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Chapter 278 - Chapter 278: Investigation Assessment, Fourth Squad Leader’s Abnormality

Chapter 278: Investigation Assessment, Fourth Squad Leader’s Abnormality

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“I know that you are all elites in your old company. Some of you may even be the best in some aspects of the company.”

After the physical examination and lunch, Platoon One was called downstairs by Ji Qing Lin.

The rain outside had stopped.

After being brought to the training ground, Ji Qing Lin stood in front of everyone and shouted, “However, it’s not that you’re strong.

“This afternoon, the assessment would begin.”

Ji Qing Lin raised his hand and raised a finger as he continued to shout, “I only have one request for you.”

For a single event, more than half of our district team must enter the top ten. In addition, you are not allowed to end up at the bottom. Whoever enters the bottom ten for a single event must be mentally prepared!”

He didn’t say what would happen if they didn’t pass.

Because there was no chance of failing.

This was not a new recruit company. If you didn’t pass, they would let you train slowly.

If you are not qualified here, you could just pack it up and go home.

Therefore, they only competed in results and rankings.

After a pause, he looked directly at Wang Ye.

Without hiding anything, he said directly, “Wang Ye!”


Wang Ye replied.

Ji Qing Lin looked around at the others, then looked at Wang Ye again and said, “The division headquarters announced that you were the most outstanding recruit in the entire army this year. I didn’t believe it because 1 didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

“Tell me, can you prove it to me this afternoon?”

“Reporting, I can!” Wang Ye stood there with his head slightly raised as he shouted loudly and confidently.

This scene caused the entire squad to turn their heads.

Ji Qing Lin smiled.

“Alright, 1’11 wait and see!”

After saying this, he looked at the others again.

“The army is not a cattle farm. This is not a place to brag. The teaching team is not a new company, nor is it your own old company.”

“In the past two days, you have become familiar with each other. Although I didn’t spend much time with you, 1 still heard some of you brag about how powerful you were in your old army.”

After a pause, Ji Qing Lin continued, “Being stubborn isn’t tough. This afternoon’s assessment is a big wave. When this big wave recedes, I don’t want to see any of you swimming naked.”

His words were a little humorous, and even Wang Ye couldn’t help but smile.

However, Ji Qing Lin didn’t laugh. At this moment, his voice sounded again, “This is the teaching team. This is the place where the elites of the three regiments gather.”

“Who was the hero and who was the bear, they would know after a competition.”

After saying this, he immediately dismissed them.

He told everyone to go back for a lunch break and prepare for the assessment in the afternoon.

Of course, at this time, not many people would be able to sleep.

Just like what Ji Qing Lin said.

This was not their old company.

This was an unfamiliar place. Most of the people who came here were comrades from other companies, and the two neighboring squads were from the other two regiments.

Everyone was still unfamiliar with each other, but now they were competing on the same stage.

Yes, it was said to be a test, but in everyone’s eyes, this was just a martial arts competition.

If they won, it would bring glory to their company and regiment.

Losing at the bottom would only bring shame to their own regiment and company.

They were unsure of the other people’s strengths and were concerned that they would come in last.

Everyone believed Ji Qing Lin’s words that the last ten would not have a good ending.

In the dormitory, Wang Ye was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. He was sleeping like a corpse.

The others couldn’t help but secretly glance at Wang Ye.

Especially Song Fu’s upper bunk. As the squad leader of the fourth squad of the recruit company, Du Yi Tong was looking at Wang Ye, who was lying on the lower bunk next door with his eyes closed.

At this moment, his gaze was very complicated.

To be honest, he was actually very jealous and unwilling.

Four consecutive battles. Before Wang Ye appeared, he was actually the most popular person in the four consecutive battles.

Last year, among all the recruits in the 4th Company, he was the first. He was even more outstanding than some veterans.

Lian Bao, this treatment was actually his last year. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been called to lead the new recruits as soon as he was promoted to private first class.

However, as Wang Ye continued.

He realized that no one cared about him anymore.

There were even people in their own class who joked about this matter, saying, “Du Yi Tong, you were the top recruit in our company last year, the most awesome recruit. But this year, our company has another one, so your title has changed.”

“Moreover, it seems that you can’t compare to them. They’re reporting on the regiment, the division, and even the military!”

Although this kind of word was said as a joke, it was still heart-wrenching to hear too many jokes!

However, because he wasn’t in the same class as Wang Ye in the fourth company, he didn’t have to look at Wang Ye every day and could still force a smile.

But now, fate was playing tricks on people. This time, they came to the teaching team together and were actually assigned to the same platoon.

What made him even more uncomfortable was that…

When Wang Ye was a new recruit, he was the platoon monitor. Now, he actually had to be under Wang Ye’s jurisdiction.

Wang Ye was the deputy platoon monitor, while he was a soldier.

All sorts of reasons made him feel very complicated.

Suddenly, Wang Ye, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes.

And his head just happened to turn to look at him.

Wang Ye didn’t know if it was because his physical fitness had completely surpassed that of ordinary people that his hidden spiritual sense had increased, or perhaps it was more mysterious, that his sixth sense had also become more sensitive.

Now that he was being stared at, even if Wang Ye closed his eyes, he still felt that the pineal gland between his eyebrows was a little itchy.

Then, when Wang Ye opened his eyes, he immediately discovered the reason.

At this moment, Du Yi Tong closed his eyes and turned around.

He had yet to calm down his emotions.

Wang Ye looked at him and thought for a moment before sitting up from the bed.

“Squad Leader Du, let’s go out and have a chat!”

Wang Ye said.

He had felt that something was wrong yesterday.

It was just that Wang Ye didn’t say it before, but now, he still felt that it was better to talk about some things as soon as possible or to resolve them as soon as possible.

Don’t create another Deng Hai.

Wu Jian Feng and the instructor, who were still in the 4th Company, would go completely crazy.

At this moment, everyone else in the dormitory opened their eyes and looked over.

But no one said anything.

No one was a fool.

Everyone felt that something was wrong with Du Yi Tong’s situation. But for the time being, they were still in the familiarization phase. Song Fu, the brand-new platoon leader, may not have any prior experience serving as a class monitor, so he opted not to do anything.

Now that Wang Ye had taken the initiative to speak, Song Fu, who was on the bed next door, thought for a moment and quickly sat up.

He glanced at Wang Ye, then raised his head to look at Du Yi Tong, who was still motionless on his upper bunk. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “We do need to talk. I’ll go with you!”


On the upper bunk, Du Yi Tong suddenly sat up.

He didn’t come down. He just looked at Wang Ye and said, “No need to go out!”

At this point, he looked at the others, then took a deep breath and looked at Wang Ye again, “It’s my own mentality problem. Don’t worry, I won’t target you, nor will 1 drag the platoon down. That’s all. Everyone, let’s take a nap!”

With that, he lay down again.

Wang Ye was a little baffled. After thinking for a moment, he stood up and said, “Squad Leader Du, I admit that I’m not a perfect person, but no matter what my problem is, if you have a problem with me, I think you can say it.”

After a pause, Wang Ye continued, “Even if you say that you don’t like me, we’re both men. It’s good for us to go out and have a fight, but I don’t want you to hold back some things and change your mind in the end.”

Don’t worry, I have no objections to you!” Without getting up, Du Yi Tong, who was lying down, let out a muffled sound.

“Yes, that’s good,” Wang Ye nodded.

“Squad Leader Du, you and I are both soldiers. You and I may not be able to completely trust each other, but I hope that at least there won’t be any comrades stabbing me in the back.”

“You know where the last person who tried to stab me with a knife is now, so 1 hope you can think about it!”

At this moment, Du Yi Tong felt a little angry.

What Wang Ye meant was that he was comparing him to Deng Hai.

He felt a little insulted.

The other companies might not know that Deng Hai wanted to stab Wang Ye, and the Fourth Company didn’t say it in public, but everyone knew a little in private.

He stood up again, looked at Wang Ye, and said in a muffled voice, “Don’t worry, we really don’t have any grudges. It’s just that there’s something wrong with myself.”

“That’s good!” Wang Ye smiled.

After saying that, Wang Ye looked at the others, “Alright, fellow veterans, there’s nothing between Squad Leader Du and me. Don’t think too much about it. In fact, he was the squad leader of the squad next door to me when 1 was in the recruiting company, so don’t make wild guesses and don’t talk nonsense. I’ll just say it out loud!”

“There’s such a relationship?” Everyone in the dormitory was stunned.

Other than Wang Ye, there were only two veterans from the fourth company in the third platoon.

As for the other person, they had some guesses before, but he was not familiar with Du Yi Tong, so they did not say anything.

However, he didn’t say anything. Now that Wang Ye had taken the initiative to laugh and expose this matter, someone from the other companies laughed and said, “Alright, I understand. If 1 were Old Du, I might be feeling uncomfortable now.”

“Haha, a new recruit became his vice leader, who could stand this!”

“Haha, that’s true. It’s understandable for Old Du to feel uncomfortable, but this is not a big deal.”

“Yeah, this is nothing. There are perverts among the new recruits every year.

Relax. If you’re also affected by this, then we, Nian Nian, have to cover our little hearts well!”

In the dormitory, everyone was laughing and joking. Their words were actually trying to persuade Du Yi Tong.

Du Yi Tong sat there awkwardly after hearing what everyone said. However, he still forced a smile and said, “Yes, I’m narrow-minded. I won’t say anything else. I’m still a little uncomfortable. Everyone, let’s take an afternoon nap!”

At this moment, on the last bed in the dormitory, another veteran from the 4th Company looked like he wanted to say something but hesitated.

He felt that he only knew the real reason for Platoon Three.

However, after thinking about it, he still didn’t say the deeper reason.

He was prepared to find an opportunity to talk to Du Yi Tong in private.

He had initially believed Du Yi Tong to have a grudge against Wang Ye, but when he saw that wasn’t the case, he knew that as a corporate veteran, he had to assist in enlightening him.

Lying on the bed again, Wang Ye closed his eyes but didn’t sleep.

He was wondering what was going on with Du Yi Tong.

What he said just now, had this matter been resolved?

However, after thinking about it, Wang Ye couldn’t be sure.

It could only be said that one’s heart was beyond one’s stomach. Wang Ye didn’t have the skill of Mind Connection, so he didn’t know what he was thinking.

However, Wang Ye had already thought it through.

It would be ideal if this issue was resolved. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be polite to him anymore if he ever played dirty with him again..

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