From Soldier to Officer: A Game Addict's Journey

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

If he jumped out to refute, Squad Leader Ye would definitely view him differently. However, it was uncertain whether it would be a positive or negative view. He might even receive a harsher punishment.

Observing the company commander’s well-practiced kicking movements during the previous incident, Wang Ye doubted that Ye Sanshi, a second-grade officer, wouldn’t know how to do it. He didn’t want to risk it and obediently got down to do his push-ups.

“Report! I’m not convinced. Why!”

While Wang Ye chose to take the punishment with the company, someone else in the company didn’t.

One recruit, Wan Baojiang, refused to comply with the order and stood his ground. He was around eighteen or nineteen years old, and like most recruits, he had a strong personality and temper.

Wang Ye turned around to look at him and recognized him as someone from Fuzhou but didn’t get a chance to know him well during their introductions.

Unexpectedly, this guy had quite a temper. Wang Ye had taken the lead to get down, and there were other recruits who chose to follow him. However, Wan Baojing stood there and didn’t move. He had done what Wang Ye wanted to do but didn’t.

Gu Yingnan, the recruit who enjoyed singing, dancing, and basketball, tried to persuade him to comply. “Brother, don’t make things difficult! Get down together! ” When he heard his voice, he tugged at his sleeve, wanting to pull him down with him.

It was just fifty push-ups. It was not worth it to make a fuss here.

However, Wan Baojiang remained stubborn and refused to move.

Ye Sanshi’s expression darkened even further, and he walked up to Wan Baojiang, their faces just ten centimeters apart.

“What’s making you unhappy?” Ye Sanshi’s saliva flew everywhere, causing Wang Ye to think that Wan Baojing must’ve had a sample of his saliva..

“Report, I’m not convinced!” Wan Baojiang stood his ground despite Ye Sanshi’s intimidating presence. “We didn’t say anything, and we didn’t make a mistake. Why should we be punished together? This isn’t just about fifty push-ups. I don’t want to be punished for no reason.”

Ye Sanshi retorted, “Let me tell you. He’s a member of Class Five, and you’re also a member of Class Five. You’re a team. If he makes a mistake, you’ll be punished together. Is that reason enough?”

“Not enough!” Wan Baojiang remained defiant.

Ye Sanshi raised his voice again. “You can do 100 push-ups too. Is that enough?”

“I refuse to accept this!”

“You didn’t add a report when you spoke. Add another 50. Are you convinced?”

“I’m convinced by these 50, but I’m not convinced by the rest!”

At this moment, Wang Ye wanted to stand up and give this brother a thumbs up and shout, “Brother, you’re really the man!”

Although Wang Ye admired his stubbornness, Wang Ye couldn’t help but sigh. A young man was still a young man!

His temper was fiery.

In fact, at this moment, all the recruits might have the same thought as Wang Ye. Including Wang Ye and the other recruits of the fifth squad, they had gotten down but weren’t doing the push-ups. Instead, they turned their heads and watched.

“200 it is. This is an order. If you don’t obey, I’ll add another 100. Convinced?” Ye Sanshi’s eyes were burning.

The practice of killing one as a warning to the others had been a long-standing tradition. However, Squad Leader Ye did not want his squad to be singled out. He was already angry when he was being stared at, and now that Wan Baojiang was being stubborn, it made him even more furious.

“Report, I still don’t accept this!” Wan Baojiang shook his head, his gaze also very stubborn.

“We’re convinced. The commander’s words are everything. He’s convinced!” At this moment, Wang Ye couldn’t stand it anymore.

This brother is brave and tough enough, but if he kept this up, the ones suffering, in the end, would be themselves.

Wang Ye quickly stood up and ran over to grab Wan Baojiang’s hand. He tried to press Wan Baojiang’s body down while trying to bend his knees at the same time while explaining the situation. It was really his way of giving Wan Baojiang a way to back down with his dignity. ‘

“I …” However, it was obvious that this guy’s brain was really dead. He didn’t want to take the olive branch Wang Ye had given him. He even wanted to open his mouth to say more.

Luckily, Wang Ye’s eyes were sharp and his hands were fast. He reached out and covered his mouth.

He leaned his head over and lowered his voice, “You’re a soldier now. Soldiers have to listen to orders. There’s no end to this unless you don’t want to be a soldier anymore!”

As he spoke, Wang Ye exerted force on his hands and feet, trying to press him down.

Gu Yingnan chimed in, “Brother, don’t take it anymore. Wang Ye is right. Just give up.”

At this moment, because of their actions, the others who were lying on the ground also wanted to get up. However, in the next second, Ye Sanshi roared, “Did I ask you to get up? And Wang Ye, what are you doing? Get lost and make another 50.”

“Yes, sir!”

After saluting, Wang Ye quickly returned to his position and whispered to Wan Baojiang, “Don’t resist anymore.”

“Alright, I’ll do it, but it’s not because of you. I still won’t accept it. I won’t accept it even if I die!”

Wan Baojiang finally got down, his eyes red and tears streaming down his face.

At this moment, Wang Ye had just gotten down. He looked at this guy and felt a little helpless.

He was really stubborn! Of course, at the same time, Wang Ye was also looking forward to it.

Originally, when Deng Hai was called out, he just had to take the punishment together with him.

Now that he had taken the initiative to find trouble, not only did he have to do the original punishment, he had dug his own grave even deeper!

Deng Hai’s punishment had been fifty push-ups, but now it had doubled because of Wan Baojiang’s stubbornness. Wang Ye was a wily old fox and had anticipated the possibility of punishment when he stood up, but he did it anyway.

Of course, Wang Ye didn’t really want to be a peacemaker just because this guy was stubborn.

He wasn’t a saint. It was too ridiculous to talk about camaraderie. The recruits who had just gathered yesterday didn’t even speak more than ten words to each other. How could there be camaraderie?

At most, they could be considered roommates now, and roommates who had only stayed together for one night.

When Wang Ye got up, it was mostly for himself.

As Wang Ye did his push-ups, he was actually really relishing it.

Although it was very realistic, this society itself was very pragmatic. It was what society had taught him in his previous life after he had entered it. Of course, no one else knew about this.

However, at this moment, Ye Sanshi was not in the mood to think about Wang Ye’s performance just now. The anger in his heart was still burning. He looked at the people from Class Five who were doing push-ups in front of him.

“I’m telling you, this is the army!” Ye Sanshi shouted. “From the moment you put on these clothes, you are no longer an individual, but a part of a group. To me, the fifth squad is a group. To put it in a larger context, your entire recruit company is a group. To put it even bigger, our entire Ironbones Hero Squad is a group.”

“Unity is strength,” the commander said. “I believe you have all learned it and sang it on the way here. But what I want to tell you now is that this is not just a song, but an ideology that you must carry out throughout your entire military career. Remember, it is a must. There is no room for negotiation.”

Saying this, the company commander looked at all the recruits in front of him and shouted, “Did you hear that?”

“I heard it!”

“Yes, sir!”

“I heard you, sir!”

There were scattered sounds, and some of them did not even open their mouths.

“Are you girls? Where is your voice? Why do you have a mouth? I asked if you heard me?” Wu Jianfeng shouted again with a straight face.

“I heard it, sir!”

This time, there were many voices, but Wu Jianfeng was still not satisfied.

“Can’t you guys open your mouths? I asked if you heard me?”

“We heard it, sir!”

“I can’t hear you. Open your mouth and shout!”


This time, the sound was so loud that Wang Ye felt that he could hear it within a radius of two to three miles.

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