Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback

Chapter 560 - Chapter 560: I Can’t Feel My Hand at All 4

Chapter 560: I Can’t Feel My Hand at All 4

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Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeba I’m hungry.”

After returning, she continued talking to Huangfu Ruiling and now felt a bit hungry.

“Dinner has been ready for a while,” Huangfu Ruiling said, rubbing Ye Leng’an’s hair indulgently. “It’s all your favorite dishes.”

“Then let’s go!” Ye Lengan tugged Huangfu Ruiling forward. “After eating, take me around the Huangfu family. We can stroll and aid digestion.”

The atmosphere here was relaxed and harmonious, occasionally tinged with a hint of ambiguity. However, in the mortal world’s Ye family, the scene was entirely different.


Ye Xiyuan had returned home to recover. Her injuries weren’t severe, mainly recovering from significant blood loss.

However, at home, she felt uneasy – mainly due to her injured arm.

Presently, Ye Xiyuan lay half on the bed, attempting to reach out for a glass of water.

The water glass sat on the bedside table, easily accessible. Yet, trying to extend her injured arm, she found the simple action unusually challenging.

With her right hand’s assistance, her injured left hand barely touched the cup. But picking it up was impossible. She accidentally knocked the glass to the floor, producing a clear shatter.

“Xiyuan, what happened?”

Lin Wanqin entered, witnessing the scene, Her face expressed concern as she rushed forward to check on Ye Xiyuan. Upon confirming her safety, she sighed in relief and spoke, “Xiyuan, didn’t I tell you before? If you need anything, just call for help! What if you get injured again?”

“I’m fine, just want some water.” Ye Xiyuan’s gaze remained on her left hand.

“Mom, the doctor said my hand is fine, right?”

“Yes.” Lin Wanqin nodded. “Before you were discharged, the doctor performed another check. The results were out long ago, confirming your hand is perfectly fine.”

“But, Mom, I can’t feel my hand at all now.” Ye Xiyuan frowned, an ominous feeling rising within. “Just now, I couldn’t even hold a cup. I always feel my hand isn’t as simple as the doctor said.”

“Can’t you exert any strength?” Lin Wanqin looked at Ye Xiyuan’s hand, continuing, “Maybe you haven’t fully recovered, and that’s causing this.”

“It’s not that.” Ye Xiyuan shook her head firmly. “l know my situation. Mom, I feel like something is wrong with my hand.”

Hearing Ye Xiyuan’s words, Lin Wanqin’s expression turned serious. After a moment’s thought, she said, “Tonight, when your father returns, I’ll discuss with him and find a specialized hospital for you to get checked out. If there’s

really a problem, early treatment is a must.”

Ye Xiyuan nodded, her mood not good.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” Lin Wanqin consoled her. “Even if there’s something wrong, we can cure it. If domestic treatment doesn’t work, we’ll go abroad. I won’t let anything happen to your hand.”

Despite the unease, Ye Xiyuan nodded. Her eyes carried a hint of resentment. “Mom, how’s Li Qiaomeng doing?”

Even with Li Qiaomeng sentenced to ten years in prison, it couldn’t erase the hatred in her heart. After all, she saved Li Qiaomeng, even giving her a million. Yet, she was held hostage and ended up injured.

“She’s been sent to prison.” Lin Wanqin’s face darkened, eyes showing a hint of disgust. “Rest assured, we’ve arranged for someone to teach her a lesson. She won’t have it easy.”

In fact, it was a common occurrence, not difficult to orchestrate. Pay someone, make them commit a crime, spend a month or two in prison, then manipulate them to end up in the same prison as Li Qiaomeng. Then, teaching her a lesson would be easy.

Li Qiaomeng, the ungrateful person, caused Xiyuan to be in this state. How could she let her off?

Upon hearing Lin Wanqin’s words, Ye Xiyuan felt better. She smiled at Lin

Wanqin, saying, “Mom, thank you. You’re really too good to me.”

“Silly child, you’re my daughter. If I don’t treat you well, who else should 1 treat well?” Lin Wanqin reached out, stroking Ye Xiyuan’s hair, and smiled, “Don’t worry. Li Qiaomeng will definitely be punished. Also, your hand will be fine,’

At this moment, she didn’t feel Ye Xiyuan wasn’t kind at all. She believed Ye Xiyuan acted this way because she had been hurt deeply by Li Qiaomeng.

Ye Xiyuan nodded and said, “Mom, I plan to start studying as soon as possible.

Help me find some books! From tomorrow onwards, I will continue to revise. There’s not much time left before the college entrance examination. I have to hurry up.”

Hearing Ye Xiyuan!s words, Lin Wanqin frowned, expressing worry. “Xiyuan, your body hasn’t fully recovered yet. Studying takes a lot of energy, and it’s not good for your recovery. Shouldn’t we rest for a few more days before starting?”

“No need.” Ye Xiyuan shook her head. “Mom, I didn’t participate in the college entrance examination early just to get into university. I want to be the top scorer, so I can’t continue to relax. Otherwise, I’ll lose to someone else.’

Hearing Ye Xiyuan’s ambitious words, Lin Wanqin felt proud. Eventually, she nodded. “Since you insist, let’s start revising! However, you have to manage your time properly. Don’t tire yourself out. Otherwise, your health might deteriorate before the college entrance examination. It’ll truly be a loss for

“I know.” Ye Xiyuan’s eyes flashed with determination. “I’ll make everyone look at me in a new light in the college entrance examination this time.”

Simultaneously, she wanted everyone to see the difference between her and Ye Lengan. She wanted everyone to know she wasn’t inferior to her. In fact, she was much stronger.

Seeing Ye Xiyuan’s confident look, Lin Wanqin revealed a proud smile..

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