind, so she didn’t intervene.

Many senior students responsible for receiving newcomers wanted to help her find her way. After all, she was clearly a freshman, and who wouldn’t want to get to know her?

Yet, for some reason, despite her beauty and elegance, they lacked the courage to approach her. They even felt unworthy.

Ye Leng’an followed the signs and soon arrived at the Chinese Medicine Department. After enrollment, she followed the directions to the dormitory.

Upon entering, she found that someone was already there.

Ignoring the occupied beds near the door, Ye Leng’an walked toward the leftmost bed.

“Hello,” greeted the girl by the door. “Which department are you from? I’m in Class One of the Economics and Management Department. I’m Zhu Bixuan, from Jin City.”

Zhu Bixuan had delicate features and an elegant temperament, making her increasingly appealing upon closer inspection.

From her attire, it was evident that she came from at least a middle-class background, with fashionable clothing.

“I’m Zhou Cui’an, from the Chinese Medicine Department,” the other girl said hurriedly. She attempted to smile but seemed unsuccessful. “I’m from a small mountain village in Fuzhou. It’s quite remote, you might not have heard of it.”

Compared to Zhu Bixuan, Zhou Cui’an’s attire was much simpler and somewhat worn-out, indicating a less affluent background. Therefore, she wore a visible air of inferiority when facing her roommates, Ye Leng’an and Zhu Bixuan.

Although Ye Leng’an didn’t know her roommates’ personalities yet, she responded politely to their friendliness.

“Hello, I’m Ye Leng’an, a native of the capital,” she said with a smile and nodded. “I’m from the Chinese Medicine Department.”

“You’re also in the Chinese Medicine Department!” Zhou Cui’an looked delighted. Her eyes lit up as she said, “That’s wonderful. We can attend classes together in the future.”

“That’s great,” Zhu Bixuan said enviously. “I wonder which department our other roommate is from. It would be great if she was from the Economics and Management Department like me.”

Otherwise, she would feel quite lonely.

“We’ll find out soon.” Ye Leng’an smiled. “Today is the last day of enrollment. Regardless, she should arrive today.”

“That’s true!” Zhu Bixuan smiled. When she noticed Ye Leng’an’s minimal luggage, she was surprised. “Why did you only bring one bag? Don’t you have many things?”

Ye Leng’an put down her bag and explained with a smile, “I’m a local. I can go home on weekends, so I don’t need to bring much. Besides, if I need anything, I can have my family send it over.”

She chose not to mention her intention not to stay in the dormitory, as they had just met, and the matter wasn’t settled yet.

“I envy you locals.” Zhu Bixuan sighed. “You can go home anytime.”

“You have it easy too! Jin City is very close, just an hour’s drive away.” Ye Leng’an chuckled.

“That’s true.” Zhu Bixuan nodded. “I’m thinking of asking my family to buy me a car. Then, I can drive back and forth. Wouldn’t that be more convenient?”

Ye Leng’an looked at her in surprise.

It seemed that Zhu Bixuan’s family background was better than she had assumed. After all, a family that could easily buy a car for a student, even if it were just a modest one, must be quite affluent.

When Zhou Cui’an looked at Zhu Bixuan, she couldn’t help but feel envious and inferior.

“What do you guys think?” Zhu Bixuan looked at Zhou Cui’an and Ye Leng’an, then eagerly asked, “Do you think my idea is great? And, I don’t need anything expensive, just something for transportation.”

Her demeanor resembled that of a child proposing an idea, eager for her friends’ approval. What she needed now was the validation from her roommates.

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