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Chapter 170 - Chapter 170: An Evil Cultivator 2

Chapter 170: An Evil Cultivator 2

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That so-called old immortal must have a purpose for doing all these things. Moreover, this goal was definitely not for the people of this village. It would only be for himself.


“That’s right.” Duo Ji nodded. “The location of the sacrificial altar was chosen by the old immortal, and the pattern was also carved according to the old immortal’s drawing. The pattern was kept in the wooden box on the table in the study.”

Ye Leng’an took out a pill and threw it in front of Duo Ji. “Since you told the truth, I’ll let you die a quick and painless death. Half an hour after taking this pill, you will die from internal organ failure, but it won’t be too painful.”

After saying that, she glanced at the others. “Of course, you can choose other methods. I won’t interfere. However, you must receive the punishment you deserve today. Otherwise, your family will bear the consequences together with you.”

Whether one person died or the entire family died, it was up to Duo Ji.

Without hesitation, Duo Ji picked up the pill and swallowed it.

Hali Maya wanted to stop him, but it was too late. She looked at her husband and began to cry.

Ye Leng’an ignored them. After she and Huangfu Ruiling left the dungeon, they immediately went to the study and quickly found the paper with the picture that Duo Ji mentioned.

When seeing the pattern on the paper, Ye Leng’an couldn’t help but frown. She was proficient in medicinal pills and only knew slightly about formations. Therefore, when she saw this pattern, she did not know what kind of formation it was for a moment. However, that strange pattern made her feel uncomfortable.

When Huangfu Ruiling saw the pattern, his eyes suddenly became fierce and his entire person exuded frostiness.

“What kind of formation is this?” Ye Leng’an looked at Huangfu Ruiling and asked directly, “You can understand it, right?”

If Huangfu Ruiling didn’t understand, he wouldn’t have reacted like this. Obviously, he knew what kind of formation this was. Moreover, this formation should not be anything good.

“This is a forbidden technique.” Huangfu Ruiling’s tone was almost ice-cold.

“This is a formation that only evil cultivators use. They set up this formation in a place with heavy Yin Qi and used the blood of a virgin to increase their cultivation. This is forbidden in the Hidden World. I did not expect that someone would use the people in this village to help him collect virgin blood for cultivation.’

Ye Leng’an gave a knowing look. The blood of a virgin with an Extreme Yin body. No wonder Duo Ji emphasized the word “pure”. It turned out that he

wanted the blood ot a virgin! The so-called old immortal took advantage ot the villagers’ desire to break the curse and leave this place to give them illusory hope, making them willing to become executioners. However, there was one thing that she was quite puzzled about.

“Then how did he use this formation?” Ye Leng’an frowned. “If he really wanted to use the virgin’s blood in this formation to cultivate, how did he do it? He was not in this village, did that mean that he had left something behind in this formation?”

“There must be traces left behind by him in this formation.” There was a glint of fierceness in Huangfu Ruiling’s eyes. “I will ask Li San to send someone to search later. We will definitely find it.’

Ye Leng’an nodded. Then, as if she had thought of something, she looked at Huangfu Ruiling and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to know formations too! Moreover, you seem to be very good at it!”

“What do you want to do? Say it!” Huangfu Ruiling saw through Ye Leng’an at a glance. “There’s no need to beat around the bush here.”

“Actually, it’s nothing.” Ye Leng’an didn’t stand on ceremony. She said directly, “I was planning to set up a formation around the village so that the village will be completely isolated. Although I know something about formations, they are too profound and I am not very proficient in them. Therefore, I want to entrust this difficult task to you.”

Although she knew about formations, she could not guarantee that the formation she set up would not be broken one day. Also, she couldn’t deal with a question of great depth of the formation. Huangfu Ruiling seemed to be very proficient in formations. It was much more reliable for him than her to set up the formation.

She knew her place very well. In a field that she was not proficient in, she would not force herself to show off her ability..

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