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Chapter 257 - Chapter 257: Want to be a Sniper?

Chapter 257: Want to be a Sniper?

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“Haha, you really know how to surprise me!”

Looking at Wang Ye, Wu Jianfeng actually wanted to try not to laugh so loudly.

He had to maintain his image as a company commander, but in the end, he couldn’t help it.

He patted Wang Ye’s shoulder and laughed loudly.

Wu Jianfeng could only say that this moment was very much worth it. Although he had only been assigned Wang Ye as a good soldier this year, and the rest were all leftovers, it was still very much worth it.

If it weren’t for Deng Hai, Wu Jianfeng would be laughing even louder now.

Of course, even with Deng Hai’s incident, Wang Ye’s current shooting results had swept away the gloominess hidden in his heart.

Well… At least for now.


Wang Ye scratched his head and chuckled.

He had to act humble.


At this moment, Zhou Qi returned.

He looked at Wang Ye with a happy expression and winked at him. If it wasn’t for Wu Jianfeng standing in front of Wang Ye right now and even putting his hand on Wang Ye’s shoulder, he would definitely have come up and given him a big hug.

It was done beautifully.

What kind of standard was this?

Not to mention the single point and point shots in the beginning, even if the final 19 consecutive shots were taken out, not many Scouts who had been fed with bullets would dare to say that they were confident.

After all, this was a hundred-meter target, not a thirty-meter or fifty-meter target.

The jump of the muzzle and the increase in the spread of bullets from the distance were no joke.

At least Zhou Qi didn’t have the guts to say that.

Not to mention nineteen consecutive shots.

He couldn’t guarantee that he would hit the target every time he fired five shots.

“Try another magazine!”

After taking the magazine from Zhou Qi’s hand, Wu Jianfeng waited for the target reporting to end before handing the new magazine to Wang Ye with a smile.


Wang Ye immediately nodded with a smile.

At least for now, Wang Ye was still very excited to be able to shoot.

Although he had already fired a magazine, Wang Ye still hadn’t had enough of it.

Moreover, he had just fused so much experience and it was time to verify it.

As for the recoil from firing the gun…

Nine-Five’s recoil was small, and Wang Ye’s physical fitness was also strong.

He didn’t feel any discomfort from one magazine.

“Alright, let’s do it again!”

On the other side, Zheng Ke changed targets very quickly.

Wu Jianfeng would definitely take away the person he had beaten up just now after he came down.

Now, there was another one to prove it.

Seeing Wang Ye lie down again, he directly occupied the position that should have belonged to Zhou Qi.

Squatting at the side, he said, “Keep up your standard. As long as you don’t miss the target this time, I’ll get your class monitor to teach you how to drive a tank!”

“Okay!” Wang Ye turned his head to look at him and agreed with a smile on his face.

Wang Ye was indeed interested in driving a tank.

In fact, Wang Ye believed that no one would not be interested in such a big vehicle.

Actually, Wang Ye wanted to drive a tank too.

Previously, when the second company invited Wang Ye during the recruit company, Wang Ye had actually been a little cautious for a moment.

However, the reality was that he could not agree to Er Lian’s request.

But now, he would not be polite with the fellows he had in the Fourth Company.

Turning around, Wang Ye began to quickly change the magazine on the gun that was originally empty.

“Don’t keep it, give me the magazine!” Wu Jianfeng said as he watched Wang Ye’s actions.

Wang Ye didn’t say anything and directly handed over the magazine on his gun.

This was his own gun. After shooting earlier, he didn’t need to remove the magazine. He could just take the gun and the magazine away later and put them with the instructor.

But now that the second magazine was here, the first one had to be unloaded.

After loading the magazine, Wang Ye began to aim.

“Do it again like before!”

“Can I shoot three times in a row?” Wang Ye suddenly turned his head and spoke again.

Wu Jianfeng was stunned for a moment before he laughed.

He understood what Wang Ye meant. The fewer bullets he fired, the less pressure he would have.

However, what he wanted was for Wang Ye to replicate his 19 consecutive shots without missing the target.

“Alright then!”

Wang Ye began to aim again, and Wu Jianfeng didn’t say anything else.

As for Zhou Qi, he could only stand at the back and watch.


The first shot was fired very quickly.

Single point, without any surprises, five consecutive shots, all five hit the bullseye.

Just like last time, he still could not get five concentrated bullseyes.

Although the five bullet holes looked similar, they were just a little similar.

This was not because Wang Ye was not good enough but mainly because of the gun’s performance.

The accuracy of the 81-bar was actually much better than that of the 95-bar. From the structure of the gunshot to the size of the bullet, the accuracy of the distribution of the fine bullets was obviously better than that of the 95-bar.

Of course, this was the pursuit of perfection. After all, a rifle was not a sniper rifle. It was not even a precision rifle. There was no need to be so demanding in terms of accuracy.


The gunshots continued. This time, after the single shot ended, Wang Ye quickly switched to the shooting mode and started firing two consecutive shots without Wu Jianfeng and the others saying anything.

Wu Jianfeng was watching through binoculars.

He held the binoculars in his right hand and placed his left hand on his left leg. At this moment, he was obviously clenching his fists tightly.

He held back his anger and didn’t say anything.

This was because although Wang Ye was a little stronger than before, he had managed to get within ten rings twice.

Although the bullets were almost out of the ring, ten rings were still ten rings. Six bullets meant sixty rings.

What a fucking great result.

Of course, Wang Ye’s emotions did not fluctuate too much.

At this moment, he didn’t even glance at Wu Jianfeng. He simply took a deep breath and resumed firing.


“Haha! Excellent!”

After firing 19 rounds, Wu Jianfeng lowered his binoculars and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Company Commander, not a single shot missed, 258 points!”

Wu Jianfeng didn’t need to speak this time; Deputy Company Commander Zheng Ke took the initiative to report.

His score was slightly lower than before, but it wasn’t a big deal. After nineteen consecutive shots, a small variation in the score was expected.

The key point was that he didn’t miss the target at all.

“Haha, well done! Take down the targets!”

After transmitting this through the walkie-talkie, Wu Jianfeng turned to Wang Ye and said with a smile, “Would you like to try the Sniper 88?”

“Yes!” Wang Ye nodded eagerly.

Certainly, every man harbored dreams of becoming a sniper.

One shot, one kill – it was a man’s fantasy.

“Alright, let’s move to another location. They can continue practicing with their rifles here!”

At this point, Wu Jianfeng turned to Zhou Qi and instructed, “Go fetch a Sniper 88 and some ammunition!”

“Yes, sir!”

Zhou Qi saluted and swiftly turned around.

The Sniper 88 had been brought to the training session today.

Meanwhile, at the side, the recruits at the other shooting positions hadn’t left yet.

Wu Jianfeng suddenly rushed over, disrupting the ongoing shooting activities.

Furthermore, Wang Ye’s recent performance had momentarily diverted everyone’s attention.

Those who were nearby had actually overheard the conversation between Wu Jianfeng and Wang Ye.

Now, they watched as Wang Ye was led away by Wu Jianfeng.

Instantly, a sense of envy welled up within them.

However, there was nothing they could do about it.

The target remained, the same rifle, the same bullets, the same target – who could they blame for not achieving such results?

They felt powerless.

Moreover, this wasn’t the only thing exacerbating their sense of powerlessness.

When Wang Ye was escorted away by Wu Jianfeng, the third platoon leader also approached the recruits.

“Alright, gather around!”

Wang Ye had just fired two magazines in succession, and now it was his turn to snipe.

As for the others, they had only fired one magazine and were now unable to continue shooting. They had to proceed to the target pit to make amends to the targets they had just shot..

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