From Soldier to Officer: A Game Addict's Journey

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

The recruits were a little embarrassed, but not everyone felt that way. One of them giggled and unceremoniously grabbed a basin from the bed, placing it on the ground in front of him. He sat down and began to take off his shoes. “Hehe, thank you, class monitor!” he said.

“Haha, no need to thank me, no need to thank me. Come on, hurry up!” Ye Sanshi urged with a smile. Although Wang Ye knew he would have to pay the price for tonight’s enjoyment in the future, he decided to enjoy it while he could.

Soon, the class monitor came back with more basins. Some recruits offered to help, but they were all rejected by the smiling class monitor. The first batch consisted of five people soaking in a bucket of water. “Ah crap, the water is so hot!” one of them exclaimed.

“It’s good that it’s hot. It’s comfortable!” said another. “If I receive this kind of treatment every day in the future, then being a soldier is really suitable!”

Wang Ye hadn’t taken a bath yet. When he heard this, he smiled and said, “If the class monitor forgets to get us some water tomorrow, you can remind him!”

The recruit immediately shrunk his neck and said, “Forget it, I don’t dare!” The others burst into laughter.

In this era, the Internet was not as developed as in later generations. The recruits were not as mature as Wang Ye and did not have as much life experience, but that didn’t mean they were stupid. This kind of thing obviously couldn’t happen every day.

“The class monitor treats us too well. I brought some food from home. I’ll take some out to treat the class monitor later. Did you bring anything? Let’s gather together!” said one recruit.

“You brought food?” A recruit looked at this recruit with a northeastern accent in surprise.

The recruit shook his head. ” Yes, my mom was afraid that I would be hungry on the road, so she stuffed a big bag of pig skin jelly into my hands. In addition, I also have an apple we grew on our own tree. It’s very big and very sweet. I can take it out now and we can share.”

This fellow looked a little silly when he smiled. Coupled with his attitude and tone, Wang Ye immediately thought of Xu Sanduo in Soldier Assault.

“Alright, wait for a while. You can take it out when the class monitor comes back!” Wang Ye called out to him.

This fellow was a little silly. He found it amusing that this recruit had brought so much food with him to the army, even though everyone’s luggage space was limited. Not only did he have pig skin jelly, he had quite a few apples too!

This fellow…

“Hey, bro, I’m soaking my feet. Can you help me with the door? I want to call my girlfriend!”

At this moment, the recruit who was the first to sit down and take off his shoes suddenly looked at Wang Ye and spoke.

Everyone looked at him in surprise.

” Damn, brother, you have a girlfriend? ”

“Hehe, what’s so strange about that? I don’t believe it. Am I the only one who has it?” As he spoke, he took out a cell phone from his pocket.

It wasn’t a smartphone that was already in production, but an old phone in Wang Ye’s eyes.

Of course, this wasn’t important.

In this era, this type of phone was still mainstream, and everyone’s attention was focused on the fact that he had a girlfriend. However, he was not the only one who had a girlfriend. Another recruit admitted a little embarrassedly, “I have one too, just… It’s just that I didn’t bring my phone!”

By 2009, cell phones were no longer considered rare, and counterfeit phones that cost hundreds of yuan were ubiquitous. However, most of the recruits were young adults who had just come of age or had just graduated from school. It was not surprising that some of them did not have a cell phone.

“Sure!” Wang Ye didn’t refuse the recruit’s request and took the initiative to walk to the door.

“Hey, bro, don’t you have a girlfriend? You’re so handsome, so you must have one too. Do you want to make a call too? I’ll guard the door!” a recruit said, stopping Wang Ye.

“Hehe, I really don’t have one!” Wang Ye smiled. He was also glad that although his family had become rich in this life, he had not gotten into any puppy love and had only become addicted to the internet. Otherwise, if he was reborn and had a strange girlfriend, Wang Ye probably wouldn’t know how to deal with it.

“The class monitor is back!” Two to three minutes later, Wang Ye saw the class monitor appear at the stairwell with a bucket. He turned around and greeted him. Immediately, the three brothers in the dormitory quickly chose to end the call.

Yes, there was more than one person on the phone in the dormitory. Although there was only one recruit who said he wanted to call his girlfriend at first, he had not taken his phone yet. Under the circumstances where no one cared, even if everyone did not have a girlfriend, they could still call home!

It wasn’t that some recruits didn’t have cell phones. They would probably take out their cell phones and start calling home now. After all, they had just arrived at the military camp, and it was good to report that they were safe. In fact, Wang Ye also wanted to call, but he knew that there would definitely be a chance next time, so he was not in a hurry.

“Come, come, come. You guys take the basin and get the water!” The class monitor came in with a gentle smile as usual. In less than a minute, Wang Ye also comfortably soaked his feet. At this moment, a veteran walked in from the door. “Old Ye, your basin!” At the door, a veteran holding a few small yellow basins shouted.

“Alright!” Squad Leader Ye smiled and took it. “There’s still some hot water. I’ll soak in it too!”

Squad Leader Ye chuckled as he took the small yellow basin and placed it beside his bed. Then, he poured the remaining hot water from the bucket into it. There wasn’t much hot water left, but when he poured it into the small yellow basin, there was half a basin.

Squad Leader Ye took off his shoes and socks comfortably, sat on the bed, and put his feet in. At this time, the expressions of the recruits became a little strange. They didn’t think too much about it before and just let them soak their feet in their own small yellow basins, but now they clearly saw oil spreading along with the hot water.

The recruit next to Squad Leader Ye looked at the others and touched his throat which felt a little itchy. He looked at Ye Sanshi embarrassedly and asked in a low voice, “Class monitor, you…this pot!”

Ye Sanshi looked at him blankly and said indifferently, “Oh, didn’t the chef class help cook noodles before? I took it over and used it, but now I’ve taken it back!”


A recruit covered his mouth and pretended to retch. Wang Ye realized that this prank-like scene was intentional by the class monitors. He had already guessed it when he was in the canteen. Therefore, when he saw the class monitor’s hairy feet stepping into the small yellow basin, although his stomach felt a little uncomfortable, he did not have much of a reaction.

“Haha! You guys are exaggerating.”

Ye Sanshi laughed at their exaggerated reactions. “It’s nothing. Every time you use it, you will wash it clean. Your own small yellow basin is the same. In the future, it’s normal to fill it with noodles, soil, and wash clothes. Everyone in our army only has one basin. It can be used in many ways, just like our current identities. The soldiers of the people are a brick of the revolution. They need to be moved wherever they are!”

If it wasn’t a tradition, he wouldn’t have been willing to serve the new recruits and fetch them water to wash their feet. And now, by doing so, it would also make these new recruits feel a little disgusted. It could also be considered as a little bit of bad taste for veterans like them while respecting tradition.

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